My Humor Encyclopaedia

Spring break is here… School is out, for a week anyway!!  So I’m kicking it off with a mega-dose of funny.  I’m sharing a list of the things I find funny, that I can think of right now.  I like both intellectual and stupid humor.

Some things you can find on YouTube:

Polar Bear, a.k.a.: Bernard, Berni, Backkom  It’s stupid but sooo funny.  This horribly cute, selfish and impatient bear goes on tons of adventures…the messes Bakkom gets into crack me up.  Thankfully he is immortal!  My favorites:  Ice Climbing, I Love Sky, Baseball, A Day in the Country, The Desert Island and The Little Dog There are 104 of these…I haven’t even seen them all.   Uh-oh…. I just saw that they have a Super Backkom series now.  Oh boy…it looks promising.  Super Backkom Catching a Jewel Thief

RG Animation Studios, which make the Backkom videos also have this funny short series called “Sheep In the Island” You can also watch “Sheep In the Island 2!”  LOL.

And basically anything Pixar has made… I LOVE Pixar!!

Mr. Bean is an awful lot like Backkom…  One of my favorites is Torvill and Mr. Bean .  Painting his house, Christmas Turkey….you name it.  He’s pretty stupid.  I love the one where he is hopping down the road chasing the car that drove off with his shoe on top!

In the same line of stupid….is Jeeves and Wooster.  Yes, they’re on YouTube too.

Can you tell I like British comedy?  A more intellectual and sweet comedy is called Mulberry.  Sadly, he is not on YouTube!  It’s best to rent the DVDs from Netflix.  There were only 13 episodes…and it leaves you hanging, which is kind of interesting, consider who Mulberry is…  That is to be revealed to you through the series.  Just watch it.

Something musical and funny, is this guy playing instuments that he carved out of vegetables.  Mhmmm….I don’t know how people have the time.  Most of the tunes played are children’s tunes.  Obviously you CAN play with your food, and some of them make a pretty decent sound!  Carrot Pan-Flute, Cucumber Trumpet, Cabbage Slide Flute, Apple Ocarina, Butterbur Oboe, Radish Slide-Whistle, Carrot Ocarina Trio, Broccoli Ocarina, and an Egg Ocarina.  🙂  For a more professional one:  The Setouchi Vegetable Ensemble

For right now, that’s all the funny I’ve found that isn’t deep in the midst of something more serious, like Star Trek.  Haha 🙂


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