:) Nice Travel

Ah had a very nice day even if most of it was spent in the car.  That’s because I was with some wonderful people!  🙂  Got to eat at Bonefish Grille on the way.  Man, the food is good! I had an Ahi tuna sushi appetizer with a wonerful spicy sauce and ginger, a delicious bite of deep sea bass, a taste of h-something fish that went nicely with artichoke, and a taste of tilapia fish n’ chips.  And of course I managed to eat half of my Cobb salad with the Blue Cheese replaced by Feta.  LOL that means I ate a few bites of the chicken, some of the salad, and ALL of the delicious avocado and mango.  That’s what I was really craving.  8)  I was bad and ate a couple bites of the coconut cream pie at the end, Oh Yum, thankfully it wasn’t overpoweringly sweet.  I jsut told myself that there was enough coconut for me to be okay, haha.  I slept for 30 minutes in the car afterwards and was pretty zoned out after that.  LOL.  Thanks to the wonderful M’s for bringing me here and for the delicious meal!!!

I’m now at my friend’s house, writing out my post.  I’m going to help them a little with their diet a little hopefully.  I need to learn about the Blood Type Diet anyway.  Actually kind of skimmed/speed-read my own copy earlier this week when I couldn’t sleep.  I find it very interesting, and also find it interesting that what my blood type (A) should avoid lists most everything I find myself randomly reacting to.  LOL, it might just be scary how much “extracurricular” stuff I read…but I am, after all, my own researcher.  🙂  It’s been a nice evening and we’ve had some good conversation and laughs.  I’m tired, ready for bed, and ready for Lord’s Day!  So goodnight folks.

Can’t wait to have a plan together for my week 🙂


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