What Can I Say??

Put in reverse chronological order to be in keeping with blogging format….LOL.

Tuesday morning I got up way early to get ready for a long day.  Went to this interesting place where people go to learn to eat raw food.  It was like a health pep rally, and I must admit a shot of wheat grass juice and “energy soup” do give you some nice get up and go.  My doc had a speaking engagement there.  It was cool.

Once that was done, we went to the clinic to do the work for the day.  I was so brain foggy throughout the day that it was strange, but at least I felt decent.  Had a good lunch.  Got in the chamber and, well, the world became perfect while I was in there.  It is amazing how much oxygen affects your mood.  this is only mHBOT too….not to say it is any lesser than doing HBOT in an oxygen-rich hard chamber.  This time I sang a little bit with my music, and danced a bit.  It made the lady who put me in the chamber completely crack up.  Then I calmed down and just did a little bit of KI method energy work that Mrs. M had shown me.  That was amazing, and I was wafting in and out of a nice sleep while I could feel my body being enlivened by the more decent oxygen concentration.  When the lady came to let me out of the chamber, I stuck my phone up to the window so she could see the time easily.  I had been the assistant attending the chambers a year ago, so I knew she had to note the time.  It was so funny, I remembered that but forgot to take the canula off!!! 🙂  And yes, I swear I was only breath concentrate room air!  I got out and even felt like hugging the grumpy office manager!!!  LOL  It wasn’t long before I could see I was thinking more clearly.

I ended up not showing that Neural Therapy would be useful for me today.  Which is fine, my doc plans on checking again to see if  I couldn’t use it again before I leave and is going to check that I’m on the right thing for longer term to get through the rest of the semester.

Got to help out more today, fetching more stuff, bringing patients back, helping my doc test a little bit, and just offering a little help to the staff.  I did a lot of standing around too, but that’s ok…I was in a bit of a daze until the HBO 🙂

I’m looking forward to the rest of my week!!  This is a bit of a mountaintop that I really needed to see.  Thank you Lord!! Goodnight! 🙂

Monday I was woken up by a phone call to tell me when I could come in for my appointments.  I got up and helped my friend, Ariel, to get ideas for meal planning for the Blood Type diet.  I think this diet shows some promise.  I am spontaneously sensitive to:  tomatoes, corn, flounder, trout, orange, any and all dairy, etc.  My allergies can be very stange, there one day non-existant the next.  The common factor about all of these allergies is contained in the Blood Type Diet.  Being Type A, all the foods I remember having had at least one reaction to were on the Avoid or “Neutral” List….about 90% of them on the avoid list.  This showed me that I really must do GF-CF w/ BT diet as soon as is reasonable!  I had speed-read/skimmed the book only last week.  The Blood Type Diet has been recommended to me by more than 4 people in a very short time, I read the book, now I’m designing a menu for it!  What is God telling me???  🙂 hehe.  He’s good.

Then Ariel was so sweet and brought me to the clinic for my mild hyperbaric oxygen treatment (mHBOT) and the appt with my LLMD.  mHBOT really seems to do wonders for me.  I was freezing cold all day but when I was in the chamber I warmed up, and the purplish tinge in my nailbeds went to pink and I warmed up nicely.  I was resting, listening to music in there, had a small nap, then just was sudeenly had enough energy to really want to do a few yoga stretches.  I did that really small style, being in this long tube….that was great though.  I got out feeling more mental clarity and actually a human temperature.  Then I said hello to my DTCM friend who was free during lunch hour and talked with him until my appointment with my LLMD.  The DTCM is pretty cool…and loves to tell me about his latest discoveries.  I also loved hearing about his vacation to China!!!  Wow.

LOL, obviously this clinic is pretty integrative, utilizing I think the best of both worlds conventional and “alternative”… 2 MDs, a  Traditional Chinese Trained Dr., Nutritionists, massage therapist and reflexology, an IV room with a really great RN keeping everybody in there on track, and an NP.  🙂 .

So I had my appointment with my LLMD.  I think that went really well.  He put me on some simple but really good supplements.  By the time I got to my appointment I was freezing cold again to the touch but felt that I was burning up in my core.  And I was still nauseous…aqlong with everything else.  I was so glad to just have the time to get help.  I posed a bit of a challenge by not being my normal testable self for muscle testing, my LLMD had to get a “surrogate.”  I can explain this sometime  🙂  It works, GREAT!  Basically it came down to some highly bioavailable minerals, Kelp, a thing to help my body get rid of toxins, B-Complex, B-12, and of course a couple of good herbal antibiotics.  Most of this is building the body up to be able to fight for itself.  The herbal antibiotics are rasonable on the immune system and not so hard to detox.  I started on it when I got home, and I could tell thatI felt a little better on Tusday morning even though I was still running on a sleep deficit.  Does it really matter what did it?  the supplements, or the mHBOT or people who can actually help listening to me….I think it was a combination of it all.  🙂 .

During my appointment we just skimmed over the saliva sample test, and “oddly enough, beet and apple showed up as a stressor” to my system.  I just sat there like “guilty as charged” LOL.   Yeah, I had been juicing raw beets and apples with carrot.  My body was fine with the carrot but the beets and apple were too much!  I think I should have known, LOL, but I liked the 4-6 hours of energy that I had after drinking th carrot/apple/beet juice.  You can have too much of a good thing, hehe.

My LLMD’s assistant had needed to go out of town, so I asked if I could help out, to cut costs and such for myself and because I knew everybody was familiar with me and my LLMD knows me pretty well.  I did intern at his clinic for 6 weeks only a year ago.  So yay, he graciously let me help out however I could.  I’m no Jenny!!!  🙂  But I was able to help patients in little ways, and be the “gopher” for a bunch of stuff.   Occasionally, the biggest help is giving a staff member a big hug and an offer to help with anything you can.

Since I’m friends with my doc, he was glad to take me to where I was staying, but he had dinner with another patient and then a Bible study after work.  That was really neat.  We ate dinner at this authentic Irish pub, and I think the patient was really nice.  My soup was sooooo good and the music and atmosphere.  I feel like it really activated my ScotsIrish genes!

Then we went to the Bible study at the M’s house.  It was on Chapters 23 and 24 of the Westminster Confession of Faith.  I had a reaction to a fragrance, bless Mrs. M’s heart!!    LOL, my doc took the few minutes after the study was over to do an allergy elimination technique that reversed the reaction to the fragrance.  I have a long-standing allergy to perfumes due to exposure to super-concentrated scents as a child, when we used the strong fragrance oils to make our soap.  Just one NAET treatment I think really did a lot of deep good.  NAET usually needs done several times to fully eliminate the allergy, so I look forward to seeing how much further another NAET for fragrance oils will take me.

So seriously, after yesterday I felt like I really do have the best LLMD in the WORLD.  Things aren’t perfect…LOL, we all have reality to deal with and everyone makes mistakes.  Really, getting better doesn’t much depend on your doc, it depends mostly on God and your submitting to His loving will and your determination to take responsibility for your health in order to get better.  My position is a little unique, considering that I ultimately want to be a physician myself.  This very much makes my LLMD my mentor for more than just Lyme…I see some book in his car or on his bookshelf and he lets me borrow it.  It’s the good old-fashioned sense of apprenticeship.  So, I’m very happy with where I am and who I’ve got to help me out, even if things get a little helter skelter if you’re not there in person, LOL.  You have to admit how hard it must be to keep up with all your patients over a distance and really not seeing them often enough to have a good evaluation of progress!!!

Sunday was interesting, LOL that is all I have to say.  Church was wonderful and God gave me a wonderful ability to concentrate on the sermon unlike I’d had in a while.  Just wish I hadn’t tried to do choir practice.  But when I left choir practice to try and calm my stomach, I saw a good friend of mine.  His face of surprise at seeing me was a million bucks!!  I was still nauseous from running across campus on Friday to the test, so nauseous.  But I was with friends, and laughing.  I prefer nausea and laughter rather than tears and nausea.  I laughed so hard once I had to just lay across the kitchen island…Yeah it can really be this way.  When i went to bed that night I felt so lonely it was ridiculous, and obviously had nothign to do with reality.  I was with friends…My WEEK of help was tomorrow.  I told myself all the good things, to put my trust in God and His guiding hand, but still felt so lost.  Perhaps this was an emotional release, and perhaps it prepared me for getting things rolling again. That one made zero logical sense….LOL.

really getting better doesn’t much depend on your doc, it depends on you and your determination to get better.

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