Good week

Saturday I’m just having a calm day at Ariel’s house, whose family is hosting me.  I had played really hard with the kids yesterday and, man, am I sore today!  But I have already done a little Yoga and I have taken a nice walk today with a small jogging spurt (passed 2 mailboxes, haha).  My plans for gettign back home have changed slightly, but its all good.  I’m already mising everyone down here!  🙂  Enjoying what’s left and eager to complete the rest of the semester.

Friday I was feeling alright.  My friend who was going to babysit my LLMD’s kids (who I know really well and love as if they were cousins or siblings!) is a Lymie too and had gotten into a rough die-off.  I had said I could babysit, and he took me up on it.  Had a wonderful day with the kids even though I completely wore myself out 3 times that day, LOL.

Thursday I was soooo exhausted.  I felt so tired and detoxy/die offy.  I pushed through the day.  I also didn’t really want my week of getting to help out at the clinic to stop, LOL.  I helped out what I could.

I caught an open spot to see the DTCM at the clinic and he gave me a 30 minute acupuncture session.  It was so nice of him.  I was so tense and had so much trying to release…that even though some of the needles had been in for 20 minutes…a lot wanted to stay in!  That greatly reduced the pain that had seemed to skyrocket overnight, and also helped my brain function.  He used a good red light on my head around my ears to help my body deal with the dizziness.  It worked pretty deeply I think to help kill off some things…at first I felt like I was literally rising out of my body and then like I was 3 feet in front of my actual position.  This quickly resolved and I felt more grounded than I had all day…and my step was definitely a little more confident.  Seeing the DTCM did me a ton of good, and he’s really nice and stays enthusiastic about what he’s learning!

Then I helped my doc with a couple more appointments, and then we went to lunch.  Got back from that and had my appointment with him.  What he had tested for me and had me taking earlier in the week s was still working quite well, and he made the discovery of formaldehyde toxicity!  He said that has a lot to do with my organ pain.  We’ll see.  So I’m hoping really hard to get to follow doctor’s orders and get in regular sauna treatments for 30 days.  You have to sweat it out.   He also got me on a couple more supplements to help my body detox and reduce the inflammation.  Sauna is a good Lyme therapy.  🙂 I’m excited to get it out of my system!!  It will certainly reduce the amount of stuff my body has to filter through as I continue on my journey to getting well.  I want to say good bye to all the horrible and constant organ pain…

Continued helping out at the clinic.  Once the day ended I saw the massage therapist for an ionic footbath, which also is helpful for detoxing the body.  She and I talked the whole time, it was really nice.  On the way back I got to say hello to a patient that I remembered from the year before, and she was doing really well.  Once we were done with this the therapist lady told me that she was going to go and see Jenny, who had taken the week off due to a death in her immediate family.  My doc, who had given me my ride to the clinic, had gone on to a meeting he had and wasn’t going to be  back for a couple hours.  I had time to go with the therapist and give Jenny a hug and still get back in time to have hyperbaric treatment.  So I did just that.  I got back and hopped in the chamber with my leftover lunch…not something you normally do, but I was famished and hoping to get in just 1 hour of hyperbaric.  Thankfully I got in for an hour and 3/4….When my doc got back to take me home I was sound asleep in there.  It was great.  I got home and slept like baby yet again.

Wednesday I was feeling pretty decent during the morning, and had slept like a baby the night before.  That was the first time in forever that I slept so well.  🙂  Was so glad to wake up feeling good.  Around 11 or so I began having some brain fog/confusion and dizziness.  I just took things a little easier instead of working so hard helping out at the clinic.  My friend was working at the clinic that day so we got to have a little fun working together.

Got to go to lunch with 2 fellow Lymies and our doc…that was really good!  We got to talk about the crazy things we don’t say normally because people will think we’re crazy…  I think perhaps these lunch meeting can give the doc better information in general than in the typical private appointment.  We Lymies hung around a little bit because we didn’t have a schedule to particularly keep up with.  I was so great getting to see them!!  I was still a little foggy after lunch so I knew it wasn’t anything about being hungry.

That was a really busy day, but I had an appointment with the massage therapist for foot reflexology.  This did a lot of good, helped me relax and think more clearly and reduced my overall pain levels.  She is really sweet, and we already had a good relationship from her being the one running the chamber.

At the end of the day the nutritionist had made some raw “energy soup” for everybody.  I ended up drinking about 6 oz of it, which is a lot if you’re not used to it.  At first it tasted really bad, but it grew on me….that happens on things that my body really needs.  I got to sit down and have a nice conversation with both the DTCM and the nutritionist.  🙂

After my LLMD was done with his appointments he went to a meeting with some people and let me get in the chamber for a couple hours.  WOW….I got out and I was thinking so clearly that I didn’t want to go to bed.  I think it, in combination with the supplements, I was already having some die off.  So I had clarity of thought, but I couldn’t get my brain to slow down.  I was at home and trying to go to sleep at 11:30 and knew then that it just wasn’t slowing down.  I wanted it to slow down.  I was tired by then and wanted to sleep.  Around 1 AM I was so tired of trying and felt like if my brain kept up I would just burn out.  Maybe around 2 AM I finally fell asleep.


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