Home Again

🙂  I got home on Sunday evening.  LOL, I love my crazy family.  I’m just trying to get an 11pm sound curfew passed, haha.

Went to school on Monday, felt alright…had enough energy to do what I need to do.  YAY.   I can tell how much school air really does affect me, it’s very draining.  Then I went around most of yesterday running errands.  I picked up my supplements, checked out the YMCA’s sauna info, ran around town with mom, and made dinner with a little help from my brothers.  I didn’t really eat breakfast.  I went to school, snacked on rice puffs while there and had a small bag of trail mix.  When I got home I made this amazing spinach/kale/carrot juice.  That filled me right on up for a while, it’s a nice blend!!  And then I had chili for dinner, which to me is just a decent filler, but not really what my body considers FOOD.  Maybe you’ll know what I mean if I say, it takes you just as much energy to digest it as it gives you energy…   I like the stuff that gives you more energy than it takes to be digested.  🙂  Anyway…it was still good.  Mom added CHOCOLATE to the chili in the last minute…that was crazy YUM.

I worked on my iSearch paper with about 80% futility for an hour or two….  I like kefir but now I’m bored to death with it, and to me “kefir” says all that needs said.  I couldn’t think much to put out some sentences to tell what the studied health benefits even are.  And citing sources in MLA style is a complete pain, so please don’t add that to the pain I’ve already got!  Eh, I’ll get used to it….it is my first MLA paper with sources, ever.

I was exhausted at 8:30 or so but worked on that paper.  Finally got to bed around 10:30….It was so nice to be sleepy and near drifting off at a reasonable hour!!  I did a little freewriting before falling asleep, which was kind of interesting.  When I freewrite, I see just how abstractly I think and why putting a scholarly paper together really doesn’t make much sense.  🙂  I’ll write one word that to me conveys the whole thought, maybe a phrase, and it’s those words put together that make the whole picture.  It’s like the lists of words you find on some search websites, with some big and others little.  It you read them all, it makes sense even though there is little to no grammatical structure.  That’s how my mind works.  I had the lights out by 11 and I think I slept really well.  Just didn’t want to get up this  morning.

Have to be at school at 1pm for class.  I LOVE my teacher in that class, but the class subject itself bores me to death.  If you get to interact then it’s not bad at all…and my teacher likes active class participation.  It is really business common sense stuff that I think everybody would have down pat after a single day in the medical office anyway.  Maybe there are a few exceptions. After all, it took 2 lymies (I was one of them!) to get one thing faxed last week, and we both “knew” how to run the machine…  So maybe there is a need for these classes.  🙂  LOL.

Well, I’m gonna get a few things accomplished.  Get a square meal, do some stretches, read my class work.  Maybe take a walk with a bit of a jog in there….who knows?  And yes, I just want to eat fruit.   Isn’t that just so weird???  I feel like Prot.  Maybe I’m on “energy soup” withdrawal!  🙂  I just about cleared the fridge out of all veggies yesterday except beets and celery.  Now I’m mentally digging through the freezer.  hmmm…ok I’ve got an idea for a nice fruit shake.  And today the celery is gonna get gone with the almond butter…CRUNCH!!  LOL I guess the nausea is really gone!!  Woohoo.

Somebody wanna come over and do a little dancing with me??  I can just see Heather and me going crazy in the kitchen fixing up our raw food concoctions, with techno music going and dancing across the kitchen with a bag of salad and some celery ribs….


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