Go on.

It’s been one of those days.  Nothing awful, just everything is run of the mill.  And the dizziness has kind of come back.  Just yesterday I was enjoying the realization that I was skipping down stairs like my usual self.  Not so today; thankfully, I didn’t feel unsteady the whole time.  It was just waves of dizziness that make you be more careful.  When you’ve been mostly dizzy to some degree for a while, and have it go away, if you have a hint of that come back you get afraid, naturally…  LOL, I need to learn to just roll with the punches and not be scared of spending a few more weeks dizzy, that makes things easier.  I’m rooting hard that this is just some die off.  Who knows?  It has been several days since HBOT and I’ve been cold today despite the warmer weather.

Today I took a tour of the hopeful-to-be-LEEDS-certified new building in town…  It was the fumes of new stuff in this building that made me feel weird. The whole place reeked of new construction fumes to my chemical sensitive self.  I had a hard time holding back a comment when they said “You don’t smell any fumes because…[we’re so green]” during the tour.  IDK exactly what it was, but it was during that tour that I had my first really noticable wave of dizziness since last week.  In a way its a godsend to remind me I MUST get down to the Y and start on getting that sauna regularly to get the formaldehyde out.

I was tired and hungry and wanted to go in the kitchen and get something decent to eat.  Don’t want to rant…  It’s discouraging when you open the fridge and you realize you ate EVERYTHING that can possibly be juiced.  The celery is so ancient that I could barely stomach the 3 ribs of I ate of it yesterday.  I didn’t really want dairy, and I didn’t want grain even though I’m not trying to avoid it.  I just still feel like Prot…all I want is fruits and veggies!  I decided I’d make a loaf of bread with some fresh ground rye and spelt flour and the vegetable pulp from things I have juiced recently.  I don’t want good fiber going to waste, and since I’m in there making something I might as well make enough of something for everybody!  I was hungry when I went in there and was just pushing to make something while I was waiting for some eggs to boil so I could eat some eggs and toast.  That got so frustrating.  One brother had said he would help and kept changing what he would do to less and less.  I got sick of begging him to do stuff and just told him to leave.  My other brother wanted to help, and I tried for a while, but by then I was snappy hungry and chewed him out for messing up the eggs.  I do appreciate that he wanted to help but it’s frustrating that he really has no clue…and I didn’t have the patience to try.  Oh well…Maybe going in the kitchen to fix something when I’m is hungry AND expecting help is too much.  I put what I had partially put together for the bread away because I was too frustrated to care about finishing, and peeled the rest of the eggs that G couldn’t.  Dang, when you’re hungry a little eggs and toast is perfect.  LOL, by that time others were frustrated at me for being so grumpy….ugh.  I’m not perfect but it’s the hum drum of life sometimes.

I sound down…and yeah I kind of am.  Mostly just tired.  I don’t wanna be.  LOL.  I really should just go to bed.  Want to put a schedule together and hold some things on my own.  So I’ll get off of here and get a little bit productive!  🙂

Oh but first…maybe some fellow Lymies can contribute?  The other night, new moon….I slept GREAT.  Got sleepy early.  Went to bed and slept so nice.  But I got up in the middle of the night and was nice and warm.  I took the covers off and I felt freezing cold down my midline, from my chest all the way to the knees.  Just straight down the middle.  My clothes were DRENCHED with sweat there, and it was like my skin was just pouring water.  I’ve had nightsweats before where I wake up all hot or all cold and I’m sweaty all over, but nothing so focused, or so wet.  Typically I feel BETTER then next day if I can get myself warm enough to just generally sweat alittle while I sleep.  I think maybe I was herxing.  I had increased my antimicrobials and my kelp for the new moon kill.  I got up the next day and was in a good mood even if my brain was pretty much shot, and I felt like my body was just “very busy”.  Kind of interesting.

🙂  Yeah I’ve got the energy to work on a few things then hitting the sack at a reasonable hour!  And here’s a funny video thanks to Prof. Rahn and also Mrs. Peck :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lF4qii8S3gw


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