A Victory Dance

Yesterday I went and interviewed The Rush to see if their fitness plan might be good enough for me in order to get sauna.  It was WAY too loud and noisy and also too bashing of other health clubs for my taste.  Zoned me out.  Once I got home I grabbed my free pass for going to the YMCA to try their sauna.  I got my first sauna in yesterday, and I like that the Y is only walking distance form my house, and their program is the least expensive.  Spent 30-40 minutes, off/on in there, and sweat like crazy.  Got some good reading done too.  I was so tired, but actually didn’t get to sleep till 4 am.  I was very foggy brained, but not worried about it, cause I’d been pretty foggy all week long and I knew the sauna is for detoxing, and detox is retox…so drink enough water, don’t add any toxins, and just ride through.

Was woken up at 8:30 with a phone call from some folks I had given my name to about an interesting cellular retraining program.  looked interesting, and if I can learn enough about it to decide whether I want to try it or not without paying any money, I’ll go for it!  That was really interesting.

Then I got packed for the trip this weekend.  Lost track of time and was late to my first class.  A fellow student was dealing with some stress, and we were talking…it was a lab class so we could talk.

I got to my Medical Terms II class and we got our mid-term grades and absences info.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I have felt SOOOO  behind, getting that little slip of paper that says I’m doing fine is really an encouragement.  I realized in the middle of class that my brain was doing a lot better.  I was actually participating in class–something I haven’t done since last semester.  And I have a little more energy today.  I FEEL like dancing…have some pain but I feel like dancing or jogging or something.

I’m so thankful.  The week in Ga did me so much good to really get me on track.  First I got my footing back under me, and the window shades were lifted.  I got feeling good enough while down there to play HARD…so hard tha tI was sore for 3 dayd…and after being back home and my pain levels went down and haven’t been as bad as they were before.  And then today I have the wonderful surprise:  Praise the lord, I now have the confidence to speak up and participate in class again!  I didn’t know when that would come back!!

Well, I need to get going.  We are going to WV for the weekend.  I will use the 5 hours to get some homework done, but mostly to dance to some music, in sync with my brothers.  I hope I don’t wear myself out.  🙂  Have great weekend folks!!


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