Juice up a storm!

I’ve had a busy day with my grandparents.  It’s been a nice but exhausting day!

Got up after an ok night’s sleep.  It was one of those slow foggy mornings where I kept going to the wrong location to get something and by the time I’ve gotten there, I have no idea what I was looking for in the first place.  LOL 🙂  Tried to help with breakfast but was more in the way than anything else.  Then I put the roast together for dinner, and Nanna and I started planning for the veal dish for tomorrow’s lunch.

After that, I helped Nana put a shopping list together.  We wanted to put a nice salad together for dinner, and also I was begging to do a juice bar for everybody in the afternoon.  I was craving cucumber strawberry juice!  We went to Kroger and I went in and did the shopping.  I got home with Nanna and we put the food away.  I washed the produce that I was going to juice and spent a whole hour prepping and juicing.  I think I came out with a GALLON of juice.  A container or cucumber/strawberry, and container of carrot juice, another of apple, another of broccoli, and a tiny little cup of parsley juice.  People could mix and match.

One of my grandparent’s friends came over. This friend, Gary, and I made the salad after I had sat down for about 30 minutes.  I drank more of the juice than anybody, and Gary came in 2nd.  The others really didn’t take to it.  LOL, I wish everybody had been gung ho on the partaking!  Oh well, more juice for me tomorrow, right?

Dinner was really good.  I spent the whole day in the kitchen, and I have NOTHING done towards the veal for tomorrow.  I’m thinking that it’s not going to get done…I just want to go to bed and make it to church in the morning, and make the trip home, and have school next week.

After dinner, Gary did a little singing for us, some nice Irish tunes and a couple hymns.  That was a pleasure.  He and I talked about some health stuff–I can’t avoid it can I?  LOL.  Making my own little world huh?  And the nice thing was that Lyme didn’t even come into it by my doing.  That was a small side topic that didn’t even steal much time…the way it should be!!


~Exhausted with love


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