♥ Sauna

I got to do sauna for the second time ever today.  I love it.  It relaxes me so much and we are moving the toxins out. When I finally started sweating good I did a little mild stretching and also massaged acupressure points for my organs…then the sweat began POURING!  YES!!  I drank some water that I put minerals into with some cherry juice.

I’m actually going to bed….just thought I’d post.  The sauna makes me very sleepy and actually calms my mind.

I had a battle with the Lyme last night, and a good friend to let me know that I was under attack and told me what to do.  It doesn’t really matter how much you know…  the truth is you can rarely be your own doctor, so I’m thankful that God gives people to be there at just the right times.  Thank you Elayna…I think you kept me from crashing.  I’ll always remember to use the deep-freeze killer peas, thanks to you!


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