This week

Been talking to tons of Lymies on FB.  I love talking to you all!  LOL.

I’ve been late to my school classes.  It just isn’t my focus.  And I know it needs to be…I cna tell my grades are gona start to fall if I dont’ do some studying and I actually sit down and do that kefir paper! I got some surfaces nice and clean in my own room, which is acturally a major relief, and makes things  much more conducive to study.

Been reading a wonderful book that a neurodevelopmentalist and mentor-friend recommended to me:  “The Ultimate Stranger” by Dr. Delacato.  It is about a sensory approach to Autism.  I am not sure if I’m saying that right, but I’m abolutely loving it.  When my Lyme behaves in its neuro fashion I very often feel that I can relate to autistic kids.  Kind of makes sense since there is the Lyme-Autism overlap and even the proposition by Dr. Klinghardt that Autism is a form of congenital Lyme.  Everyone has sensory issues, and most everybody functions fairly normally with their issues.  We could all function better if we normalized the issues!  It is when those sensory issues have gone overboard that we see strange things….and for us Lymies, we even experience them.  My friend is so right when she says “sensory is sensory”.

LOL, I can’t help but analyze myself while I read this book.  I keep finding myself in the hypersensitive and white noise categories to varying degrees — depends on how toxic my system is.   Just last Sunday, the crowd of people at Cracker Barrel was so big, that was ok with me…but the NOISE.  I was ok, until the waitress was SCREAMING in our ears to just try to hear herself speaking.  Then I felt things just slip, I couldn’t tolerate the noise of allt he mixed voices anymore.  I sat there with my hands over my ears, only then could I distinctly focus enough to concentrate on the conversation at my table.  I was able to participate in the conversation, as long as I had my ears covered.  I told my folks why I had my hands over my ears and assured them I could hear them perfectly.  What I don’t like is when my grandparents begin talking about how on earth I’m going to find a husband, and all this stuff.  It makes you feel as if you were throwing some kind of “I’m so sick….look at me” guilt trip, and you just don’t want to hear them talk about you as if you aren’t hearing it!!  I was just covering my ears in order to survive…seriously the noise was so painful that I considered the social misconduct of covering my ears a lesser crime than bursting into tears.  I made it clear, by participating fully in the conversation they had begun without me, that I would be just fine…sometimes you just do things that others deem “strange” to get through those situations.  I was elated when half of the crowd left just as our food came 🙂  It relieved not just the physical stress of too much noise but also the social stress and the conversation that I didn’t want to be having about me.

Monday and today I’ve felt a little down.  Its ok…it’s one of those things you can ignore just fine when you’re with people or distracted, but just enough that you can’t handle any music that pulls at heartstrings.  LOL.  I want some of that mHBOT again!  🙂  Had some physical pain too…not anything I can’t handle.


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