In battle

Last night I was really good and was in bed with lights out by 9:30!  I was soo sleepy and calm, I loved it.  But I gave up and the calm was gone after three hours of trying to sleep, and failing.  I got up and was on my computer till I knew I would fall asleep easily because I was too tired not to.  4am…  ugh.  Around 9 am Spot starts his high pitched squeak whimper.  I was out of it, didn’t even realize it was Spot till I’d been hearing it for 30+ minutes.  ugh…so I get up with this really brilliant headache and need to get ready to go to class.  I dragged myself today–I don’t have just a headache!  I’m so tired I just want to sleep now, but I want to try and save my sleep for tonight so I can sleep well and stay on a good schedule.

I felt like I’d won part of a lyme battle with Elayna’s help…but last night and today have been part two.  Not sure if I’m winning right now or not.  I succumbed to a sugar craving.  And at this point, I’ve put off doing school till I can’t anymore.  I want to keep my grades up…so I really need to get off and study.  Listening to some really nice piano music I recently discovered:  David Nevue .  Helping my headache for sure.

I’ll get my gumption back.  It’s just one of those days.   So, off to do schoolwork…


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