Responding to sauna

Feeling awful in my last post was some major detox and likely herxing.  I think it was from doing sauna on top of my normal regimen.  I felt so awful that whole day, I didn’t even want to talk about it.   The headache was unbearable, every organ in my body ached and sometimes stabbed, my neck was stiff, the exhaustion was tremendous…joint pain, back pain, dizziness even to the point of nausea a couple times.  I studied for school for three hours, to no avail.  So I just chatted with folks online, and napped a little.  Yes the whole day…I spent in my bed.

Finally that evening I had a real good BM, and then things got better.  Feels strange to write about…but this is the way things work.  I was having cramps so bad that I thought I would vomit and go at the same time!  I wasn’t constipated…but I got rid of enough toxins in this BM that the headache left immediately, and I had more energy.

The same thing happened to me but to a milder degree last Saturday.  I had done sauna again on Friday…so it is no wonder.  I’m just a bit amazed.  I’m just bummered right now that the YMCA has the sauna taken apart this week.  ugh!!  So I’m paying for more membership in order to do this long enough.  Oh well, at the moment this seems like nothing.

See, I just got the email from my doc saying I’ve got my writing job and that I can start working.  Thank you LORD, so much!!!  Pray I will have the brains to write….lol…being so foggy and all.  It’s inspiration to get my papers for school done and helps with my argumentative paper.  And it’s a job that won’t kill me.  I have Easter break to start some stuff in…so I’m celebrating tonight.

I just got home from babysitting 3 kids.  I haven’t done that since early last semester, which was before I fell down real hard.  I’m exhausted…but I feel like even babysitting was progress.  Babysitting does tell me a lot about my fatigue and pain level, LOL.  Sweet kids, who don’t stop talking runnign up to you…and jumping on you to pile on kisses.  OW…but SOOOOO sweet.  I sang probably 15 hymns with them before bed too…LOL.

I have school tomorrow.  Then Easter break begins.  Nothing is due, and I get to school and have an hour to work on something so all is good there.  I’m ready to be done with the kefir thing…and want to meet with my teacher with a print out of my “Going Quackers” post.  It’s an instant argumentative paper, isn’t it??  So YAY overall…sweet sleep all.


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