Spring is Here

In more way than one, I am loving the fresh life of Spring.

Firstly I am  some better, and find myself consistently improving by degrees even in the  weeks since my last visit with my LLMD. Praise God!!!  This is not to say I don’t have my bad days–but my functioning through them is improved, even if slightly.  When I’m having a die-off it is still intense…you know in bed for the day, the brain fog, and the pain.  But, Wow!  I feel good the day after.  We’ll see what happens once I get back into the sauna.  I think this is what has helped by leaps and bounds, along with the oral cleanse I am doing and the minerals.

Some family stresses are letting up right now…partial resolution in things.  This makes the heart much lighter, of course.

The green is coming onto the flowering trees.  The red-buds are simply stunning!  A tiny bit of sinus stuff this year, but it is nothing compared to what I have experienced my whole life long.

I’m feeling my mind get much more into the swing of writing, and my memory is improving a little.  Which I needed desperately as I have felt so behind on my writing projects for school.  And then I was halfway wondering how I could write as a job when my “writer” was kaput.  Well…it’s back!!  I’m putting in 3 hours of work writing today….that’s my plan, YAY!!!

My spirit is soaring today.

Yesterday I saw my eye doc for my yearly exam–he’s been my eye doc since I was like 6years old.  A few lymie vision things have happened this year, so I told him about that and am glad that it is in my vision record now.  Another way God has provided…a Lyme-considerate eye doc, and he’s been there since childhood.  Haven’t had to fight to get anything…really am blessed.  I only got a little more nearsighted, and some of it he thinks could be “pseudo-myopia” …my ciliary muscles are likely just as unhappy as the rest of the muscle in my body.  I have been having lots of muscle twitches and spasms-the same thing can happen to that muscle which focuses the lens of the eye.  He asked me if I had been having a lot of in/out of focus stuff…and a certain kind of headache.  I had.  Kinda cool huh?

Well, I’m off to write!!  🙂 LOL, this really is wonderful. I’m SOOO glad to have a job now!


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