…Steady goes it?

LOL…I’m doing better overall, and fairly consitently.  LOL it’s like everyday I’m cycling symptoms, a few that seme to last a few days.  Not sure what’s going on.  Today I started out feeling awful…despite a full night’s sleep.  Dragged myself to school, had a headache, some nausea, felt unsteady though not dizzy.  A little twitchy.

Finally got to go and do sauna again.  Thankful for that.  I had tried to do sauna myself in the hot van on Sunday, but that didn’t work like I wanted it to–not hot enough.  The YMCA finally had it fixed and open today.  I plan on going tomorrow if I’m not in bed!  LOL…it normally takes me out the next day.  So I went in, and this lady came in about 10 minutes later.  She and I talked about detoxing, and she loves doing sauna after swimming for a while.  That sounds really nice…maybe I can do that when I’m a little better!  Usually the pool makes me so cold I can’t stand it…  Anyway, I hadn’t bene talking Lyme at all.  She asks me if I knew anything about Lyme disease…LOL I must walk around with an “I have Lyme, ask me any question you want” sign on my forehead???  I was like “Yeah…I’ve got it.”  And a wonderful discussion ensued!  So that was kind of amazing.

I felt better after sauna, and then went with mom to Deep Roots, in G’bo to do some organic shopping with a friend.  When I was at Whole foods the other week I had smelled some sassafras in the bulk herbs.  At Deep roots I smelled it again.  WOW….I think my body needs it.  Do other Lymies do well on sassafras?  And what does it do for you??

Not everything we eat is organic, but mom is cutting all GMO, adn we are going organic with any grains we touch–unless we’re eating out, which is not often.  We already are low/no sugar, so that helps a lot.  Cook almost everything at home.  So now we are cutting out all GMO foods…a good step since the DNA of GMOs set up pesticide factories in your gut.  Then we went to  so our friend could pick up things there.  We ate at Moes afterwards…I think I succeeded in low carb!  Rice was the only carby thing in there…mom told me that the cornchips would likely be GMO unless they were organic.  So…we asked.  It’s conventional corn.  I miss my corn chips!!!

After that we went to prayer meeting.  That was good, a pastor and his family had come because they were on vacation and wanted to meet our pastor, John Otis.  So we prayed for our congregation and theirs…we believe all of faith is for all of life, so we pray about the big and little things.  It really is wonderful.  It really touched me when Pastor John also prayed that God would heal me from the Lyme, in whichever way God chooses.  He prayed for other people physical infirmities, no matter how trifling or great.  Nonetheless, it does mean a lot.  Had some nice conversation after the prayer meeting, about the Federal Vision heresy and how things are coming to a head in the PCA on that.  Just read “Danger in the Camp” by John Otis if you want to know more…it is a 3 inch thick book on why that teaching is anti-Christian to the core.  or feel free to comment and I can direct you to a few online free resources for you to know more.

In the past 2 week I’ve gotten a little more functional.  Studying more consistently for school!  YAY.  And also putting in some hours of writing/research work.  I’m soooo happy to have this job now.  Just trying to manage everything…it’s busy, and then with my body deciding to be good about sleep one night, and crazy the next…I don’t know what’s going on.  LOL, I wish a sleep study were free…study me for a week.  Haha…if there were something consistent about that.  So anyway…I’ve basically bene out all day, and now need to sit down and get on the clock for working.  I don’t want to work 6 hours on saturday for slacking off during the week.  3 is ok…but 6 is ridiculous.  LOL.  Also have a test to study for and a paper due on friday.  Now, wonder if I can SELL a kefir paper…not too likely, unless it gets to the point that I’m writing for a newsletter.  Hey…that would be cool.

Goodnight and sweet dreams…I’m going to bed at midnight, and no later!!


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