Strange week

So I woke up at 11:30 this morning. I had missed 2 classes, one of which is a test…DANG.  I can make the test up but now my highest possible score is 80.  I dropped off the paperwork that was due.

Something very strange is going on.  I’m still functional, but I’m not as functional as I have been.  Too tired, feel a bit unsteady, and having a little nausea and my appetite is down again.  My weight has dropped by 5 or 6 pounds…in just 7-10 days.  Not normal, especially since I’m in the “gain weight” time of month.  The time I get really hungry is about 3am…I’m too tired to get something to eat then.  Getting about 2 meals a day.

My sleep pattern has been as wacky as it gets.  Each night since last Saturday:

1am-2pm = 13hrs

4am-9am = 5hrs

12am-8:30am. this is normal… = 8.5hrs

3am-9:30am = 6.5hrs

7:30am-10 or 10:30am = 2-2.5hrs

4am-11:30 = 7.5hrs

All of these nights except for one I was in bed by midnight and trying to sleep.  It is just screaming how strange it is to me.

So anyway…sending the info to my doc.  I knew that my supplements were beginning to feel a little bit off, and I was beginning to have harder time remembering to take them (usually this means I’m weak to one of them).

Well… 🙂  God is in control of it all.  So…I just keep going :).  Sauna again today…hoping to actually do some work too.


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