When at Whole Foods a couple weeks ago I was in the herbs section, and I pulled out the Sassafras just to smell it…such a lovely smell.  But I didnt buy any.  Then last week at Deep Roots, almost without looking, I had grabbed the jar of bulk Sassafras bark and was opening the lid.  I wanted to smell it…and also have mom muscle test me to it.  It felt SO strengthening to me.  I sniffed it, and my nausea went away for a second, in the true essence of root beer.  I got a strong intensification of my headache, but as quickly as it had intensified, the headache completely left, and it took some of the brain fog with it.  🙂  SOLD, I put 2oz in a little baggy, numbered it and went looking for other neat little goodies that you find at organic foods coops.

My friend, Kay, was with mom and me at Deep Roots, and she said “Oh, I have sassafras growing everywhere in the woods behind my house.”  I was like…wow, maybe i need to go out there and collect some myself.  Have you ever heard the theory that if something in an area makes you sick, then there is also something in the same area that will cure it?  I don’t know how true it is, but I do believe that God provides things we need within our reach.  Going to timbuktu for some miracle cure may not be how things ar emeant to work.  Well, I was reinfected with Lyme, in Kay’s back yard…  So, is sassafras where it’s really at.  And also the bite that likely got me sick with Lyme in the first place, was also most likely in this same area, the same county, to be exact.  There is a chance that I was infected in WV, but Alamance, NC is still more likely.  Besides, sassafras grows in WV too!

I have always loved sassafras and root beer, but there was one drink I liked even more than Root Beer!  It was Sarsaparilla, which is Root Beer (sassafras, a bit of ginger, and a little wintergreen) plus Sarsparilla, giving it a more specific taste.

I just remember being a kid, 10 or 11, and Dad had discovered this old independent gas station out in the country.  He took the whole family there in the sun-baked teal Volvo, and he went inside to get us a “treat”–It was probably something he hadn’t had since he was a kid living in Iowa.  He bought a couple bottles of Cream Soda–the real stuff!  And he also saw Sarsaparilla by the same people, so he bought that in case we didn’t like the Cream Soda.  It was all in the old fashioned glass popcap bottles, and some obviously small-buisness brand.  Well, I liked the Sarsaparilla, and so did my youngest brother.  The others in the family prefered the Cream Soda.  Well, mom liked either one.  I remember sitting there in the burning hot car in the middle of summer with the rest of the family enjoying the drink. I may be combining memories, but I think we’d sometimes go out there and get some soda from that gas store and then go for a hike in the woods.  We would run up ahead and trailblaze, pretend to be spying on mom and dad, acting like monkeys in the trees, and randomly rough-housing like kids do.   Mom and dad would let our lab/collie dog, Sophie, run free out there because living in the city she got all cooped up.  Sophie was always herding us, making sure nobody got lost…  So yes this was a time in our life of a lot time in tick-land.  It was nice, but I promise you we never checked for anything after we got home.  LOL.  So there is another kind of connection…this drink, and highly likely Lyme exposure then.

I find it very interesting that sarsaparilla is reported as useful by enough Lymies for Rosner to have written of it in his Top 10 Lyme Treatments book.  Sarsparilla was used as a syphilis treatment….  And Sassafras has been used for the same purpose in Europe!!!  What’s even more amazing, my youngest brother and I are the ones that have Lyme!!  We both truly loved Root Beer, and were ape over Sarsaparilla.  The rest of the family didn’t really find the difference in that and A&W very amazing.  At that time, we all were consuming the average American amount of sugar, so possibly having a little decent  herb something in a soda pop would have made a small difference.  My brother, whose Lyme has always been more neuro (he’s had more neuro sx all his life), has liked Root Beer and Sarsaparilla probably 2-3x more than I do, it was the ONLY soda pop he would drink.  My Lyme had a slow progression…read it in “about me”….and at 10 or 11 y/o, I only really had headaches and a hard place in my neck to show for it.

When we were going solid on a better diet, when I was 18, I found a recipe for making your own traditional healthy Root Beer, lacto-fermented.  I wanted to try it so badly, but didn’t have the equipment.

Who knows?  Maybe it’s about time for me to try adding sassafras, and eventually sarsaparilla too, to my Lyme arsenal.  I’m little scared to ingest it though from the bark that I bought, due to the whole safrone thing.  So I’m gonna have my LLMD tell me if I can take it or not…Very tempted to smell it, or take a bath in it anyway.

Here’s a cool sassafras website: The first article is interesting…considerthat  it’s the deer eating the sassafras.  Wonder if its keeping common Lyme infection in the deercontrolled?  interesting thought.  Is there much sassafras up north as compared to down south, and what are the deer-lyme death ratios in correlation with the sassafras trees being around for the deer to eat????   Will be neat to see more on sassafras at a more human friendly hour, LOL.  I’ve spent my insomnia for now 🙂  LOL, brain fog till about 3am but no sleep, then…bang, and my mind is flying on intellectual stuff.

Love to all, goodnight


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