Keep my weight shakes

So in a week I just dropped 6 lbs….not what I was wanting!  Been feeling bad to go right along with it.  Once I felt “not me” enough to have consistently checked my weight for a couple days, I was like…this one ain’t getting any futher.  I may be nauseous and have no appetite, but I’m not losing anything more!  So far I haven’t thrown up…which is good

Started making myself some shakes to have to keep from dropping anymore.  Eating solid food too of course, but sometimes a thick liquid is where it’s at.  I’ve been throwing things in the blender, hoping they come out tasting good.  I never go by a real recipe…I just walk into the kitchen grab a few things that happen to look good to me at the moment.  So far it has tasted good.  LOL, I discovered my favorite one yet today: strawberry spinach.

Recipe—amounts are not exact.

1/2 cup organic rolled oats, pulsed dry in blender till flour/meal

1 cup organic rice milk

2 raw free range eggs

blend that together, then add about 3/4 – 1 cup of any fruit you want.  I like blueberry, strawberry, and strawberry spinach, LOL

🙂  The days I don’t drink that, I lose a few ounces…the days I do drink it, I maintain or gain.  I knew something about the drink was right when the first time I tried making it…my nausea went away for about an hour.  Nice reprieve.  🙂  Some may think its disgusting but I think it’s really good.  Hey, I always have tended to eat what suits me–even if others find it strange.

Also got a bunch of books! YAY.  Had a fun time at the mall yesterday.  Laying low today even though I feel a little better.  got back from doing sauna almost an hour ago.  Now I want a nap.  Not really concentrating on anything for a normal life.  I’m bored….feeling this way is driving me nuts.  I just want to play computer games and lay around outside in the sunshine, just go be alone and enjoy things.  But I’ve got school to do and work to do.  Thankfully it’s not torture…my brain just isn’t processing anything.  That’s when you have to sit bakc and take things all in third person, let it sweep by you rather than letting it pull the carpet out from under you.  🙂  It’s a pretty day.  Naptime, LOL.


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