After school today I went with my mom to the Goodwill to help her find a Hawaiian shirt for the Luau she’s going to with Dad tonight 🙂  It’s an LC thing…  I hope they have fun.  It was fun to COMPLETELY GOOF OFF!!!  🙂  LOL.  We’d find the most riduculous looking stuff and just try it on for the heck of it.  She and I both found some clothes we really like.  And my brother got some cool hoodies.  I got a bunch of summer stuff to wear in May…for Paint May Lyme Green!  Yay LOL.  Green is a good color on me, has been my favorite color since I was little,a dn these awesome shirts really are my style.  🙂  It’s fun and funky.

Thankfully I slept well last night…the night before I didn’t fall asleep till 6:30 AM and got up and went to my 11am class.  Crazy.  Then after that I talked with somebody from ACC.  That was pleasruable.  Once I got home I got the shower I had been avoiding and went to the Y to do another session of sauna.  My brother came with me, and so once we were done we walked down to the park and we swung on the swingset!  LOL…Dr K’s saying that swinging is good for glutathione methylation simply elated me.  I had the marvelous excuse to go play on a swingset!!  See….this stuff CAN be fun.  And he also gave me the excuse to walk around barefoot–gotta get my silica 🙂  hehe.  Yeah I’m in a good mood.

I’ve been doing the liver cleanse drink for three days now, and I have a feeling I should pulse it.  I don’t know if that’s my intuition or the Lyme and yeast talking.  I’ll make the drink tomorrow and if I can’t stomach it, I won’t drink it.  Today was the first day it seemed strange to me and made me burp.  But thankfully I did weight almost 130…and I’m hoping it’s the drink that’s doing it.  I finally gave up on taking anything at all of my previous supplements except for the minerals, because I’ve felt so off.  I also tried cheese products again for three days, but whether it helped me gain any weight back or not, I don’t know.  I do know my pain skyrocketed.  So back off it again…craving it now, ugh.  LOL,  it’s always a roller coaster ride and sometimes it’s bumpy.  But it’s best to pay attention to what you must and then just enjoy everything you can.  🙂

The fact of the matter is…my body may feel low, but my spirit is soaring high 😀


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