Late Rambling

It’s late, Im pooped.   My paper’s gonna be late, I’m pooped, and I don’t care…physically.  Mentally its torturin me.  I should be asleep.  But per usual…I’m tired but not really gonna be able to sleep good.  Grandparents spent the weekend here.  That has been a mix of stress and good and more stress.  They’re leaving tomorrow, I’m happy.  Wow this is some serious free writing.  I should go tape some garlic to my wrist, it’s about to kill me! My brain is blitz…spent it all on helping Pawpa when he called.  I don’t care too much for MLM, and get all skeptical when it sucks in my favorite grandad…but I think the stuff is ok.  I hope it really works.  Had a good day.  Got up late, went to church.  Played techno music on the way to church..lotsa good “kidney” tones 🙂 . The sermon was wonderful….that part that stood out to me was coming out of a spiritual desert.  Ate some stuff…all people ever bring anyway is dairy something so then I get all bloaty later.  Fun.  But it tastes good.  And the fellowship is worth it.  Then I got home and zoned out for a while.  Can you tell I’m in no condition to write a paper or even edit one???  Where was I?  oh, my day, yeah.  I ironed some clothes cause I felt like it.  Wearing a fun hawaiian shirt dress over some chopped off pants, LOL it actually looks kinda cool.  The KC clothing style of all time.  And hey yeah…I’m back up to 131 WOOT.  I may still be wearing my “tight pants” but at teast they feel normal again..and not on the droopy side. Went outside, and read the last half of a Palmer sermon.  I didn’t finish it last my week…so I reread a little of it to remember what it was about.  It was good, on the truth of what Elihu said to Job even though Elihu (is that even the right name??) had misapplied this truth.  🙂  It was good, god is absolute, and unchanging in nature…how wonderful that REALLY is.  We flip-flop so…  Got me some D while I was reading….and YES, I was bad and had some dairy-free ice cream.   Why dairy free after eating dairy at lunch?  Idk, but it made me feel better.  I doused the sugar hype with 4 cinnamon pills and a cup of some wonderfully beery kombucha!!!  Yeah I like that more than the ice cream.  LOL.  I got on Fb for a bit, whatever.  Wanted to take a walk, never happened.  I made my lemon olive oil thing and drank it..this was like 2 hours after my dairy/non dairy stunt ROfLOL.  That tasted REALLY good to me today LOL.  I can’t believe I wanted to take a couple days off of it.  That MUST have been some kinda mean critter in me talkin.  I guess it still is…succombing to ice cream, Good grief.  I can’t wait to be rid of whatever that thing is…but I gotta not do any more ice cream, huh?  LOl.  I helped mom cut some soap she had made…that was nice.  but that set my wrist on fire, bummer.  I really should have done what I said I would taped some garlic to it.  I’ll edit this mess some other time.  No…college paper is not getting done.  I’m gonna sleep…once I find that bit of tape for the garlic.  Someone is going to think a tornado went through the bathroom.  Let ‘s just hope a family member doens’t call the police as I go rumbling through there looking for something sticky.  LOL.  Night. ~Rambler KC


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