Lymie To-Do List

Lymie To-Do List

1. Get up

2. Survive

3. Go back to bed.

I changed my FB profile picture to this list…It’s really good, LOL.  I tried to sleep around midnight….but like it has been lately such torture.  This time I couldn’t bear it anymore after 40 minutes.  In trying to close my eyes…my headache got worse.  Instead of pressure and weight down the middle of my head, I felt like an axe had been driven in down the center to the deep middle of my brain.  And tingling at the crown of my head, little zaps.   Strange, I know. I couldn’t handle it, I was in tears so quickly that it was ridiculous.  So I got up and cracked my laptop back open.  The pain I’d had all day relented for about an hour…2-3 am.  I’m still feeling more mentally alert, the headache is still there but its not as bad.  And I want to take advantage of the moment and get my school papers done.  Notice I’m writing in paragraphs and complete sentences again.  One paper is closer to done; the other, well, please pray??

I’ve been tempted to switch to the zombie shift…as the human shift obviously isn’t working out.  I get the best rest in an afternoon nap!  So why not make that my “night?”, at least for a while.  I have to survive.  I feel like I’m gonna die if I keep trying to do the “human” shift.

Yesterday I got up at 9:30 and got my little lemon drink together and got to school.  I was in time for class, but felt like crap.  Thankfully not as bad as Tuesday…but that may be because everyine in the class weren’t all talking!  Then there was a test in my next class.  Ugh, had to leave my phone up front, with everybody else…It still smell like 20 women’s perfume! Spike my headache, why don’t ya??  I went home, I ate, and I went to take a nap.  A package had arrived so I spent probably an hour skimming the book I got, “Healing Lyme” by Buhner.  Yeah, I finally caved and now own all the Lyme books I can afford.  LOL.  Can’t wait to read them!!  Anyway then I laid down and slept for TWO hours!!  🙂  It was lovely sleep.  Then I got up and got my internet connected and checked email and FB…hadn’t done that all day.  It was now 5pm…

At 5:30 I was over babysitting for my friend.  My headache had begun to roar…but I still have a high tolerance for headaches thanks to the one I basically had for years!  LOL.  Still not fun.  I got home about 10pm, and wanted to watch the last half of Food, Inc. but PBS had already pulled it from their server 😦 .  Oh well… So I chatted with Jessica and my Lymies and then went bed about midnight.  Now you know my day.

I’m sitting here…It’s now 6:30am, WP is wrong…need to fix that.  I still have mental energy, but I’m not feling so godo as I did at 2:30!  Not sure whether to go to bed…or stay up and just focus on surviving 6 more hours awake, get something done. Or I might not get anything done, I feel my function going down as I write.  I can do input apparently.  Output, not so great.  I’ll sleep probably 2-3 hours, then get up go to school come back and go to bed.  Then if I could a full night’s worth of sleep in during the day.  I can feel decent at night and get my schoolwork done.  Heck if it’s warm tomorrow (more like in a few hours!), I’ll take a sleeping bag outside and lay down on the empty part of the garden.  I need outside time…outside air.

Eh goodnight…morning, whatever.  I’m on the zombie shift now.  LOL.  Yeah, survival is what it’s all about.  Have fun.  I hope this zombie shift doesn’t last for long.  I’ve never given in to something quite this bad, ever.  But it’s been 3 weeks.  Gotta change something.

Hoping to go to Appomattox to be with my friend Jess for a week…and then hopefully Ga will happen in June.  We’ll see.  Once no state to be trying to get my driver’s license.  But God can provide, I have to be content to accept either way, NC or Ga….  🙂


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