Melatonin, Lizards, Rocks, and Bee Stings

Sounds fun, huh?

I’m feeling pretty much ok after the trip.  Once I got back from the trip I bought a bottle of 1mg Melatonin dots.  I’ve taken those two times now, 2mg each time.  Plan on doing that every other night-might expiriment and see how I like doing 3mg.  I love the better sleep.  Just have to remember to take them early enough so that they can get in my system..not last minute.  I completely read Ray Sahelan’s book on Melatonin.  It was very fascinating to me.  I sleep well through the night but certain family member have been driving me crazy by startling me in various ways early in the morning!  Now that is torture.  I am a bit grumpier and a LOT foggier on waking up since doing the melatonin.  Also, my middle section (spleen, liver and stomach) feels icky, but that clear up during the day.  Through the day I feel like I can accomplish more, and I do think my pain is slightly less than normal.  I do think I’m more clearheaded to do things, which is nice.

I though I was done with the topic of Melatonin…and had begun reading Rosner’s 2008 Lyme Disease Annual Report.  But someone on Facebook shared a cute little video about the Western Fence Lizard.  There is a protein in the blood of this lizard that will kill Bb!  Amazing…  So I was reading more about this lizard, And came acroos an interesting article that was talking about the lizard’s pineal gland and it was talking about melatonin.  Funny, I just can’t avoid the topic!!

I saw a video about “Superbrain Yoga” and wanted to try it.  It is supposed to lateralize and synchronize both sides of the brain.  We all could use that!  So this morning I tried it…I’m gonna try it for a week and see what happens.

Just after doing my Superbrain Yoga for the first time, I went outside to check the mail and see if dad was out there.  Upon walking back…I was walking through some clover and in avoiding one honeybee, I stepped on another.  OUCH, right between my left big toe and second toe!!!!!  Once I sat down and got the stinger out and got my wits about me, I realized I just got a Lyme treatment.  The bee venom helps with arthritic conditions and the venom is also decent and killing Bb.  They say it takes more venom to do the job though if coinfections are present.  Anyway, that hurt for a few minutes and then the joint went numb.  I’m hoping the pain in my joints will be  improved…I already think it is down by a notch or two.  The real test is laying in bed at night, waiting to fall asleep.  That is when my joint pain flairs to miserable heights.  Only a Lymie would go squealing in pain from a bee sting and then a few minutes later think “Oh wait…it’s a FREE Lyme treatment…I’m happy now, I’ll take a few minutes of pain!”

And about rocks…I regularly wear hematite as that helps me not feel ill after using the cell phone or being on my computer.  I made a little necklace for myself without much expense.  Copper is also useful against EM radiation, and I have a small piece of that.  Usually I can’t wear hematite and copper together, as it seems overpowering.  Remember that day where we went and bought a few gemstones at that store.  Interestingly, that azurite that I held while at the store that made me feel like my GI tract was getting soemthing cleaned up, is one thing I keep coming back to wearing!  It’s either my hematite necklace, or my azurite stone with the chunk of copper.  On Saturday, I could wear azurite and copper AND my hematite necklace at the same time!  I’ve been wearing them together for three days.  IT’s really powerful feeling, but not overpowering anymore.  Perhaps this is because my nervous system is stronger because I’m sleeping better?  Anyway it’s amazing.  Look up hematite: it’s very grounding, and personally helps me with my laptop and cell phone and the bad magnetism of my bed.  Look up azurite…all the stone people talk about a powerful synergy between azurite and copper, and it has to do with the original formation of azurite!  I didn’t know that till I looked it up today.  Also of interest about the azurite is that it helps cleanse the liver and helps with “letting go” — “letting go” is a major thing with Lymies…so that one amazes me.  And look up copper.  It seems especially to help with the more wifi type radiation.

Ok I have to go….we’re headed to a cook out.

Home from Va

I got home yesterday afternoon from the time with my friends in Appomattox.  I miss them already!!!

I didn’t sleep at all last night until about 6am.  I started trying to sleep around 2am; I was still kind of keyed from getting home from Va.  The insomnia is pure torture.  I feel my heartbeat in every digit.  I lay there hot and sweaty, with such pain in my neck and joints, all of it snapping and popping and firing off.  My thoughts raced, I try to pray and I get distracted by 3 bombarding thoughts…and all I wanted was sleep.  Go figure it was full moon!  I tried to wind down by reading by dim light, before even trying to sleep.  One accomplishment:  I finished reading Top 10 by Bryan Rosner!!!!  YAY.

I tried to sleep and finally got up again at 4am to take a combo homeopathic in hope it would help my sleep.  Also took 2 ml of that Concentrace Mg Chloride stuff for good measure.  It helped the pain go down, but still I did not slepe till 6 am.  I woke up at 11:11….funny time 🙂 .  I’ve seen 11:11 in both evening and morning for three days now–just happening to glance at the time.

I’m just tired and my innerds aren’t too happy from the insult I allowed them to receive last night.  I had bacon as an ingredient of a pizza from Mellow Mushroom.  My first time having bacon or even pork since Christmas!!  I never liked pork, and basically the only way it is served around here is with a high amount of nitrates and other things that are hard on my system, so I generally avoid it.  I know it still is something I do not want to eat.

Mom and I went grocery shopping today, at a little local produce place.  We got the best box full of food for only $34!!!  What a blessing in these expensive days, we were able to a wonderful variety of fruits and vegetables and even 2 dozen eggs.  I love this little local shop.  Speaking of local, I am also DELIGHTED that our local trying-to-set-up-Grocery-Coop got the grant!  And the bank is matchign that grant with a Loan…so now we can expect the Grocery Coop to open its doors sometime in 2011.  Happy and thankful am I!!!!  I’m gonna get my name on the family membership and try to get a job working there.

I also encouraged the managers at the places we stopped in at today to please look to hire me for any openings…and that I’ve already applied.  PRAY!!!  I so very need the money, basically broke here.  I’m finding little ways to try and make money stretch further.  Swagbucks is definitely one of them!  Also just joined a site that pays you to write things.  If I can keep my brain together and write enough perhaps my writing will become a bit more valuable and I can earn a bit that way.

I stopped by Vitamin Shoppe today and picked up Melatonin 1mg.  At my friend’s house I tested strong for the first time to melatonin.  Well at least it didn’t hurt anything…and I wanted to be able to sleep so badly that I just took some.  It worked..I slept great.  The second time I took the 3mg dose and I slept well that night, but was drowsy the next day yet again.  So I’m hoping that 1mg will do the trick.  LOL…I shall delay reading Buhner’s “Healing Lyme” by one book so that I won’t muddle the information in that  book with the info in “Top 10”.  Now I know what book I will read…that little book on Melatonin, haha :).

Have I rambled enough.  I think so, LOL…want to get off this computer.  It really does drain me, now that I’ve had the chance to be on it for a “minimum” amt of time for a whole week.  I want to be able to feel when I must get off…and the time is now.

Appomattox Fun

Been hanging out with my friends, having good a time.

Got to Appomattox about 2pm on Thursday.  Spent a while at Baine’s will Jess’s shift was over.  I found 2 really good books there!!  One by Dr. Upledger, the originator of CranioSacral Therapy; and a book by Buhner that I’m sure will be required reading in naturopathic med school hehe 🙂   I got several pages further in my Lyme book.  Jess, Bek, and I went to Moe’s for dinner and watched Robin Hood after that.  We enjoyed it.  On Friday we were at the homeschool coop for the quiz bee and getting ready for graduation ceremony on Saturday.  I spent the night with Desi, watched all of 30 minutes of the Sherlock Holmes movie, haha!  Slept well both nights.

Saturday was the graduation.  That went well 🙂  It’s great getting to see all the folks up here.  Spent quite a while cutting ribbon for the balloons and helping tie them off.  Lotsa colors!!  The food was good too.  I managed to be good….ate actually 70% raw AT LEAST, yay.  But I was bad too and ate 2 cookies.  HAHA…peanutbutter chocolate chip.  They were good.  I made up the word “cueet” (sweet and cute Lymed together), and several other funnies trying to say two words at once.  LOL.  Yesterday evening Bek and her friends and I went to the newly opened Walmart, while Jess and Jimmy ran auditions for a play they are going to have.  We were done with Walmart quickly and Jess was almost done with the auditions stuff by the time we got back.  We went over to Baine’s right after and sat around talking about everything!!!  Didn’t sleep well last night…I wonder if it’s related to the cookies.

The Lord’s Day sermon was really good, on the advancement of God’s Kingdom….Victory and Biblical Dominion.  It was really good.  I really love the folks at RBC!  People sat around talking for a while after church.  Then we came home and kind of snacked and talked some more.  Later Jess and I spent some time on the piano then we took a walk at Mrs. R’s persuasion.  It was really humid due to the rain yesterday and today.  We enjoyed it.  Hoping to get some good rest tonight to make up for last night!  haha 🙂

Off to Lynchburg tomorrow….we’re gonna see the megachurch there just for the heck of it.  Good grief… a Starbuck’s in there????  Seriously, they could have put the money to better and more biblical use, but whatever.  Tomorrow is Jess’s day off so it should be interesting.  🙂

Apps, Hopes and SwagBucks

I’ve applied for some local jobs.  Please pray that if I can’t go to Ga for the summer, that I will be able to get a job that WON’T make me sicker.  I’ve put three “Don’t apply if” things on my list:  1) it is a foodservice, 2) I will be forced into any kind of olfactory onslaught, 3) the lighting and set up of the location is not easy on my body during a normal length of time in the store.  If I can’t handle 30-90 minutes in any certain store without having symptoms flare then there is no way I can consider working there.  Obviously the environment would make me sicker. It is amazing how much this list of 3 don’ts takes away.  No restaurants, no walmart or similar locations, and no clothing/perfume type store.  This leaves very few options at all.  Still I have applied to 5 places…am hoping to turn in the 6th application today, and pick up apps for 2 more places.

I absolutely have to earn some money if I want to do anything.  I’ve come up with a budget idea for how to use any money I earn.  My plan is that 50% of my total income will go into long term savings for the larger Lyme purchases, like a hyperbaric chamber, a rife machine, a sauna, perhaps a BioMat.  Heck I also need to consider saving for a CAR….which comes first???  Such a challenge.  And I am bound and determined never to rely on the government, whose job it IS NOT to provide.  Some will say I’m just making things harder on myself.  So be it, I won’t be a slave to the government by accepting their “benefits.”  I do believe God will bless me for this resolution and staying fast to it.

Thankfully having had some decent sleep for close to 2 weeks, I feel sane enough to make some decisions for myself.  As long as I can sleep well, I can manage as long as it takes to get the resources to go to Ga and get all the way better.   When one is sleep deprived as I had been for 5 weeks, one’s judgement become quite impaired, and feels sooooo extraordinarily lost and desperate.  Frankly, I feel embarassed for how desperate I had become…I can only hope that those who heard my desperate pleas can understand.  The determination of “I WILL NOT GIVE UP”, the refusal to give up hope, is the essence of those pleas; and I hope that this is obvious to those who heard it as well.

This Thursday I get to go up to Appomattox to visit my best friend of 5 years, Jessica.  I will be spending a week there.  Oh what fun!!!  Spending some time with the her talking about normal life things (hopefully not too much Lyme!!!), hanging out at Baine’s coffee and bookstore getting some book reading done and listening to some folks who only think they can sing, playing my flute and her playing the piano and likely cracking up when we make mistakes.  I’ll likely get to drink some lovely raw juices that Jess’s mom makes, takes some walks in the woods and in downtown, hanging out with the homeschool academy and so on.  🙂  And spending one day with my other friend there…Desi.  So I’m very happy about this upcoming vacation.  I just have to be good and refuse to eat sweets —  how is that anywhere near easy when these folks are like 75% ITALIAN??? — and not drink any coffee.  If I can just be good then I likely will get better while I’m there, not sicker.

I’ve been basically staying on protocol.  I can’t remember exactly how to stagger the doses of what I’m on, and have bene bad about writing in my daily med/sx journal.  Very bad about that.  LOL.  So I think it’s gotten a little shifted by a day or two.  That’s okay isn’t it?  I wasn’t expecting it and neither was the Lyme.  Perhaps it’s good in the long run.  Also, having fillings put in some ancient cavities yesterday kind of makes things feel off kilter.  I had a slight reaction to the lidocaine: the numbing lasted from 2:40pm till 6:00 pm solid… (the dentist was expecting it to be semi wearing off by the time he was done with me, about 45 minutes after numbing me?) and  I felt shaky inside when I was standing or when I was trying to concentrate on anything.  My hand had a mild-moderate obvious tremor for about 2 hours.  Last night I had a brain headache…not sure if that was related or not, as I haven’t had one quite like that in several months.  I’m just happy to have half my teeth fixed–and it’s resin not mercury being used, so I’m happy about that!  LOL, we’ll get the next side done in a week or two.  Let’s hope the lidocaine won’t do anything more than it did yesterday.

On to SwagBucks!  I’ve started using swagbucks for my normal would-be-google internet searches, and I’m earning SwagBucks every day.  I’m currently making about 100 SB a week…and in one month I can earn enough SB to trade in for a $5 Amazon gift card.  There a bunch of stuff you can buy using SB, but I liek the Amazon gift card the most!   I buy books and supplements from as they sometimes have the lowest prices.  🙂  So hey!!! that makes me happy.  If you are interested in doing SwagBucks searches it would help me out alot and cost you nothing if you were to get started by using my referral link: I think I’m an official swaggernaut now, LOL!!!

I want to do some nice organizing in my room.  I have an old chiropractor’s table that I want to get put up there since the rolly thingy feels SOOOO good!!!  Also want to make myself a nice hempshake for lunch.  YUM.

Past couple days

🙂  Hey.  I’m sooo happy that I made As in my three college classes!  YES!!!

Now I’m just waiting to know for sure if going to Ga for the summer will work out, or if I will stay put in NC, find some job that won’t kill me and wing it from there.  I need to go start collecting application forms.  This evening I’ll fill out any that are online.  And I just had the FUNNIEST idea for one way to deal with the chemical sensitivity problem…that makes a job ANYWHERE difficult.  If I could just keep hold of my mind and balance while trying to interact with some perfumed customer….just ask them what perfume it is they have and write it down.  Then Have myself NAETed to that specific perfume.  hehe.

My mind is on “random”….skipping from one thing to another.  I’m soo close to finishing a book that I have been “reading” for over a year.  And I need to find where I put Cure Unknown….now it’s unfound too!  And that one is due at the library in a couple weeks.

On Tuesday I read an interesting book on Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone therapy.  That evening I got to go to the Lyme lecture that a local LLMD gave….I like his approach!  I just wish he was a bit more Klinghardtian.  I am tempted to switch just for the sake of convenience, but I don’t think I will entertain the thought until I have some cash.  And heck…I love my current LLMD…I’d miss him way too much right now.  Buying a hyperbaric chamber may be more important than regular LLMD appts right now.  Especially if my friend Kay will keep testing me :).  I test her, she tests me…and it’s a happy trade!  With expense whenever we’re out somewhere!

On Wednesday I was really really sleepy all day long, but never laid down or took a nap.  I took a short walk and sat down twice during it.  I think the exhaustion is detox on some level.  I looked for a room EMF protector and found something that looks interesting….but ouch to pay for!!!  Thankfully still sleeping well and am wearing my hematite necklace now to help with the EMF stuff.

That evening I had the brilliant privelege of pulling a tick off my brother.  It is very strange that this tick bit in the same place that the last tick bit.  Crazy.  I save them in a ziplock bag with date/timewho it bit, and freeze them if I can remember to.  It would be amazing to dissect a bunch of ticks if I ever own my own microscope…and see what germies they got inside.  Sorry….those little vampires release my inner mad scientist.  LOL

Today we went to lunch with a person from school at an Indian restaurant in Greensboro.  It was good.  🙂  After that we found a little health food store and mom bought some herbs and juniper berries to put in soap.  We also got a little kombucha….YUMMY!

Then we went to this gem store.  Oh my goodness….I LOVE gem stores!!  I do think that stones can be powerful healing tools.  So yeah, we went through the store muscle testing which stone for who.  IT was very interesting to see the “theme” for each person.  I would test the rock..and then read the little new age “what-for”, LOL.  I didn’t want the test influenced, hence reading the “info” after.  Interestingly my theme was “amplify and sustain energy and healing.”  For my mom the theme was different…but amazingly consistent for her!  For my dad…completely different theme and once again incredibly consistent for him.  I grabbed a small rock of azurite, and tested it.  It was nice and strong, so I just held it for a while.  I got feeling really good, the stiffness in my neck dissolved.  Then…I felt like I was dumping some toxins: liver first…then my intestines kind of churned…then my spleen had this kind of warm throbbing pain.  Not the bad kind.  Then I got kind of funny feeling and couldn’t think straight. It was like I’d taken some Artemesinin and Chelex, LOL.  A few minutes later I felt better and more clear headed than before.  You know, God made stones.  And He says that the rocks and the tree cry out in praise of their maker!  An aspect of this has got to be frequency….

So lol, that’s what’s on my mind now.  🙂

School is OUT


And praise the Lord….I have slept decently for 4 nights now!!!  Last night my mom kept me up late.  I was hitting the hay at midnight…and then I had to stay up till 2 soemthing.  😦  I slept till 1pm today.  There was lots of rolling around after the sun came up…and strange dreams.   I am sooo sleepy that I think I will be able to sleep at a good time tonight.

I actually felt decent yesterday as I made my presentation to my English class on Lyme disease.  I don’t know exactly how well I did in my test on Medical Terminology, but I mind of don’t care.  My teacher reduced my 94 on one test to a 74 because I had to make it up and didn’t have a doctor’s note to excuse it.  I don’t even care…though my mom is upset about it.

Feeling overwhelmed by input today.  just the ambient noise is kind of overwhelming.  I wonder how much that has to do with what my chiropractor is telling me to do to help my neck.  It could be releasing a lot of toxins making me feel overhwelmed and headachey.  But hey…my neck isn’t hurting as bad as usual!  I want to go take a walk, and grab a snack.  TTYL

And tonight, I’m going to a lecture that a semi-local LLMD is giving on treating Lyme.  This LLMD is integrative, so this should be interesting!

Maybe I should move in with the Amish!!

So I finally got to talk to my LLMD.  I knew about three things that could be linked with the beginning of my problems 5 weeks ago.

1. I ate that ice cream at Coldstone…that wasn’t worth eating.  Coldstone is not as good as its cracked up to be. Heck, it didn’t even taste good!  I ate that 2 days before my problems began.

2. The YMCA had the sauna pulled apart so I couldn’t use it.  I was fed up of not getting to go, so I went out to our old van on a sunny day and sat in there till I sweat.  It wasn’t hot enough.  And the upholstry in there was falling apart and that van is pretty dirty.  A friend mentioned that maybe it was toxic to me…I think she was right.  It was that evening that I started twitching, and felt “off.”  And I haven’t slept right ever since.

3.  My dad installed 2 more wifi routers, trying to get the wifi signal boosted by having the signal triangulate.

My LLMD said to unplug the routers at night, at least.  I had asked my folks to turn the routers off for me to sleep already (asked like 2 weeks ago when I learned that Dad had put the new routers in) but I was just agreed with in word, and nothing about the routers got changed.  My doc even said try to only have them on when we’re using the internet, minimal exposure.  Gosh, I’d LOVE that….  It’s amazing how things HAPPEN when your doc says to do something…that you’ve already said for people to do.  Then they finally listen and act.  I’m jsut glad it’s done.  I still had to compromise and we still had one router on all night long.  From my bed, my laptop picks up on 3-4 wifi signals…this is with our extra 2 unplugged!  So, even if we turned ours off at night, I still exposed to 2-3 thanks to the neighbors.  I’ll see how I do for a week, and if I don’t improve much by next Saturday, then I will push for turning our wifi COMPLETELY off at night.

But last night’s sleep seemed pretty promising. I hadn’t been able to sleep a full 8 hours except for two or three times in the past month, when my body was way beyond coping with the less than 4 hours a night I was having to try and keep functioning on.  A “good” night’s sleep had become anything mroe than 4 hours.  I slept 8-9 hours last night!!  I don’t have much energy today…but being so sleep deprived, my body is probably paying some sleep debt.  I was due for a long night…after 5 days of less than 4 hours a night.  So I will only know if I sleep of for the next several nights.  I’m eager to find out.

I want to go brew a gallon of decaf green tea so I can get a batch of kombucha going this evening.  The last batch is probably WAY on the vinegary side, it’s been sitting in the cabinet above the oven for about 6months???  if anything went “wrong” lets hope it makes an awesome tasting tea-beer, hahah.  I had that happen once before…and dang it was good.  I even made $6 bucks off that batch because some beer drinking friends of ours were amazed at the quality of my strange green tea beer.  This is the south…and I try to lacto-ferment things, not make moonshine haha.  But…like I said the stuff I ended up brewing was just beer-like, nothing stronger.

I need to study for the test on Medical Terms on Monday.  The chapter itself is brutal.  I can handle anything…seriously anything, except the disgusting, sinful and torturous ways people try to get away with adultery.  Why do we have to close on that one??

The day is beautiful…I think I shall take a walk, go swing on the swing, something fun.  🙂

Finals Epinephrine

It’s so close to my finals.  I slept well the other night, PTL!!  I have more energy and my head is clearer.  Tomorrow is the first of 3 finals I need to take.  That one is in my admin procedures class.  One of the “finals” is getting my papers in and a presentation made for my English class.  Two papers must be in by Friday!  I’m working on this like crazy.  The kefir paper, I’m bored with but I’m managing to flesh it out.  The paper on Lyme treatment is easier to write in one way, bu much more challenging when it comes to giving numbers.  It is a shame that good average meta-statistics on Lyme (like relapse rates broken down for various stages of infection and length of treatment, I have seen everything said from 10%-99.9%!!) are so hard to come by.

Yesterday I managed to get a better idea of what I was trying to say in my kefir paper, and edited about 1/2 a page (big accomplishment for me lately).  Today, just in doing stuff as I go, I have managed to add about a page more text on the kefir paper, and also a page and a half to my Lyme Paper.  🙂  YAY.  Heck, I was even MULTITASKING for the first time since last year in my Med Terms class.  working on my kefir paper and interacting in class discussion/lecture at the same time.

I will likely have 2 finals on Monday…but that shouldn’t be too hard.  One is the presentation on Lyme disease.  I think I will open up my presentation with the PSA with Andrew Seeley that Ashley van Tol posted to YouTube, the friends sister one.  🙂  And I can go from there.  The other is simply Med Terms, which I can study for over the weekend.  Supposedly once this class is done I will speak medical terminology fluently.  But the reality is, you learn far more from reading anything you cna get your hands, and having an idea of the latin and greek  roots thanks to the class.  It was funny, I informed my teacher today that hormone therapy isn’t just by injection or pill…there ARE bioidentical hormone pellets for testosterone and estrogen, that last 4-6 months….  She was like “Wow, nice, haven’t heard of that one!”  To her it means a lot less times of having to stand there once a month injecting a goopy testosterone (that might not even be bioidentical??) into somebody’s gluteus, for the sake of both the health care worker and the patient, LOL.   For A&P last semester, everything finished off with the reproductive system.  And same thing for Med Term II.  Some students simply amaze me by their behaviour…and seriously it makes one see how many problems could be avoided if people simply followed God’s law of “Thou shalt not commit adultery”  in the most literal and obvious sense.

Anyway, I’m feeling slightly better.  Some of it may be what I’m taking now.  Some of it may be that I did 20min sauna 2 days ago.  But I think a big part of it is Finals/Procrastination adrenaline rush.  I guess we’ll know for sure by how I feel next Tuesday!!

Sleepy day… And trying something different

Ah, I got 6 hrs of sleep last night.  It only started at 6am of today!  I didn’t even try to sleep.  I was so keyed from having gone to Greensboro yesterday that to sleep would have been impossible.  I went with mom and Kay to Deep Roots again, and Kay tested me to a bunch of supplements.  I think I have an idea of the which my hormones are off, but I’m not even sure if the way we went about it was the right way.

My body showed needing focus on the immune system, not even on detox or anything else.  Perhaps detox is covered with the lemon/olive oil drink I’ve bene doing?  I didn’t get to drink it yesterday, we were out of lemons.  Need to buy some today.  So we just focused on immune system, and the dosing came up to be very interesting!!  🙂  I may as well say what I’ll taking.

Baicalin, an extract from the Scutellaria Baicalensis herb…  600mg for one day, 2 days off, cycle this.  Maybe this thing is really powerful–I hope so.  I took it yesterday and woke up today with a headache.  My energy improved within probably 10 minutes of taking it…but I did chug the 3 pills down with some Kombucha.   Something inside of me keeps saying “cyst buster/biofilm breakdown” about this.  Who knows if that’s even right, but I hope it is.  🙂  if my feeling in that is correct…I could be in for some herxing.

Sovereign Silver, nasal spray, every other day.  Odd…I took sovereign silver orally several months ago (to try and ward off a cold) and it made me herx a little bit.  I also have heard quite the herx story from a friend who took colloidal silver!  I took the nasal spray yesterday…and wow.  For a second my head buzzed, and a couple funny things happened but in a few minutes, I was definitely thinking a little more clearly.

Continuing my mineral supplement but only have to take it every other day… that’s kind of nice.  Tempted to put some himalyan or celtic salt in the water too..that salt might help keep me from getting dizzy and woaoao most times I stand up.  Not taking any of the other stuff, not even kelp.

Continuing the lemon/olive oil drink if I can.  I need to make it and test it to the rest of the stuff I’m taking now.

And starting on a solid elderberry extract.  It is so concentrated it is like a thick jam, taking 1/3 tsp (hoping that’s about 3 grams) every day.  I thought it would be just a little sweeter, but now that I know what it really tastes like, I can handle it just fine.  🙂 LOL.

It has taken me 2 hours to even get going today.  🙂  I had a good time in greensboro yesterday even though all I wanted to do was lay down.  I pushed myself, and got my adrenalin up enough that everything was fine…but it stayed up way too long, LOL.  Ah, sitting outside now and enjoying the warm breeze, the birds singing, our dogs beside me…one of them is chomping some grass.  And the sun isn’t scorching me.  I plan on at least taking a walk today.  Perhaps doing sauna.  It has been over a week since I did sauna last, and having a headache, I’m not sure I should try.  Going to have something yummy to eat now.  Don’t worry I am being good!  No mroe succombing to sugary temptations!!

Happy May Day and Lyme Awareness month!!  See Lymenaide’s website and SPREAD THE WORD!!!