Sleepy day… And trying something different

Ah, I got 6 hrs of sleep last night.  It only started at 6am of today!  I didn’t even try to sleep.  I was so keyed from having gone to Greensboro yesterday that to sleep would have been impossible.  I went with mom and Kay to Deep Roots again, and Kay tested me to a bunch of supplements.  I think I have an idea of the which my hormones are off, but I’m not even sure if the way we went about it was the right way.

My body showed needing focus on the immune system, not even on detox or anything else.  Perhaps detox is covered with the lemon/olive oil drink I’ve bene doing?  I didn’t get to drink it yesterday, we were out of lemons.  Need to buy some today.  So we just focused on immune system, and the dosing came up to be very interesting!!  🙂  I may as well say what I’ll taking.

Baicalin, an extract from the Scutellaria Baicalensis herb…  600mg for one day, 2 days off, cycle this.  Maybe this thing is really powerful–I hope so.  I took it yesterday and woke up today with a headache.  My energy improved within probably 10 minutes of taking it…but I did chug the 3 pills down with some Kombucha.   Something inside of me keeps saying “cyst buster/biofilm breakdown” about this.  Who knows if that’s even right, but I hope it is.  🙂  if my feeling in that is correct…I could be in for some herxing.

Sovereign Silver, nasal spray, every other day.  Odd…I took sovereign silver orally several months ago (to try and ward off a cold) and it made me herx a little bit.  I also have heard quite the herx story from a friend who took colloidal silver!  I took the nasal spray yesterday…and wow.  For a second my head buzzed, and a couple funny things happened but in a few minutes, I was definitely thinking a little more clearly.

Continuing my mineral supplement but only have to take it every other day… that’s kind of nice.  Tempted to put some himalyan or celtic salt in the water too..that salt might help keep me from getting dizzy and woaoao most times I stand up.  Not taking any of the other stuff, not even kelp.

Continuing the lemon/olive oil drink if I can.  I need to make it and test it to the rest of the stuff I’m taking now.

And starting on a solid elderberry extract.  It is so concentrated it is like a thick jam, taking 1/3 tsp (hoping that’s about 3 grams) every day.  I thought it would be just a little sweeter, but now that I know what it really tastes like, I can handle it just fine.  🙂 LOL.

It has taken me 2 hours to even get going today.  🙂  I had a good time in greensboro yesterday even though all I wanted to do was lay down.  I pushed myself, and got my adrenalin up enough that everything was fine…but it stayed up way too long, LOL.  Ah, sitting outside now and enjoying the warm breeze, the birds singing, our dogs beside me…one of them is chomping some grass.  And the sun isn’t scorching me.  I plan on at least taking a walk today.  Perhaps doing sauna.  It has been over a week since I did sauna last, and having a headache, I’m not sure I should try.  Going to have something yummy to eat now.  Don’t worry I am being good!  No mroe succombing to sugary temptations!!

Happy May Day and Lyme Awareness month!!  See Lymenaide’s website and SPREAD THE WORD!!!


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