Finals Epinephrine

It’s so close to my finals.  I slept well the other night, PTL!!  I have more energy and my head is clearer.  Tomorrow is the first of 3 finals I need to take.  That one is in my admin procedures class.  One of the “finals” is getting my papers in and a presentation made for my English class.  Two papers must be in by Friday!  I’m working on this like crazy.  The kefir paper, I’m bored with but I’m managing to flesh it out.  The paper on Lyme treatment is easier to write in one way, bu much more challenging when it comes to giving numbers.  It is a shame that good average meta-statistics on Lyme (like relapse rates broken down for various stages of infection and length of treatment, I have seen everything said from 10%-99.9%!!) are so hard to come by.

Yesterday I managed to get a better idea of what I was trying to say in my kefir paper, and edited about 1/2 a page (big accomplishment for me lately).  Today, just in doing stuff as I go, I have managed to add about a page more text on the kefir paper, and also a page and a half to my Lyme Paper.  🙂  YAY.  Heck, I was even MULTITASKING for the first time since last year in my Med Terms class.  working on my kefir paper and interacting in class discussion/lecture at the same time.

I will likely have 2 finals on Monday…but that shouldn’t be too hard.  One is the presentation on Lyme disease.  I think I will open up my presentation with the PSA with Andrew Seeley that Ashley van Tol posted to YouTube, the friends sister one.  🙂  And I can go from there.  The other is simply Med Terms, which I can study for over the weekend.  Supposedly once this class is done I will speak medical terminology fluently.  But the reality is, you learn far more from reading anything you cna get your hands, and having an idea of the latin and greek  roots thanks to the class.  It was funny, I informed my teacher today that hormone therapy isn’t just by injection or pill…there ARE bioidentical hormone pellets for testosterone and estrogen, that last 4-6 months….  She was like “Wow, nice, haven’t heard of that one!”  To her it means a lot less times of having to stand there once a month injecting a goopy testosterone (that might not even be bioidentical??) into somebody’s gluteus, for the sake of both the health care worker and the patient, LOL.   For A&P last semester, everything finished off with the reproductive system.  And same thing for Med Term II.  Some students simply amaze me by their behaviour…and seriously it makes one see how many problems could be avoided if people simply followed God’s law of “Thou shalt not commit adultery”  in the most literal and obvious sense.

Anyway, I’m feeling slightly better.  Some of it may be what I’m taking now.  Some of it may be that I did 20min sauna 2 days ago.  But I think a big part of it is Finals/Procrastination adrenaline rush.  I guess we’ll know for sure by how I feel next Tuesday!!


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