Maybe I should move in with the Amish!!

So I finally got to talk to my LLMD.  I knew about three things that could be linked with the beginning of my problems 5 weeks ago.

1. I ate that ice cream at Coldstone…that wasn’t worth eating.  Coldstone is not as good as its cracked up to be. Heck, it didn’t even taste good!  I ate that 2 days before my problems began.

2. The YMCA had the sauna pulled apart so I couldn’t use it.  I was fed up of not getting to go, so I went out to our old van on a sunny day and sat in there till I sweat.  It wasn’t hot enough.  And the upholstry in there was falling apart and that van is pretty dirty.  A friend mentioned that maybe it was toxic to me…I think she was right.  It was that evening that I started twitching, and felt “off.”  And I haven’t slept right ever since.

3.  My dad installed 2 more wifi routers, trying to get the wifi signal boosted by having the signal triangulate.

My LLMD said to unplug the routers at night, at least.  I had asked my folks to turn the routers off for me to sleep already (asked like 2 weeks ago when I learned that Dad had put the new routers in) but I was just agreed with in word, and nothing about the routers got changed.  My doc even said try to only have them on when we’re using the internet, minimal exposure.  Gosh, I’d LOVE that….  It’s amazing how things HAPPEN when your doc says to do something…that you’ve already said for people to do.  Then they finally listen and act.  I’m jsut glad it’s done.  I still had to compromise and we still had one router on all night long.  From my bed, my laptop picks up on 3-4 wifi signals…this is with our extra 2 unplugged!  So, even if we turned ours off at night, I still exposed to 2-3 thanks to the neighbors.  I’ll see how I do for a week, and if I don’t improve much by next Saturday, then I will push for turning our wifi COMPLETELY off at night.

But last night’s sleep seemed pretty promising. I hadn’t been able to sleep a full 8 hours except for two or three times in the past month, when my body was way beyond coping with the less than 4 hours a night I was having to try and keep functioning on.  A “good” night’s sleep had become anything mroe than 4 hours.  I slept 8-9 hours last night!!  I don’t have much energy today…but being so sleep deprived, my body is probably paying some sleep debt.  I was due for a long night…after 5 days of less than 4 hours a night.  So I will only know if I sleep of for the next several nights.  I’m eager to find out.

I want to go brew a gallon of decaf green tea so I can get a batch of kombucha going this evening.  The last batch is probably WAY on the vinegary side, it’s been sitting in the cabinet above the oven for about 6months???  if anything went “wrong” lets hope it makes an awesome tasting tea-beer, hahah.  I had that happen once before…and dang it was good.  I even made $6 bucks off that batch because some beer drinking friends of ours were amazed at the quality of my strange green tea beer.  This is the south…and I try to lacto-ferment things, not make moonshine haha.  But…like I said the stuff I ended up brewing was just beer-like, nothing stronger.

I need to study for the test on Medical Terms on Monday.  The chapter itself is brutal.  I can handle anything…seriously anything, except the disgusting, sinful and torturous ways people try to get away with adultery.  Why do we have to close on that one??

The day is beautiful…I think I shall take a walk, go swing on the swing, something fun.  🙂


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