School is OUT


And praise the Lord….I have slept decently for 4 nights now!!!  Last night my mom kept me up late.  I was hitting the hay at midnight…and then I had to stay up till 2 soemthing.  😦  I slept till 1pm today.  There was lots of rolling around after the sun came up…and strange dreams.   I am sooo sleepy that I think I will be able to sleep at a good time tonight.

I actually felt decent yesterday as I made my presentation to my English class on Lyme disease.  I don’t know exactly how well I did in my test on Medical Terminology, but I mind of don’t care.  My teacher reduced my 94 on one test to a 74 because I had to make it up and didn’t have a doctor’s note to excuse it.  I don’t even care…though my mom is upset about it.

Feeling overwhelmed by input today.  just the ambient noise is kind of overwhelming.  I wonder how much that has to do with what my chiropractor is telling me to do to help my neck.  It could be releasing a lot of toxins making me feel overhwelmed and headachey.  But hey…my neck isn’t hurting as bad as usual!  I want to go take a walk, and grab a snack.  TTYL

And tonight, I’m going to a lecture that a semi-local LLMD is giving on treating Lyme.  This LLMD is integrative, so this should be interesting!


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