Past couple days

🙂  Hey.  I’m sooo happy that I made As in my three college classes!  YES!!!

Now I’m just waiting to know for sure if going to Ga for the summer will work out, or if I will stay put in NC, find some job that won’t kill me and wing it from there.  I need to go start collecting application forms.  This evening I’ll fill out any that are online.  And I just had the FUNNIEST idea for one way to deal with the chemical sensitivity problem…that makes a job ANYWHERE difficult.  If I could just keep hold of my mind and balance while trying to interact with some perfumed customer….just ask them what perfume it is they have and write it down.  Then Have myself NAETed to that specific perfume.  hehe.

My mind is on “random”….skipping from one thing to another.  I’m soo close to finishing a book that I have been “reading” for over a year.  And I need to find where I put Cure Unknown….now it’s unfound too!  And that one is due at the library in a couple weeks.

On Tuesday I read an interesting book on Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone therapy.  That evening I got to go to the Lyme lecture that a local LLMD gave….I like his approach!  I just wish he was a bit more Klinghardtian.  I am tempted to switch just for the sake of convenience, but I don’t think I will entertain the thought until I have some cash.  And heck…I love my current LLMD…I’d miss him way too much right now.  Buying a hyperbaric chamber may be more important than regular LLMD appts right now.  Especially if my friend Kay will keep testing me :).  I test her, she tests me…and it’s a happy trade!  With expense whenever we’re out somewhere!

On Wednesday I was really really sleepy all day long, but never laid down or took a nap.  I took a short walk and sat down twice during it.  I think the exhaustion is detox on some level.  I looked for a room EMF protector and found something that looks interesting….but ouch to pay for!!!  Thankfully still sleeping well and am wearing my hematite necklace now to help with the EMF stuff.

That evening I had the brilliant privelege of pulling a tick off my brother.  It is very strange that this tick bit in the same place that the last tick bit.  Crazy.  I save them in a ziplock bag with date/timewho it bit, and freeze them if I can remember to.  It would be amazing to dissect a bunch of ticks if I ever own my own microscope…and see what germies they got inside.  Sorry….those little vampires release my inner mad scientist.  LOL

Today we went to lunch with a person from school at an Indian restaurant in Greensboro.  It was good.  🙂  After that we found a little health food store and mom bought some herbs and juniper berries to put in soap.  We also got a little kombucha….YUMMY!

Then we went to this gem store.  Oh my goodness….I LOVE gem stores!!  I do think that stones can be powerful healing tools.  So yeah, we went through the store muscle testing which stone for who.  IT was very interesting to see the “theme” for each person.  I would test the rock..and then read the little new age “what-for”, LOL.  I didn’t want the test influenced, hence reading the “info” after.  Interestingly my theme was “amplify and sustain energy and healing.”  For my mom the theme was different…but amazingly consistent for her!  For my dad…completely different theme and once again incredibly consistent for him.  I grabbed a small rock of azurite, and tested it.  It was nice and strong, so I just held it for a while.  I got feeling really good, the stiffness in my neck dissolved.  Then…I felt like I was dumping some toxins: liver first…then my intestines kind of churned…then my spleen had this kind of warm throbbing pain.  Not the bad kind.  Then I got kind of funny feeling and couldn’t think straight. It was like I’d taken some Artemesinin and Chelex, LOL.  A few minutes later I felt better and more clear headed than before.  You know, God made stones.  And He says that the rocks and the tree cry out in praise of their maker!  An aspect of this has got to be frequency….

So lol, that’s what’s on my mind now.  🙂


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