Appomattox Fun

Been hanging out with my friends, having good a time.

Got to Appomattox about 2pm on Thursday.  Spent a while at Baine’s will Jess’s shift was over.  I found 2 really good books there!!  One by Dr. Upledger, the originator of CranioSacral Therapy; and a book by Buhner that I’m sure will be required reading in naturopathic med school hehe 🙂   I got several pages further in my Lyme book.  Jess, Bek, and I went to Moe’s for dinner and watched Robin Hood after that.  We enjoyed it.  On Friday we were at the homeschool coop for the quiz bee and getting ready for graduation ceremony on Saturday.  I spent the night with Desi, watched all of 30 minutes of the Sherlock Holmes movie, haha!  Slept well both nights.

Saturday was the graduation.  That went well 🙂  It’s great getting to see all the folks up here.  Spent quite a while cutting ribbon for the balloons and helping tie them off.  Lotsa colors!!  The food was good too.  I managed to be good….ate actually 70% raw AT LEAST, yay.  But I was bad too and ate 2 cookies.  HAHA…peanutbutter chocolate chip.  They were good.  I made up the word “cueet” (sweet and cute Lymed together), and several other funnies trying to say two words at once.  LOL.  Yesterday evening Bek and her friends and I went to the newly opened Walmart, while Jess and Jimmy ran auditions for a play they are going to have.  We were done with Walmart quickly and Jess was almost done with the auditions stuff by the time we got back.  We went over to Baine’s right after and sat around talking about everything!!!  Didn’t sleep well last night…I wonder if it’s related to the cookies.

The Lord’s Day sermon was really good, on the advancement of God’s Kingdom….Victory and Biblical Dominion.  It was really good.  I really love the folks at RBC!  People sat around talking for a while after church.  Then we came home and kind of snacked and talked some more.  Later Jess and I spent some time on the piano then we took a walk at Mrs. R’s persuasion.  It was really humid due to the rain yesterday and today.  We enjoyed it.  Hoping to get some good rest tonight to make up for last night!  haha 🙂

Off to Lynchburg tomorrow….we’re gonna see the megachurch there just for the heck of it.  Good grief… a Starbuck’s in there????  Seriously, they could have put the money to better and more biblical use, but whatever.  Tomorrow is Jess’s day off so it should be interesting.  🙂


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