Home from Va

I got home yesterday afternoon from the time with my friends in Appomattox.  I miss them already!!!

I didn’t sleep at all last night until about 6am.  I started trying to sleep around 2am; I was still kind of keyed from getting home from Va.  The insomnia is pure torture.  I feel my heartbeat in every digit.  I lay there hot and sweaty, with such pain in my neck and joints, all of it snapping and popping and firing off.  My thoughts raced, I try to pray and I get distracted by 3 bombarding thoughts…and all I wanted was sleep.  Go figure it was full moon!  I tried to wind down by reading by dim light, before even trying to sleep.  One accomplishment:  I finished reading Top 10 by Bryan Rosner!!!!  YAY.

I tried to sleep and finally got up again at 4am to take a combo homeopathic in hope it would help my sleep.  Also took 2 ml of that Concentrace Mg Chloride stuff for good measure.  It helped the pain go down, but still I did not slepe till 6 am.  I woke up at 11:11….funny time 🙂 .  I’ve seen 11:11 in both evening and morning for three days now–just happening to glance at the time.

I’m just tired and my innerds aren’t too happy from the insult I allowed them to receive last night.  I had bacon as an ingredient of a pizza from Mellow Mushroom.  My first time having bacon or even pork since Christmas!!  I never liked pork, and basically the only way it is served around here is with a high amount of nitrates and other things that are hard on my system, so I generally avoid it.  I know it still is something I do not want to eat.

Mom and I went grocery shopping today, at a little local produce place.  We got the best box full of food for only $34!!!  What a blessing in these expensive days, we were able to a wonderful variety of fruits and vegetables and even 2 dozen eggs.  I love this little local shop.  Speaking of local, I am also DELIGHTED that our local trying-to-set-up-Grocery-Coop got the grant!  And the bank is matchign that grant with a Loan…so now we can expect the Grocery Coop to open its doors sometime in 2011.  Happy and thankful am I!!!!  I’m gonna get my name on the family membership and try to get a job working there.

I also encouraged the managers at the places we stopped in at today to please look to hire me for any openings…and that I’ve already applied.  PRAY!!!  I so very need the money, basically broke here.  I’m finding little ways to try and make money stretch further.  Swagbucks is definitely one of them!  Also just joined a site that pays you to write things.  If I can keep my brain together and write enough perhaps my writing will become a bit more valuable and I can earn a bit that way.

I stopped by Vitamin Shoppe today and picked up Melatonin 1mg.  At my friend’s house I tested strong for the first time to melatonin.  Well at least it didn’t hurt anything…and I wanted to be able to sleep so badly that I just took some.  It worked..I slept great.  The second time I took the 3mg dose and I slept well that night, but was drowsy the next day yet again.  So I’m hoping that 1mg will do the trick.  LOL…I shall delay reading Buhner’s “Healing Lyme” by one book so that I won’t muddle the information in that  book with the info in “Top 10”.  Now I know what book I will read…that little book on Melatonin, haha :).

Have I rambled enough.  I think so, LOL…want to get off this computer.  It really does drain me, now that I’ve had the chance to be on it for a “minimum” amt of time for a whole week.  I want to be able to feel when I must get off…and the time is now.


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