Melatonin, Lizards, Rocks, and Bee Stings

Sounds fun, huh?

I’m feeling pretty much ok after the trip.  Once I got back from the trip I bought a bottle of 1mg Melatonin dots.  I’ve taken those two times now, 2mg each time.  Plan on doing that every other night-might expiriment and see how I like doing 3mg.  I love the better sleep.  Just have to remember to take them early enough so that they can get in my system..not last minute.  I completely read Ray Sahelan’s book on Melatonin.  It was very fascinating to me.  I sleep well through the night but certain family member have been driving me crazy by startling me in various ways early in the morning!  Now that is torture.  I am a bit grumpier and a LOT foggier on waking up since doing the melatonin.  Also, my middle section (spleen, liver and stomach) feels icky, but that clear up during the day.  Through the day I feel like I can accomplish more, and I do think my pain is slightly less than normal.  I do think I’m more clearheaded to do things, which is nice.

I though I was done with the topic of Melatonin…and had begun reading Rosner’s 2008 Lyme Disease Annual Report.  But someone on Facebook shared a cute little video about the Western Fence Lizard.  There is a protein in the blood of this lizard that will kill Bb!  Amazing…  So I was reading more about this lizard, And came acroos an interesting article that was talking about the lizard’s pineal gland and it was talking about melatonin.  Funny, I just can’t avoid the topic!!

I saw a video about “Superbrain Yoga” and wanted to try it.  It is supposed to lateralize and synchronize both sides of the brain.  We all could use that!  So this morning I tried it…I’m gonna try it for a week and see what happens.

Just after doing my Superbrain Yoga for the first time, I went outside to check the mail and see if dad was out there.  Upon walking back…I was walking through some clover and in avoiding one honeybee, I stepped on another.  OUCH, right between my left big toe and second toe!!!!!  Once I sat down and got the stinger out and got my wits about me, I realized I just got a Lyme treatment.  The bee venom helps with arthritic conditions and the venom is also decent and killing Bb.  They say it takes more venom to do the job though if coinfections are present.  Anyway, that hurt for a few minutes and then the joint went numb.  I’m hoping the pain in my joints will be  improved…I already think it is down by a notch or two.  The real test is laying in bed at night, waiting to fall asleep.  That is when my joint pain flairs to miserable heights.  Only a Lymie would go squealing in pain from a bee sting and then a few minutes later think “Oh wait…it’s a FREE Lyme treatment…I’m happy now, I’ll take a few minutes of pain!”

And about rocks…I regularly wear hematite as that helps me not feel ill after using the cell phone or being on my computer.  I made a little necklace for myself without much expense.  Copper is also useful against EM radiation, and I have a small piece of that.  Usually I can’t wear hematite and copper together, as it seems overpowering.  Remember that day where we went and bought a few gemstones at that store.  Interestingly, that azurite that I held while at the store that made me feel like my GI tract was getting soemthing cleaned up, is one thing I keep coming back to wearing!  It’s either my hematite necklace, or my azurite stone with the chunk of copper.  On Saturday, I could wear azurite and copper AND my hematite necklace at the same time!  I’ve been wearing them together for three days.  IT’s really powerful feeling, but not overpowering anymore.  Perhaps this is because my nervous system is stronger because I’m sleeping better?  Anyway it’s amazing.  Look up hematite: it’s very grounding, and personally helps me with my laptop and cell phone and the bad magnetism of my bed.  Look up azurite…all the stone people talk about a powerful synergy between azurite and copper, and it has to do with the original formation of azurite!  I didn’t know that till I looked it up today.  Also of interest about the azurite is that it helps cleanse the liver and helps with “letting go” — “letting go” is a major thing with Lymies…so that one amazes me.  And look up copper.  It seems especially to help with the more wifi type radiation.

Ok I have to go….we’re headed to a cook out.


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