Long Wednesday

I’m exhausted, LOL.  Been sleeping good, and am having a victory dance that my weight is FINALLY back to normal.

We stayed up late last night.  I handed Pawpa the book “Bypassing Bypass” and he is eagerly reading it, even though he really feels that chelation is way beyond what he could hope to do.  I completed reading the book Pawpa handed me on hydrogen peroxide last night, the one by Madison Cavanaugh.  It was good.  LOL, I don’t want to complicate what I’m already doing, but I’m personally thinking that I could try the H2O2 sometime, now that I have more enzymes in my system.  Who knows.  Pawpa is starting on the H2O2 himself, and hasn’t seen a difference yet.  We’re not sure if it’s jsut because he’s not very sensitive, or is it’s because he was taking antioxidants and the H2O2 at the same time!!!

I went through ALL of Pawpa’s medicine’s looking up the facts on his prescriptions so that we could put together a safer and more effective schedule for his medicines:  Rxs, OTCs and supplements…  I hope he will feel a real difference now that he is taking things at more appropriate time.   I am pretty confident he will feel a change for the better.

Then we went through Marie’s medicine and also Nanna’s and got everything straight.  I must say–It is a nice thing to look up something NOT related to Lyme, LOL!!  By the time I was done with all that, I felt my fingers were primed for typing out the name of almost any Rx medication.  LOL.  Even with their schedules, some medicine had been being taken together that specifically shouldn’t be–eeeks.  That is fixed now.

After this I got up and fixed peanut butter sandwiches for everyone, since we were famished.  Pawpa is absolutely crazy for the TRULY whole grain bread that I brought with me.  We went shopping after going out to dinner this evening.  Pawpa had to pick something up from Lowe’s, and they dropped me off at Walmart to get the shopping list–Pawpa wanted two loaves of the Arnold bread.  Ok–so the bread is not perfect, but it is the best bread in the supermarket.  The only thing that beats it is Bread Beckers or homemade bread.

On my little shopping spree (not really) I grabbed the ingredients to make a cold barley salad…I’m hoping that Nanna and Pawpa will like it.  I don’t expect Marie will like it at all, as she dislikes anything with taste, nutrition or color.  I love her–but she is an anomaly to me.  She is 94, and still able to walk around.  Oh she has heart and GI problems, and is feeble and a bit foggy now.  But she is still walking even if it is with assistance.  I don’t get how, considering the lack of real food she feeds herself.  Anyway…Nanna thought the ingredients sounded strange:  barley, lemon juice, plain yogurt, cucumber, red onion and bell peppers,a nd some chopped sprig of mint and parsley.  Can’t you just see and smell–even taste just how beautiful and delicious this will be???  Ahhhh.  I am making dinner tomorrow night–still have no idea on that.

I also took a diversiona nd found the coconut milk.  Yesterday, I had gotten the random craving for something with coconut milk.  I had bene eating more carbs than I was used to, and had even been getting a couple sugar cravings–so hard to resist when during everyone else’s dessert you are PRESSURED to eat the ice cream.  I still limited myself to fruit, and was sociable but OW…people don’t understand how cruel it is to me in my fight against the Lyme parasites and yeast to overcome the insisting “offers”.  I fell for a few Fig Newtons over hte past few days–I need a natural healthy version of those, seriously!!!!  Finally, after breakfast that had way too much supposedly “whole wheat”  I craved coconut milk.  I don’t normally crave coconut milk, and use it sparingly, as I find it a bit powerful for my body.  Not sure the reason is my nutritional type (mixed type) or if it is an extreme effectiveness with little toleration–but whichever, I don’t want it often because I will feel ill if I have a lot in one sitting, or even.  When I want it–I know my body has a very good reason.  I dug for 2 hours all through the house and found the last remaining can from our trip to WV last summer.  I opened it up and dumped in the blender with a can of strained unsweetened pinapple, and hit the blend button.  Add some ice and pina colada baby!!!  I drank it yesterday…and within ten minutes felt a little ill.  Thankfully about 20 minutes later I felt better, and was able to think more clearly.  Hmmm.  I put the remainder in a cup in the fridge.  I drank that today…felt a little ugh and then better.  I won’t drink any tomorrow–but when I want coconut milk again, I’ll jump on it.  I told my LLMD that I call it “poor man’s Nystatin.”  Nystatin is an antifungal that worked well for me when my LLMD was helping me get through systemic yeast before our even trying to touch Lyme.  All to say–I was speaking highly o the coconut milk.  LOL.  Can you tell I’m longwinded and ramblesome today?  Oh well.

I also got to inform my grandparents about GMO’s today–explaining that was a trip.  I could explain it, and Nanna feels like she has an explanation for why the GM corn she ate at dinner last night made her feel bad for a day.  Pawpa is amazed now that has a glimpse on what Monsanto is really doing with Round-Up Ready Corn.  He doesn’t yet know how Monsanto treats farmers…

I got a call from mom last night–she informed me that she let my brother basicaly SHEER our polka-dotted dog, Spot!  He still has 1/4 left of his normally 2 inches ling fur.  Mom sent a me a picture today, and Spot looks good.  His spots are more defined, but I STILL can’t elieve that they SHEERED him!!!  LOL

It has bene a really long day, and after going through all of my grandparents medicines to help them get rid of some interaction risks…I fele like I have played a game of real-life Portal.  Don’t listen to GLaDOS–always remember, the cake is a lie.  I will close with “Still Alive” playing in my head

Getting You Up to Date

Hey there.  Sorry I haven’t posted in so long.  Thankfully I have been busy with trips for the most part and not being ill.

On the 15th Mom my brother and I went to Ga for appt.  Mom is SOO glad to have that done.  We didnt get to stay the weekend, but instead left for home on Saturday the 19th.  Iwas a little bummered about that–I didn’t get to see my dear “family from Ga”!

We all three had an appointment with who I think is the best chiro ever on Friday, the day before we headed back to NC.  He gave each of us the time we needed, it was really a blessing.  My brother’s issues have been whittled down wonderfully well.  When the chiro saw me…I was “all nozzed up”.  My neck was out, my pelvis was out, and I had been in a panic pattern (stuck in fight or flight mode) for 3 months solid.  He worked on all of this, told me to chillax for a few days and expect to be sore for 4 days.  He also told me to take a 2days break from all supplements and start back but on some different things.  What I had taken before–some I had used till the need for them was done, some were now testing as “indifferent,”  and one supplement my body wasn’t handling very well at all.  He told me that for right now “Less is more”

The first day, I was wondering “So, how do I relax?????”  I pulled out the novel, “Beulah,” by Augusta Jane Evans and began reading it.  It was wonderful to get lost in the 19th century.  It is the story about an orphan girl who grows up.  It is not at all like Anne of Green Gables, because Beulah–though also addicted to literature, is more practical.  Beulah also, unlike Anne, is determined to be independent and a burden on no one.  By the second day, I could feel my body truly relaxing, despite the fact that my chiro wasn’t kidding when he told me I would be sore!!!  OW!

Thankfully my neck isn’t popping as often, and it doesn’t jar at all anymore!  PTL for a good chiro–my neck had been SOOOO bad.  Maybe, just maybe I have my head on straight now, LOL.  My hips were what hurt tremendously and I felt like I had to be really careful becuase they hurt so much and would pop if I made any movement that had a twisting or turning element.  All my joints seemed to be reflecting the pain, and popping and snapping like crazy.  Day 2 was the worst, but then the soreness reduced and I felt good.  I was definitely calmer and relaxed, and I felt more stable and strong.  This good feeling once the soreness passed has continued for the most part.

My new supplement regimen is pretty simple:

  • B-Complex 100, 1 cap, 3x day
  • B-12 1000mcg , 1tab, 2x day
  • ConcenTrace, 10 drops, 1x day
  • Wobenzyme, 1 tab, 2xday, empty stomach.
  • Melatonin, 2mg before bed on occasion if my sleep quality has degraded.  I’ve only taken it 2 nights since the appointment…so about once every 5 days.

It was the Sovereign Silver that my body wasn’t handling well at all.  Who knows why…my schedule of it was 1/3 the dose on the bottle and that only once every 3 days–that made my dose of it 1/9th the normal dose!  Just doing something at the wrong time.  I think it had been helpful at some point but I used it well beyond the point of toleration and benefit.  The chiro said that the Baicalin had become neutral, and the melatonin was neutral too.  He said I had gotten the benefit out of the Omica Minerals…  YAY.  Even though the list of what I’m taking is much simpler…It is a challenge to do, because I just graze throughout the day, and I have to not eat for long enough to have an empty stomach for the Wobenzyme.  Bummer.  LOL, but the Wobenzyme does help a LOT.

Anyway, after getting home from the trip, we had a few people stay the night.  The plans became that My dad and brothers would go to the Conference on Tuesday, and Mom and I would stay behind till Thursday so that we could go up with Christine once her vacation from work began.  I was glad for the extra couple days, even though it meant not getting to see my friends Jess, Bek and Desi.

A friend, Kathy, came over on Tuesday afternoon to watch movies with us and she came over again on Wednesday for another movie.  We enjoyed the couple of days to chillax.  Mom and I spent a couple hours shopping on Wednesday, and then we went home and I immediately cooked two super big dinners to pack up for our Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Conference.  I made a hamburger stew with onion, carrots, and potatoes with some zucchini squash and wine in it.  I also made our lentil soup–Yum!  Mom, Kathy and I ate some of the lentil soup that night, as it was too good to resist.  Once we finished watchign that movie on Wednesday, I ran upstairs to get packed.  I can’t believe all the energy I had that day…just to get up and be able to do things at such a crazy pace!

Thursday morning we got up and took the dogs to the kennel to be boarded.  Then we finished packing and made our way to the Conference with Christine.  The conference was wonderful!  I will make a post all about it.

Once the Conference was over, Mom and Dad drove me up to Beckley so I could come the rest of the way up with Nanna.  Nanna and I stopped just before getting home and picked up some veggies at the Farmer’s Market.

I’ve been in WV for 3 days now, and I am enjoying it.  Yesterday, Pawpa and I went with my great grandmother, Marie, to her appointment with the retina specialist.  There was a young man working there who was going to be a student the med school at Marshall.  He was doing a good job during the screening and made Marie feel special.  I was able to strike up a little conversation–I had been the one to shadow everything and help get things written in the file.  Anyway, That appointment evolved from being expected to last 1 hour, including wait time for the doc, to a 3.5 hour appt…with the doc give her lots of attention!  One eye had gone from dry macular degeneration to wet, and so they needed to do something to keep that from progressing if at all possible (I find it all interesting, but I’m not giving details to you, LOL!).  Poor Marie was scared half to death, she worries about everything.  And because Marie always says “I don’t know” after saying yes or no to something–even on something as simple as how to cook her eggs–as if it were a decision that is life or death, it was very had to get her to have the resolve to say a firm yes or no to treatment.  What an adventure….  I’m hoping the treatment works for her, and thankfully she is seeing that the tiny injection isn’t the end of the universe.  What I thought was a bit funny was that because everyone had to speak really loud to Marie for her to hear them–I picked up on the faint remnant of the doctor’s accent.  He looks American, and has no accent when speaking normal volume, but in speaking loud, one naturally falls into the accent or dialect of their region.  His sounded almost British but I knew it wasn’t Aussie!  Once all was said and done and everybody was happy, my curiosity got the best of me.  So I asked–COOL!  South Africa.  He said most people don’t ever notice anymore.  I do think it was nice for things to end on a more casual note.

I’m eating more carbs than usual and suddenly began craving coconut milk today.  LOL…I know coconut is good for you, but I don’t crave it very often, so I know I need to listen to that craving for once.  With eating more carbs I can certainly tell that I feel I need to eat more often, I need to get back on what I’m already used to…a good salad, or a soaked “grain”, a nice big piece of meat–all of it without that anemic white bread that seems to be everywhere around!  LOL.

Everyday I enjoy taking a walk aroudn the property, and soon these will be walks around the block.  I enjoy getting to look at the Kanawha River so much, the beauty of God’s green earth is simply astounding.  I like sitting on the dock and dipping my toes in the water, and watching the school of tiny fish go dashing away and then start turning to figure out what entered their current with trepidation for fear that I would want to eat them.

I’m also enjoying the time I have to read.  I have read a good bit further into “Beulah”, and am continuing to read “Idols of the Heart.”   I’ve taken a break from the medical books I am in the middle of until I finished reading a book about hydrogen peroxide that Pawpa wants me to read.  He is so excited about some natural things now, which is good, but I’m having to bring a little balance to it.  I like this book–and want Pawpa to read the one by C. LeBeau.  🙂  He is starting on the H2O2 protocol in the book that he has me reading right now, and I do beleive it will do him great dog.  Pawpa is even giving it to the dog!   LOL.  That makes really good sense–except that he won’t put it in distilled water for the dog.  He wants Freckles to get the benefit of the H2O2 but isn’t worried about her getting a sore stomach!  It is rather funny.

Once I finish reading the hydrogen peroxide book today, I will continue reading Buhner’s “Healing Lyme” and Konlee’s “Immune Restoration Handbook” and also begin reading a book on the proof behind energy medicine that I borrowed from a chiropractor at the clinic where my chiro worked on me.  I need to ship that book back in 3 weeks…and want to learn all that I can from it until then!

I have spent long enough on here typing…Marie is wondering why I have abandoned her.

Carol Burnett, Laundry, and Medicine Shelf ReOrg

And I thought I wouldn’t have much energy today.  But thankfully I felt good.  I also feel like my brain is working!  Love it!!

Eric of LymeBites posted a great article he wrote today (in the midst of a horrible herx!!  You people that can write cogently while herxing amaze me!!) on gratitude:  http://lymebites.com/blog/2010/06/13/i-really-hope-oprah-is-not-reading-this-but-id-be-grateful-if-she-were/

I watched about 3 hours of Carol Burnett with the famiyl tonight, and about died laughing!  I’ve washed 4 loads of laundry.  Now wait a minute, I didn’t say I folded it, but it is washed and clean!  I did hang up some clothes I had laying around too.  And I reorganized my whole entire medicine shelf (three shelves!!) .  I have a system for this, and well….since I and the family regularly are digging through all the supplements, once every 2 or three months, it is necessary to gather all the supplements that aren’t still being used from around the house and get them all back in order.   like it when I kno where the stuff is…makes life so much easier!!  🙂

I feel like organization is happening in my bedroom…and I know the bedroom’s level of organization reflects my brain’s efficiency.  I’m proud to say that my room is reflecting my recent clarity of mind!  Ok books are in some piles…papers are everywhere.  But the floor is mostly clear, just in serious need of vacuuming.  But at least all my junk is in stacks by subject category…and the clothes are put away.  I also actually have my shoes in a rack…that is a big deal.

I’m exhausted now, as it got late so quickly, but I am amazed and thankful I had so much energy today!  My sleep last night was strange.  I posted on the Lyme Insomnia wall:

“For three nights I have had finnicky sleep. Still decent rest but kept rolling over and waking up in pain, and have consistently been sweaty in my sleep the past three nights.

Last night, from 10:30 pm-3am I was sleeping off/on, restless, strange dream-consciousness state. Instead of slightly damp with sweat as I had been the prev two nights…this time I would feel a drips of sweat roll and my PJs were wet to the touch. Woke up at 3am and couldn’t fall back asleep till 4:30am, despite laying there trying, praying, and meditating. Finally fell asleep, no more sweating and slept till 9:15. Feel fine today.”

On Thursday I used that toxis high gloss enamel paint to paint my door and doorframe to my closet.  It made me feel slightly weaker at first, but later that afternoon my organs began hurting.  The same kind of hurt that was going on when my doctor told me I had to deal with formaldehyde toxicity, but it was much milder–downright ignorable.  My first night of strange sleep was that night.  I was at least wise enough to sleep downstairs, away from drying paint fumes!  But like I said my sleep was slightly finnicky, I slept somewhat restlessly, and sweated enough to be a little damp under the covers.  Sometime in the middle of that night I woke up with my back neck and organs in much worse pain.  I rolled over and fell right back asleep, but proceeded to dream that I was searching for the supplement that helped my kidneys not hurt.  That was strange…as I was searching through Pastor Joe’s library for it, exploring sort of because the library was in what had been a restaurant(the restaurant I dreamed of is literally in walking distance from my LLMD’s clinic!).  Quite a place to explore but even in my sleep, my organ pain was part of my dream.

I felt lower energy the next day, Friday.  Didn’t have the energy to push for sauna on top of our busy schedule to prepare for the soap sale on Saturday, and we had spent the whole morning at the cell phone store.  We did the family cell phone upgrade and I LOVE my new phone:  the Samsung Intensity!   I was too dehydrated to go do sauna anyway, I realized that evening.  So I started drinking a good amount of my mineral water.  I sweated mildly that night, and the organ pain in my sleep was more tolerable.

On Saturday morning I got up and worked on soap labeling.  I got furious when the designated meal fixer didn’t fix oatmeal or something decent as I had suggested, but had made GM grits instead!!!  I asked him to fix me muesli, after all I was the workhorse getitng the soap stuff together…I needed to eat!  I was frustrated then but not furious.  30 minutes later I was in a true fury, because he hadn’t fixed it.  I went in the kitchen and made it myself.  Thankfully those thirty minutes of wrath were fueled not by sheer impatience and hunger but a sudden change in hormonal levels as well.  Within minutes of my outburst of wrath, my period started–finally.   As soon as I ate I felt better and was ashamed of my behaviour.  Got my shower and got ready to go to the soap sale.  By then I was cramping a bit, so grabbed a couple supplements to help with that.  I’m amazed—it was first day of my period and I hadn’t had pain so tolerable (still the occasional groan or need to hold my hand on my abdomen) since December, when the Lyme relapse had put me in bed for 2 weeks.  I was functioning and functioning well on the typical worst day of my cycle!

We sold a little soap, and a lady who also had a table at the sale gave me a free chair massage.  🙂  The was nice and gave me a needed boost of energy.  She was good to be gentle and deal with pressure points and tightness but not absolutely murder me with the massaging pressure. I have an appointment set up with her for next Monday…at my house, and a coupon that makes it affordabl!!!  WOW!  She also gave me info on Reiki lessons–will write that down during my appt with her, as Reiki is helpful for pain and balancing the enrgy flow.

After the soap sale, we ate dinner:  adobo chickin and plantain fried in olive oil.  Then I went to the sauna spent 55 min in there, took a short break and went in for oh 5-10 min longer??

Last time I had been to the sauna I had gotten sweating good by the time I had bene in there for 20 minutes…but then about 40 minutes in, my sweating completely dried up, and the cycle started over again but much more quickly.  by 10 minutes later I had a good sheen of sweat on me again–then I got out.

This time…..I was sweating good by 15 minutes in–the dripping really detoxing good sweat, and I sweated the whole entire time.  I wonder if I reached a detox point in the last sauna that reset my body to let me release toxins better???  Who knows.  My organ pain was certainly reduced by the time I got out of there.  I was still having my period cramps, but my liver, spleen and kidneys were much happier creatures!!

saturday night I finished reading Cure Unknown.  I will return it to the library tomorrow.

Pastor John’s sermon was wonderful today, about The Holy Spirit interceding for us from within as we pray, and Christ interceeding from the right hand of God the father.  It was a wonderful sermon…and good to show us that Christ’s prayers and the Holy Spirit’s prayers on our behalf are always perfectly consistent with God’s will, bringing good the most glory and me the most benefit, even if it is not what I personally would have desired.  It really was wonderful.  After the sermon we all had lunch together, and the fellowship was sweet.

I also especially enjoyed the watermelon, which I ate for dessert instead of the petro chemical tasting fudge brownies sitting right beside it.  The Lyme was telling me to eat the brownies.  I ate the tiniest little crumb, just to help my logic overpower the craving.  I had already tasted the watermelon–it was incomparably better than the brownies and so I felt very satisfied that I ate soemthing so ehalthy for dessert on a sunday.  If I am wise…I will begin to regularly bring a fruit with me to church to eat as my dessert while everyone else eats whatever the want.

Off to bed with my late little self!  I’m so excited for this trip to Ga, we get to stay until Sunday, which means that I get to see all of the beloved B family!  YAY…I get to see my “family in Ga”

Love and sweet dreams.

Up Late

Being bad…I’m up late.  LOL..I’m actually tired and believe I can sleep.  I’m getting addicted again to doing a Sudoku before I go to sleep, which is nice.  But if you know me, this means I will be working on it till I literally see double.  LOL.

Yesterday I did the official final talk with the insurance of the guy who rear-ended us last year.  The settlement has been finalized and PTL, I will have enough money to buy the material to make a Doug Coil Machine!!!!  I’m am sooo excited about this.  I’m reading a PDF that tells exactly how.  It escapes my mind, but maybe I’ll get it once I’ve read it three times.  I can also ask the electrician in our church to let me borrow the tools that we don’t own…that will lower cost I believe.  Maybe if he would read the instructions and not want to improvise anything, he could help me build this device that he is bound to be skeptical about, LOL!!  I still have to get my book “The Body Electric” back from him…who knows, he may come around and believe this isn’t absolute quackery.  I can’t believe I’m actually going to build my own!!  I’m going to get my 2 brothers to watch as well.  One is a complete geek Lyme who would benefit if he would learn about rifing, and the other is a strapping healthy intuitive construction “worker” who wants to get his degree in aerospace engineering (pray he survives the math!).  Put them together…and me, and this could be another incredible homeschool feat.  Or rather the feat of 2 homeschool alumni and it will be the Lymie geek’s senior project.  Oh gosh…should I be saying this publicly before they even know???  I think they’ll be interested enough to at least draw up the machine in a CAD program!!

Also plan on getting in the Lyme and Rife Yahoo group, reading Rosner’s Rife book and getting that Rife handbook.  Those will be improtant, of course.

So I got all inspired by having my lovely Kiwi Splash colored Paint.  I think I will go for a gentle purple tinted coordinating color….I think it is called Magical Mist?  LOL.

In my inspiration, I pulled out our excess stores of high gloss enamel white to do the doorframe and door of my closet…so that I won’t have to worry with that.  YOW.  The higher the gloss…the more painful the paint.  The sauna had gotten rid of my organ pain for the most part.  The pain in my  my liver, spleen and kidneys is back after exposure to the high gloss enamel…eeek.

I am doing sauna tomorrow, and I’m done playing with that paint.  It is still fuming out so I will not allow myself ot go unconscious where the drying paint odor is strong.  Nonetheless I like have something absolutely completed.  I will buy the no-VOCs paint and have it tinted the Magical Mist color to reduce my toxic exposure.  Obviously, I should avoid even painting with the high gloss enamel.  Perhaps I can ask mom to pain that part of my room, bc I don’t think I can afford anything more that $20 on paint, and 2 gallons of the light purple will likely be that expensive.  If not…I will hope I can get the no VOC to do the rest of my room.  Then it will simply be a matter of avoiding being the one required to paint the other trimwork in our house.

I did manage to be GFCF today.  I was going for CF, but GF just “happened.”  One day is better than none!  Plan on keeping up the CF for a while.  I was doing too much of the protein shake that is made with whey and casein.  I want my body to be able to handle 4 days of drinking that once a day during the Conference, so I should be careful.  I need that to be a decent food without making me ill, will test and see if NAETing the shake mix would do me good.

Getting excited about the trip to Ga.  We know where we are going to stay!  YAY, thanks a MILLION B’s, and I’m so hoping we get to see yall before we head out of town!  Just getting to stay for the concert at CovenantPC will be a major treat…

Pray I can sleep…I’m downstairs tonight to avoid paint fumes, and mom is still watching Parry Mason.  On her computer.  Our house carries sound, and I don’t have earplugs.  My ears are a bit watery deep inside…ear plugs wouldn’t be good to do on top of that anyway.

Have lots of soap wrapping to do tomorrow.  We will be at Vitamin Shoppe at their 1 year anniversary thing on Saturday and will be selling our natural soap.  🙂  YAY.  A lot to do tomorrow–the soap work, keeping my room airing out, going to do sauna, mom wanting me to cook a meal when we don’t even own an onion–but a fridgeful of cream cheese, butter, and cheeses.  I’m jsut glad thaat most has voweed for herself to not buy any more creams or cow cheeses once we run out of what we’ve got.  I will just dream that I have a CF kitchen in the meantime.

Going to bed now.

The Summer Lineup!

Wow, things are getting busy, and fast!!!

We are headed to Ga on the 15th for a couple quick medical appointments.  Then we head back on the 20th.  This will be nice…Mom will get what she needs.  And she, my brother and I will be seeing our favorite chiropractor.  This chiropractor has done me a world of good, and I would honestly say that he saved me from having to go to the ER…maybe even saved my life.  We are also hoping to see someone who does energy work, but we’ll see.  I’m kind of bummered that I won’t get to see my LLMD, or the B family.  Thankfully I’m doign ok right now…so there isn’t great need to see my LLMD.  But…regarding the B’s:  I want to see Dylan so badly!  I want to hear him curiously asking questions, and get to answer those questions.  And I want to tease Logan and hear his crazy guitar; and give Anna a hug and play with Dixie and her.  But they’re not gonna be there.  Oh well.  There will be things to do, and it will be a very fast trip.

On the 22 we head to Bluefield for the family Bible conference.  I ahve to come up with an eating battle plan and recipes.  The cafeteria food served there has been bad for 4 years.  It sends the Lyme raging, and I am regularly put in pure agony, physically and mentally, by the malnutrition.  The conference itself and the people there are like heaven on earth….so I must make the food situation something to sustain heaven on earth for 4 days.  I’m bringing the mixer, a crockpot, necessary food prep tools, and some prepared veggies, some fresh fruit, and the big thing of protein shake mix.  We’ll get meat and other foodstuffs from the grocery store.  I will be relying heavily on Kim’s food site:  affairs of Living.  Her raw summer soups look AMAZING, and will make excellent lunches and breakfasts for the family.

After conference I will stay with my friends for a day or two, and then my grandparent will take me to their house in WV.  I will spend about 2 weeks with them: helping out, relaxing, etc.  Then, I will be taking care of my (step)great grandmother for a full 2 weeks while my grandparents go on a much needed vacation!  I’m getting paid a small amount for this.  Some money is better than none at all, and I am more than happy to help my grandparents and great grandmother!!!  I will be  in WV for an entire month, wow!!!  Between the money from this job and the money from the insurance settlement from the whiplash last year, I should have enough to build my own Rife machine!!!

I would love to come back from that trip with a job.  I am praying that either working for my LLMD will become possible, or that any job I’ve applied for in my hometown will come through!!!

Today I helped our friend Kay do organizing work in her classroom.  We moved a lot of furniture around and stuff.  After this she went to the local chiropractor, Naylor.  I see him for acupuncture…when I can afford it and I really need it!  🙂  Want to do get some chiropractic care, but I’m out of money, LOL.

After this Mom and Kay and I went to Mellow Mushroom.  Oh YUMMY!!!  Mom and I shared a Mystery Tour (?) specialty pie that we had made into a calzone.  Che amore per mia anima, hehe!!!

Once we got home from this relaxing girl’s afternoon out, I went to the sauna.  I was in there for 45-50 minutes.  Started sweating really good at about 15 minutes, and was good and drippy until about 35 minute in.  Then all of a sudden my skin got dry, almost as if the sweat had dried, and slowly I began to sweat again as if I’d just gotten in the sauna.  By the time I got out I was just beginning to drip again.  Sipped water the whole time, and feel good.

Mom is making a batch of soap right now because we have friends coming over tomorrow to watch how we make it, and cut it into individual bars.  I help with  cutting it and packing and shipping, for the most part, because the basement is where the soap is made…and the basement makes me sick.  So I stay upstairs.

Anyway…her tool for swirling a batch of soap had gone missing.  Just after I finished with sauna, Mom and Dad picked me up. We went to Home Depot and Lowe’s in search for a replacement soap swirler.  Nothing there; what we use is originally made for painting.  so we were roaming the paint section.  At Home Depot…there was nothing very interesting.

When we were at Lowe’s we glanced at the mis-mixed paints.  Dad found one that will do good for window trim on the outside of the house.  It needs a touchup!  I wanted to see what he was looking at, and went over to that section.  A can of paint had the PERFECT color for about 1/3 of the walls of my bedroom!!!! $5 = SOLD.  I absolutely love the color.

I’d been wanting to paint my bedroom.  I painted my closet a pretty yellow back in February.  I had been wondering what color to paint my bedroom.  A friend suggested a lime green type color.  She wasn’t joking, or playing on the fact that I have Lyme.  It is seriously a good color, and should play well with the yellow in my closet.  This “mismatch” paint is GORGEOUS!  I was searching for a color chip that was the same color as this “custom” mismix.  I found something kind-of close, and used that with the actual finger smudge of paint on the can to search for a coordinating color chip.  I found a few options.  Upon turning around to walk to the register, I spotted what must be the EXACT color of this paint.  It is called “Kiwi Splotch”.  I grabbed the color chip.  I am thrilled.  It is a matter now of having 2 gallons mixed of the coordinating color, and painting!

I’ve continued reading a lot.  🙂  About to finish “Cure Unknown”, continuing through “Idols of the Heart.”  Can’t wait to start into Healing Lyme and The Lyme disease solution!  I think I will put a relaxing book between those final two highly intellectual Lyme books!  Perhaps I shall bury my nose in something by Augusta Jane Evans.  Something historical would be lovely indeed.

Hello again

Dear Blog, I really don’t feel like writing in you!  Not right now.  I want to just be outside enjoying the weather or reading a book, or cooking a meal with my energy!

I’ve been feeling good for a little while. 🙂  But I really don’t feel like writing, that is why I’m haven’t posted as much.  I need to back up and tell you about the whole week!

Well, I figured I should say exactly what I taking.  I realized when I read in Rosner’s 2008 Annual Lyme Disease Update about using your blog to track even what you are taking that this was important.  The very next day a few Lyme friends updated their lists of what they are taking!  I knew I should.  So….here goes!

  • Melatonin, approx every other night. 2-3mg
  • Baicalin, 800mg almost every day
  • Sovereign Silver, 8-12 nasal sprays or 2 droppers in water, approx every other evening
  • B-Complex, 2-6 pills almost every day
  • PB8, 3-6 caps about every other day.
  • Omica Minerals, 2-4 droppers — or ConcenTrace 20-30 drops, aqbout once every 2 or 3 days.

Also should list grapefruit, as I’ve been having a lot of that– about one every other day.  Craving chocolate, but it is about time for my cycle.  I’ve started drinking a natural protein shake thing.  I like that when made with rice milk or water, some extra cocoa powder added in, and sometimes 1/2 and avocade added to it.  YUM.  The food details are important, I think…especially for the foods I’m repeating.

Now that that’s done with…to catch you all up!

Last Monday, my last posting, I started myself doing Superbrain Yoga.  I think this is important!!  It does help me think clearer, and I have more energy.  Even if the effect is minimal for my energy, it is certainly helpful for focus!  I also got stung by a bee on Monday, which led to my feeling good until Thursday!  My joint pain was indeed quelled for 2 days.

Tuesday, my legs muscles were sore, but I felt good energy wise and thinking wise.  I got to talk to my friend Heather for a bit.  I don’t know what else, LOL.

Wednesday, I went to do Sauna.  The Y membership ends on the 15th 😦 .   So, since my weight is stable again at 131 and since I have been sleeping so wonderfully, I decided to dive back into the sauna…  I was in there for 35-40 minutes?  at 140 degrees.  I was glad to get to sweat some.  It was nice.  I felt good afterwards too.  I was obviously tolerating it better.  My mom found “Cure Unkown” at the Y!!  She came with me…and as Iw as getitng dressed she saw the book on the bookshelf.  I had left it last time I had done sauna, when I was so exhausted and sleep deprived that had probably a 4k short-term memory!  I was so happy to have that book back…so I could finish reading it and then return it to the school library!

I finally ordered my Safe Space on Wednesday, it’s an EMF protection device…  My doc had told me I needed to do something to clear the EMF, shielding my room from the wifi bombardment, so I would sleep better.  I’m doing alright with my bit of hematite and copper, but I knew have broader protection would be good.  Thankfully my friend tested and said that the Safe Space would be a good one for me.  It was the least expensive one, and the site said it showed the protective effects via heart rate variability testing and several forms of kinesiological testing, and has a 30-day money back guarantee.  I was happy with that…and if it didn’t do any good for me in 30 days, or made me feel worse, I could return it!

Thursday, we went to Wytheville to meet with my grandparents in order to pick my brother up from his time with them.  He had spent a week up in WV helping my Pawpa get the yard looking good and simplifying the landscape so that my Pawpa (who is almost 80) could take care of it without being so exhausted.  I woke up feel really and good, and was enjoying my level of mental clarity.  Even though the ride was BEAUTIFUL, the turns in the mountain roads were beginning to make me motion sick.  Then a headache set in.  I felt a little icky by the time we were at the Cracker Barrel, but I kind of bounded back, because we were taking anymore turns!  Then on the way home…I just got feeling worse and worse and worse.  I went home and I felt like crap.  That morning, when I had been feeling good…and not expecting the trip to take me down, I had tested that I didn’t need any colloidal silver or Baicalin that day.  When I got home from the trip…all I wanted to do was go to bed.  I tested myself to see if I needed anything.  I needed to up my dose of baicalin from 600mg to 800mg, and I needed the colloidal silver!  Crazy.  I assume it was because of the motionsickness and the changes in altitude that brought all my mean critters out of their hiding places.

Friday…I felt like crap.  I just wanted to sleep.  My joint pain was back with a roar.  Did I say I jsut wnated to sleep.  I couldn’t think at all that day.  I was so tired that I didn’t bother to do my minute of Superbrain Yoga.  That evening my big toe had an annoying itch as I was trying to go to sleep.

Saturday, I felt good again!  Ahh….so thankful for that.  My Safe Space got here too.  That was fast.  🙂  My brother and mom and dad were working on the yard.  I got my summer/winter clothes changed out, FINALLY.  We watched “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”  Retarded movie.  I got bored at the joke this thing was halfway through and got on Facebook.  That night before bed I began to read “My Stroke of Insight.”  That is an interesting little book, very insightful and enjoyable.  My toe was itchy when I got up that morning but I tried to ignore and did just fine.  It flaired up again before I went to sleep.

Sunday was a really good Lord’s Day.  🙂  After a good sermon.  My pastor even mentioned that ticks and mosquitoes natures were changed in the fall.  I’d considered mosquitoes…after all they only go for blood when try to reproduce, because then they need the protein, otherwise they will go for fruitt nectar.  But I’d never considered that with ticks.  So guess what Lymies? I’ve got some news for you: there will be ticks in heaven, but they will be vegan.  LOL.  This of course was just a tiny sideline of the sermon; the sermon was actually about focusing on Christ and the eternal life we have in him….which will give us a fearlessness to face anything that comes our way here.  The fact the we have life eternal in Christ is to inspire us to action for God’s glory for here and now.  🙂  After church everyone had lunch together.  Then we went home and took a nap.  I finished reading “Stroke of Insight” instead.  It was too captivating to resist!  After that I went to the Y and got in the sauna.  Ahh.  Well actually at first it was ahh, and then I was like “Ugh!!!”  but then later on, I was like AHHHH….abotu the time I’d been sweating and dripping for about 10 minutes.  I had felt worse and worse, just the mild feeling of my germs being really mad at me and toxin were flying everywhere inside.  I was sipping my mineral-juice-water, cold, the entire time, so I knew it couldn’t be related to dehydration.  And then suddenly I felt AMAZING.  Just in a split second, I felt like the toxins had left my system.  I stayed in 5-10 min after that…and then got out,a dn immediately took my silver.  🙂  I felt good all afternoon and evening.  I took a walk after dark, it was gorgeous, then I stayed up late to watch a mystery with the family.  I slept well last night.  And that toe is still itching me…it’s only in the morning and evening!

And today…I still feel really good!!  🙂  Well, my toe is still itchy, and I’ve scratched it enough that a rash is apparent.  IDK what this thing is.  Maybe it’s just toxins coming to the surface.  It look like poison Ivy, but no blistering and I haven’t been in contact with it.  So that is really odd.  I am going to do something about my sandals, just in case it is something irritating my skin that is now on my sandal.  But LOL…this thing is sooo ignorable.  Anyway, I felt good today too.  I even made GF ginger snaps!  YUM!!  going to the store to get some ingredients for dinner drained me though.  It completely zoned me out and gave me a headache.  I began feeling a bit better again though about 30 minutes after getting home.  Once I got home I made dinner, teriyaki steak.  Homemade, and the soy sauce was organic.  Sadly I don’t know the origins of the beef.  Mom helped put the kale in the pot to steam, to complement the teriyake steak.  Despite the unknown origins of that cow, that meal resolved the rest of my grocery-store-zone-out.  I’m sitting here with mom…she’s reading her soap forum, reading it out loud and laughing so hard.  Those soap people are funny.

Oh one thing I could ask you people about.  I’ve had this funny symptoms going on for WEEKS now:  random sneeze and then my eye lid or facial muscles around my eye will immediately start twitching.  My eye twitches randomly throughout the day, sneeze or no sneeze, but the sneeze will set it off.  At least it’s painless, but it’s sooo predictable LOL. Never used to have that one!!

WOW, I actualy wrote enough to make up for my week’s blogging absence, haha.  Bye now.