Hello again

Dear Blog, I really don’t feel like writing in you!  Not right now.  I want to just be outside enjoying the weather or reading a book, or cooking a meal with my energy!

I’ve been feeling good for a little while. 🙂  But I really don’t feel like writing, that is why I’m haven’t posted as much.  I need to back up and tell you about the whole week!

Well, I figured I should say exactly what I taking.  I realized when I read in Rosner’s 2008 Annual Lyme Disease Update about using your blog to track even what you are taking that this was important.  The very next day a few Lyme friends updated their lists of what they are taking!  I knew I should.  So….here goes!

  • Melatonin, approx every other night. 2-3mg
  • Baicalin, 800mg almost every day
  • Sovereign Silver, 8-12 nasal sprays or 2 droppers in water, approx every other evening
  • B-Complex, 2-6 pills almost every day
  • PB8, 3-6 caps about every other day.
  • Omica Minerals, 2-4 droppers — or ConcenTrace 20-30 drops, aqbout once every 2 or 3 days.

Also should list grapefruit, as I’ve been having a lot of that– about one every other day.  Craving chocolate, but it is about time for my cycle.  I’ve started drinking a natural protein shake thing.  I like that when made with rice milk or water, some extra cocoa powder added in, and sometimes 1/2 and avocade added to it.  YUM.  The food details are important, I think…especially for the foods I’m repeating.

Now that that’s done with…to catch you all up!

Last Monday, my last posting, I started myself doing Superbrain Yoga.  I think this is important!!  It does help me think clearer, and I have more energy.  Even if the effect is minimal for my energy, it is certainly helpful for focus!  I also got stung by a bee on Monday, which led to my feeling good until Thursday!  My joint pain was indeed quelled for 2 days.

Tuesday, my legs muscles were sore, but I felt good energy wise and thinking wise.  I got to talk to my friend Heather for a bit.  I don’t know what else, LOL.

Wednesday, I went to do Sauna.  The Y membership ends on the 15th 😦 .   So, since my weight is stable again at 131 and since I have been sleeping so wonderfully, I decided to dive back into the sauna…  I was in there for 35-40 minutes?  at 140 degrees.  I was glad to get to sweat some.  It was nice.  I felt good afterwards too.  I was obviously tolerating it better.  My mom found “Cure Unkown” at the Y!!  She came with me…and as Iw as getitng dressed she saw the book on the bookshelf.  I had left it last time I had done sauna, when I was so exhausted and sleep deprived that had probably a 4k short-term memory!  I was so happy to have that book back…so I could finish reading it and then return it to the school library!

I finally ordered my Safe Space on Wednesday, it’s an EMF protection device…  My doc had told me I needed to do something to clear the EMF, shielding my room from the wifi bombardment, so I would sleep better.  I’m doing alright with my bit of hematite and copper, but I knew have broader protection would be good.  Thankfully my friend tested and said that the Safe Space would be a good one for me.  It was the least expensive one, and the site said it showed the protective effects via heart rate variability testing and several forms of kinesiological testing, and has a 30-day money back guarantee.  I was happy with that…and if it didn’t do any good for me in 30 days, or made me feel worse, I could return it!

Thursday, we went to Wytheville to meet with my grandparents in order to pick my brother up from his time with them.  He had spent a week up in WV helping my Pawpa get the yard looking good and simplifying the landscape so that my Pawpa (who is almost 80) could take care of it without being so exhausted.  I woke up feel really and good, and was enjoying my level of mental clarity.  Even though the ride was BEAUTIFUL, the turns in the mountain roads were beginning to make me motion sick.  Then a headache set in.  I felt a little icky by the time we were at the Cracker Barrel, but I kind of bounded back, because we were taking anymore turns!  Then on the way home…I just got feeling worse and worse and worse.  I went home and I felt like crap.  That morning, when I had been feeling good…and not expecting the trip to take me down, I had tested that I didn’t need any colloidal silver or Baicalin that day.  When I got home from the trip…all I wanted to do was go to bed.  I tested myself to see if I needed anything.  I needed to up my dose of baicalin from 600mg to 800mg, and I needed the colloidal silver!  Crazy.  I assume it was because of the motionsickness and the changes in altitude that brought all my mean critters out of their hiding places.

Friday…I felt like crap.  I just wanted to sleep.  My joint pain was back with a roar.  Did I say I jsut wnated to sleep.  I couldn’t think at all that day.  I was so tired that I didn’t bother to do my minute of Superbrain Yoga.  That evening my big toe had an annoying itch as I was trying to go to sleep.

Saturday, I felt good again!  Ahh….so thankful for that.  My Safe Space got here too.  That was fast.  🙂  My brother and mom and dad were working on the yard.  I got my summer/winter clothes changed out, FINALLY.  We watched “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”  Retarded movie.  I got bored at the joke this thing was halfway through and got on Facebook.  That night before bed I began to read “My Stroke of Insight.”  That is an interesting little book, very insightful and enjoyable.  My toe was itchy when I got up that morning but I tried to ignore and did just fine.  It flaired up again before I went to sleep.

Sunday was a really good Lord’s Day.  🙂  After a good sermon.  My pastor even mentioned that ticks and mosquitoes natures were changed in the fall.  I’d considered mosquitoes…after all they only go for blood when try to reproduce, because then they need the protein, otherwise they will go for fruitt nectar.  But I’d never considered that with ticks.  So guess what Lymies? I’ve got some news for you: there will be ticks in heaven, but they will be vegan.  LOL.  This of course was just a tiny sideline of the sermon; the sermon was actually about focusing on Christ and the eternal life we have in him….which will give us a fearlessness to face anything that comes our way here.  The fact the we have life eternal in Christ is to inspire us to action for God’s glory for here and now.  🙂  After church everyone had lunch together.  Then we went home and took a nap.  I finished reading “Stroke of Insight” instead.  It was too captivating to resist!  After that I went to the Y and got in the sauna.  Ahh.  Well actually at first it was ahh, and then I was like “Ugh!!!”  but then later on, I was like AHHHH….abotu the time I’d been sweating and dripping for about 10 minutes.  I had felt worse and worse, just the mild feeling of my germs being really mad at me and toxin were flying everywhere inside.  I was sipping my mineral-juice-water, cold, the entire time, so I knew it couldn’t be related to dehydration.  And then suddenly I felt AMAZING.  Just in a split second, I felt like the toxins had left my system.  I stayed in 5-10 min after that…and then got out,a dn immediately took my silver.  🙂  I felt good all afternoon and evening.  I took a walk after dark, it was gorgeous, then I stayed up late to watch a mystery with the family.  I slept well last night.  And that toe is still itching me…it’s only in the morning and evening!

And today…I still feel really good!!  🙂  Well, my toe is still itchy, and I’ve scratched it enough that a rash is apparent.  IDK what this thing is.  Maybe it’s just toxins coming to the surface.  It look like poison Ivy, but no blistering and I haven’t been in contact with it.  So that is really odd.  I am going to do something about my sandals, just in case it is something irritating my skin that is now on my sandal.  But LOL…this thing is sooo ignorable.  Anyway, I felt good today too.  I even made GF ginger snaps!  YUM!!  going to the store to get some ingredients for dinner drained me though.  It completely zoned me out and gave me a headache.  I began feeling a bit better again though about 30 minutes after getting home.  Once I got home I made dinner, teriyaki steak.  Homemade, and the soy sauce was organic.  Sadly I don’t know the origins of the beef.  Mom helped put the kale in the pot to steam, to complement the teriyake steak.  Despite the unknown origins of that cow, that meal resolved the rest of my grocery-store-zone-out.  I’m sitting here with mom…she’s reading her soap forum, reading it out loud and laughing so hard.  Those soap people are funny.

Oh one thing I could ask you people about.  I’ve had this funny symptoms going on for WEEKS now:  random sneeze and then my eye lid or facial muscles around my eye will immediately start twitching.  My eye twitches randomly throughout the day, sneeze or no sneeze, but the sneeze will set it off.  At least it’s painless, but it’s sooo predictable LOL. Never used to have that one!!

WOW, I actualy wrote enough to make up for my week’s blogging absence, haha.  Bye now.


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