The Summer Lineup!

Wow, things are getting busy, and fast!!!

We are headed to Ga on the 15th for a couple quick medical appointments.  Then we head back on the 20th.  This will be nice…Mom will get what she needs.  And she, my brother and I will be seeing our favorite chiropractor.  This chiropractor has done me a world of good, and I would honestly say that he saved me from having to go to the ER…maybe even saved my life.  We are also hoping to see someone who does energy work, but we’ll see.  I’m kind of bummered that I won’t get to see my LLMD, or the B family.  Thankfully I’m doign ok right now…so there isn’t great need to see my LLMD.  But…regarding the B’s:  I want to see Dylan so badly!  I want to hear him curiously asking questions, and get to answer those questions.  And I want to tease Logan and hear his crazy guitar; and give Anna a hug and play with Dixie and her.  But they’re not gonna be there.  Oh well.  There will be things to do, and it will be a very fast trip.

On the 22 we head to Bluefield for the family Bible conference.  I ahve to come up with an eating battle plan and recipes.  The cafeteria food served there has been bad for 4 years.  It sends the Lyme raging, and I am regularly put in pure agony, physically and mentally, by the malnutrition.  The conference itself and the people there are like heaven on earth….so I must make the food situation something to sustain heaven on earth for 4 days.  I’m bringing the mixer, a crockpot, necessary food prep tools, and some prepared veggies, some fresh fruit, and the big thing of protein shake mix.  We’ll get meat and other foodstuffs from the grocery store.  I will be relying heavily on Kim’s food site:  affairs of Living.  Her raw summer soups look AMAZING, and will make excellent lunches and breakfasts for the family.

After conference I will stay with my friends for a day or two, and then my grandparent will take me to their house in WV.  I will spend about 2 weeks with them: helping out, relaxing, etc.  Then, I will be taking care of my (step)great grandmother for a full 2 weeks while my grandparents go on a much needed vacation!  I’m getting paid a small amount for this.  Some money is better than none at all, and I am more than happy to help my grandparents and great grandmother!!!  I will be  in WV for an entire month, wow!!!  Between the money from this job and the money from the insurance settlement from the whiplash last year, I should have enough to build my own Rife machine!!!

I would love to come back from that trip with a job.  I am praying that either working for my LLMD will become possible, or that any job I’ve applied for in my hometown will come through!!!

Today I helped our friend Kay do organizing work in her classroom.  We moved a lot of furniture around and stuff.  After this she went to the local chiropractor, Naylor.  I see him for acupuncture…when I can afford it and I really need it!  🙂  Want to do get some chiropractic care, but I’m out of money, LOL.

After this Mom and Kay and I went to Mellow Mushroom.  Oh YUMMY!!!  Mom and I shared a Mystery Tour (?) specialty pie that we had made into a calzone.  Che amore per mia anima, hehe!!!

Once we got home from this relaxing girl’s afternoon out, I went to the sauna.  I was in there for 45-50 minutes.  Started sweating really good at about 15 minutes, and was good and drippy until about 35 minute in.  Then all of a sudden my skin got dry, almost as if the sweat had dried, and slowly I began to sweat again as if I’d just gotten in the sauna.  By the time I got out I was just beginning to drip again.  Sipped water the whole time, and feel good.

Mom is making a batch of soap right now because we have friends coming over tomorrow to watch how we make it, and cut it into individual bars.  I help with  cutting it and packing and shipping, for the most part, because the basement is where the soap is made…and the basement makes me sick.  So I stay upstairs.

Anyway…her tool for swirling a batch of soap had gone missing.  Just after I finished with sauna, Mom and Dad picked me up. We went to Home Depot and Lowe’s in search for a replacement soap swirler.  Nothing there; what we use is originally made for painting.  so we were roaming the paint section.  At Home Depot…there was nothing very interesting.

When we were at Lowe’s we glanced at the mis-mixed paints.  Dad found one that will do good for window trim on the outside of the house.  It needs a touchup!  I wanted to see what he was looking at, and went over to that section.  A can of paint had the PERFECT color for about 1/3 of the walls of my bedroom!!!! $5 = SOLD.  I absolutely love the color.

I’d been wanting to paint my bedroom.  I painted my closet a pretty yellow back in February.  I had been wondering what color to paint my bedroom.  A friend suggested a lime green type color.  She wasn’t joking, or playing on the fact that I have Lyme.  It is seriously a good color, and should play well with the yellow in my closet.  This “mismatch” paint is GORGEOUS!  I was searching for a color chip that was the same color as this “custom” mismix.  I found something kind-of close, and used that with the actual finger smudge of paint on the can to search for a coordinating color chip.  I found a few options.  Upon turning around to walk to the register, I spotted what must be the EXACT color of this paint.  It is called “Kiwi Splotch”.  I grabbed the color chip.  I am thrilled.  It is a matter now of having 2 gallons mixed of the coordinating color, and painting!

I’ve continued reading a lot.  🙂  About to finish “Cure Unknown”, continuing through “Idols of the Heart.”  Can’t wait to start into Healing Lyme and The Lyme disease solution!  I think I will put a relaxing book between those final two highly intellectual Lyme books!  Perhaps I shall bury my nose in something by Augusta Jane Evans.  Something historical would be lovely indeed.


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