Up Late

Being bad…I’m up late.  LOL..I’m actually tired and believe I can sleep.  I’m getting addicted again to doing a Sudoku before I go to sleep, which is nice.  But if you know me, this means I will be working on it till I literally see double.  LOL.

Yesterday I did the official final talk with the insurance of the guy who rear-ended us last year.  The settlement has been finalized and PTL, I will have enough money to buy the material to make a Doug Coil Machine!!!!  I’m am sooo excited about this.  I’m reading a PDF that tells exactly how.  It escapes my mind, but maybe I’ll get it once I’ve read it three times.  I can also ask the electrician in our church to let me borrow the tools that we don’t own…that will lower cost I believe.  Maybe if he would read the instructions and not want to improvise anything, he could help me build this device that he is bound to be skeptical about, LOL!!  I still have to get my book “The Body Electric” back from him…who knows, he may come around and believe this isn’t absolute quackery.  I can’t believe I’m actually going to build my own!!  I’m going to get my 2 brothers to watch as well.  One is a complete geek Lyme who would benefit if he would learn about rifing, and the other is a strapping healthy intuitive construction “worker” who wants to get his degree in aerospace engineering (pray he survives the math!).  Put them together…and me, and this could be another incredible homeschool feat.  Or rather the feat of 2 homeschool alumni and it will be the Lymie geek’s senior project.  Oh gosh…should I be saying this publicly before they even know???  I think they’ll be interested enough to at least draw up the machine in a CAD program!!

Also plan on getting in the Lyme and Rife Yahoo group, reading Rosner’s Rife book and getting that Rife handbook.  Those will be improtant, of course.

So I got all inspired by having my lovely Kiwi Splash colored Paint.  I think I will go for a gentle purple tinted coordinating color….I think it is called Magical Mist?  LOL.

In my inspiration, I pulled out our excess stores of high gloss enamel white to do the doorframe and door of my closet…so that I won’t have to worry with that.  YOW.  The higher the gloss…the more painful the paint.  The sauna had gotten rid of my organ pain for the most part.  The pain in my  my liver, spleen and kidneys is back after exposure to the high gloss enamel…eeek.

I am doing sauna tomorrow, and I’m done playing with that paint.  It is still fuming out so I will not allow myself ot go unconscious where the drying paint odor is strong.  Nonetheless I like have something absolutely completed.  I will buy the no-VOCs paint and have it tinted the Magical Mist color to reduce my toxic exposure.  Obviously, I should avoid even painting with the high gloss enamel.  Perhaps I can ask mom to pain that part of my room, bc I don’t think I can afford anything more that $20 on paint, and 2 gallons of the light purple will likely be that expensive.  If not…I will hope I can get the no VOC to do the rest of my room.  Then it will simply be a matter of avoiding being the one required to paint the other trimwork in our house.

I did manage to be GFCF today.  I was going for CF, but GF just “happened.”  One day is better than none!  Plan on keeping up the CF for a while.  I was doing too much of the protein shake that is made with whey and casein.  I want my body to be able to handle 4 days of drinking that once a day during the Conference, so I should be careful.  I need that to be a decent food without making me ill, will test and see if NAETing the shake mix would do me good.

Getting excited about the trip to Ga.  We know where we are going to stay!  YAY, thanks a MILLION B’s, and I’m so hoping we get to see yall before we head out of town!  Just getting to stay for the concert at CovenantPC will be a major treat…

Pray I can sleep…I’m downstairs tonight to avoid paint fumes, and mom is still watching Parry Mason.  On her computer.  Our house carries sound, and I don’t have earplugs.  My ears are a bit watery deep inside…ear plugs wouldn’t be good to do on top of that anyway.

Have lots of soap wrapping to do tomorrow.  We will be at Vitamin Shoppe at their 1 year anniversary thing on Saturday and will be selling our natural soap.  🙂  YAY.  A lot to do tomorrow–the soap work, keeping my room airing out, going to do sauna, mom wanting me to cook a meal when we don’t even own an onion–but a fridgeful of cream cheese, butter, and cheeses.  I’m jsut glad thaat most has voweed for herself to not buy any more creams or cow cheeses once we run out of what we’ve got.  I will just dream that I have a CF kitchen in the meantime.

Going to bed now.


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