Carol Burnett, Laundry, and Medicine Shelf ReOrg

And I thought I wouldn’t have much energy today.  But thankfully I felt good.  I also feel like my brain is working!  Love it!!

Eric of LymeBites posted a great article he wrote today (in the midst of a horrible herx!!  You people that can write cogently while herxing amaze me!!) on gratitude:

I watched about 3 hours of Carol Burnett with the famiyl tonight, and about died laughing!  I’ve washed 4 loads of laundry.  Now wait a minute, I didn’t say I folded it, but it is washed and clean!  I did hang up some clothes I had laying around too.  And I reorganized my whole entire medicine shelf (three shelves!!) .  I have a system for this, and well….since I and the family regularly are digging through all the supplements, once every 2 or three months, it is necessary to gather all the supplements that aren’t still being used from around the house and get them all back in order.   like it when I kno where the stuff is…makes life so much easier!!  🙂

I feel like organization is happening in my bedroom…and I know the bedroom’s level of organization reflects my brain’s efficiency.  I’m proud to say that my room is reflecting my recent clarity of mind!  Ok books are in some piles…papers are everywhere.  But the floor is mostly clear, just in serious need of vacuuming.  But at least all my junk is in stacks by subject category…and the clothes are put away.  I also actually have my shoes in a rack…that is a big deal.

I’m exhausted now, as it got late so quickly, but I am amazed and thankful I had so much energy today!  My sleep last night was strange.  I posted on the Lyme Insomnia wall:

“For three nights I have had finnicky sleep. Still decent rest but kept rolling over and waking up in pain, and have consistently been sweaty in my sleep the past three nights.

Last night, from 10:30 pm-3am I was sleeping off/on, restless, strange dream-consciousness state. Instead of slightly damp with sweat as I had been the prev two nights…this time I would feel a drips of sweat roll and my PJs were wet to the touch. Woke up at 3am and couldn’t fall back asleep till 4:30am, despite laying there trying, praying, and meditating. Finally fell asleep, no more sweating and slept till 9:15. Feel fine today.”

On Thursday I used that toxis high gloss enamel paint to paint my door and doorframe to my closet.  It made me feel slightly weaker at first, but later that afternoon my organs began hurting.  The same kind of hurt that was going on when my doctor told me I had to deal with formaldehyde toxicity, but it was much milder–downright ignorable.  My first night of strange sleep was that night.  I was at least wise enough to sleep downstairs, away from drying paint fumes!  But like I said my sleep was slightly finnicky, I slept somewhat restlessly, and sweated enough to be a little damp under the covers.  Sometime in the middle of that night I woke up with my back neck and organs in much worse pain.  I rolled over and fell right back asleep, but proceeded to dream that I was searching for the supplement that helped my kidneys not hurt.  That was strange…as I was searching through Pastor Joe’s library for it, exploring sort of because the library was in what had been a restaurant(the restaurant I dreamed of is literally in walking distance from my LLMD’s clinic!).  Quite a place to explore but even in my sleep, my organ pain was part of my dream.

I felt lower energy the next day, Friday.  Didn’t have the energy to push for sauna on top of our busy schedule to prepare for the soap sale on Saturday, and we had spent the whole morning at the cell phone store.  We did the family cell phone upgrade and I LOVE my new phone:  the Samsung Intensity!   I was too dehydrated to go do sauna anyway, I realized that evening.  So I started drinking a good amount of my mineral water.  I sweated mildly that night, and the organ pain in my sleep was more tolerable.

On Saturday morning I got up and worked on soap labeling.  I got furious when the designated meal fixer didn’t fix oatmeal or something decent as I had suggested, but had made GM grits instead!!!  I asked him to fix me muesli, after all I was the workhorse getitng the soap stuff together…I needed to eat!  I was frustrated then but not furious.  30 minutes later I was in a true fury, because he hadn’t fixed it.  I went in the kitchen and made it myself.  Thankfully those thirty minutes of wrath were fueled not by sheer impatience and hunger but a sudden change in hormonal levels as well.  Within minutes of my outburst of wrath, my period started–finally.   As soon as I ate I felt better and was ashamed of my behaviour.  Got my shower and got ready to go to the soap sale.  By then I was cramping a bit, so grabbed a couple supplements to help with that.  I’m amazed—it was first day of my period and I hadn’t had pain so tolerable (still the occasional groan or need to hold my hand on my abdomen) since December, when the Lyme relapse had put me in bed for 2 weeks.  I was functioning and functioning well on the typical worst day of my cycle!

We sold a little soap, and a lady who also had a table at the sale gave me a free chair massage.  🙂  The was nice and gave me a needed boost of energy.  She was good to be gentle and deal with pressure points and tightness but not absolutely murder me with the massaging pressure. I have an appointment set up with her for next Monday…at my house, and a coupon that makes it affordabl!!!  WOW!  She also gave me info on Reiki lessons–will write that down during my appt with her, as Reiki is helpful for pain and balancing the enrgy flow.

After the soap sale, we ate dinner:  adobo chickin and plantain fried in olive oil.  Then I went to the sauna spent 55 min in there, took a short break and went in for oh 5-10 min longer??

Last time I had been to the sauna I had gotten sweating good by the time I had bene in there for 20 minutes…but then about 40 minutes in, my sweating completely dried up, and the cycle started over again but much more quickly.  by 10 minutes later I had a good sheen of sweat on me again–then I got out.

This time…..I was sweating good by 15 minutes in–the dripping really detoxing good sweat, and I sweated the whole entire time.  I wonder if I reached a detox point in the last sauna that reset my body to let me release toxins better???  Who knows.  My organ pain was certainly reduced by the time I got out of there.  I was still having my period cramps, but my liver, spleen and kidneys were much happier creatures!!

saturday night I finished reading Cure Unknown.  I will return it to the library tomorrow.

Pastor John’s sermon was wonderful today, about The Holy Spirit interceding for us from within as we pray, and Christ interceeding from the right hand of God the father.  It was a wonderful sermon…and good to show us that Christ’s prayers and the Holy Spirit’s prayers on our behalf are always perfectly consistent with God’s will, bringing good the most glory and me the most benefit, even if it is not what I personally would have desired.  It really was wonderful.  After the sermon we all had lunch together, and the fellowship was sweet.

I also especially enjoyed the watermelon, which I ate for dessert instead of the petro chemical tasting fudge brownies sitting right beside it.  The Lyme was telling me to eat the brownies.  I ate the tiniest little crumb, just to help my logic overpower the craving.  I had already tasted the watermelon–it was incomparably better than the brownies and so I felt very satisfied that I ate soemthing so ehalthy for dessert on a sunday.  If I am wise…I will begin to regularly bring a fruit with me to church to eat as my dessert while everyone else eats whatever the want.

Off to bed with my late little self!  I’m so excited for this trip to Ga, we get to stay until Sunday, which means that I get to see all of the beloved B family!  YAY…I get to see my “family in Ga”

Love and sweet dreams.


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