Getting You Up to Date

Hey there.  Sorry I haven’t posted in so long.  Thankfully I have been busy with trips for the most part and not being ill.

On the 15th Mom my brother and I went to Ga for appt.  Mom is SOO glad to have that done.  We didnt get to stay the weekend, but instead left for home on Saturday the 19th.  Iwas a little bummered about that–I didn’t get to see my dear “family from Ga”!

We all three had an appointment with who I think is the best chiro ever on Friday, the day before we headed back to NC.  He gave each of us the time we needed, it was really a blessing.  My brother’s issues have been whittled down wonderfully well.  When the chiro saw me…I was “all nozzed up”.  My neck was out, my pelvis was out, and I had been in a panic pattern (stuck in fight or flight mode) for 3 months solid.  He worked on all of this, told me to chillax for a few days and expect to be sore for 4 days.  He also told me to take a 2days break from all supplements and start back but on some different things.  What I had taken before–some I had used till the need for them was done, some were now testing as “indifferent,”  and one supplement my body wasn’t handling very well at all.  He told me that for right now “Less is more”

The first day, I was wondering “So, how do I relax?????”  I pulled out the novel, “Beulah,” by Augusta Jane Evans and began reading it.  It was wonderful to get lost in the 19th century.  It is the story about an orphan girl who grows up.  It is not at all like Anne of Green Gables, because Beulah–though also addicted to literature, is more practical.  Beulah also, unlike Anne, is determined to be independent and a burden on no one.  By the second day, I could feel my body truly relaxing, despite the fact that my chiro wasn’t kidding when he told me I would be sore!!!  OW!

Thankfully my neck isn’t popping as often, and it doesn’t jar at all anymore!  PTL for a good chiro–my neck had been SOOOO bad.  Maybe, just maybe I have my head on straight now, LOL.  My hips were what hurt tremendously and I felt like I had to be really careful becuase they hurt so much and would pop if I made any movement that had a twisting or turning element.  All my joints seemed to be reflecting the pain, and popping and snapping like crazy.  Day 2 was the worst, but then the soreness reduced and I felt good.  I was definitely calmer and relaxed, and I felt more stable and strong.  This good feeling once the soreness passed has continued for the most part.

My new supplement regimen is pretty simple:

  • B-Complex 100, 1 cap, 3x day
  • B-12 1000mcg , 1tab, 2x day
  • ConcenTrace, 10 drops, 1x day
  • Wobenzyme, 1 tab, 2xday, empty stomach.
  • Melatonin, 2mg before bed on occasion if my sleep quality has degraded.  I’ve only taken it 2 nights since the appointment…so about once every 5 days.

It was the Sovereign Silver that my body wasn’t handling well at all.  Who knows why…my schedule of it was 1/3 the dose on the bottle and that only once every 3 days–that made my dose of it 1/9th the normal dose!  Just doing something at the wrong time.  I think it had been helpful at some point but I used it well beyond the point of toleration and benefit.  The chiro said that the Baicalin had become neutral, and the melatonin was neutral too.  He said I had gotten the benefit out of the Omica Minerals…  YAY.  Even though the list of what I’m taking is much simpler…It is a challenge to do, because I just graze throughout the day, and I have to not eat for long enough to have an empty stomach for the Wobenzyme.  Bummer.  LOL, but the Wobenzyme does help a LOT.

Anyway, after getting home from the trip, we had a few people stay the night.  The plans became that My dad and brothers would go to the Conference on Tuesday, and Mom and I would stay behind till Thursday so that we could go up with Christine once her vacation from work began.  I was glad for the extra couple days, even though it meant not getting to see my friends Jess, Bek and Desi.

A friend, Kathy, came over on Tuesday afternoon to watch movies with us and she came over again on Wednesday for another movie.  We enjoyed the couple of days to chillax.  Mom and I spent a couple hours shopping on Wednesday, and then we went home and I immediately cooked two super big dinners to pack up for our Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Conference.  I made a hamburger stew with onion, carrots, and potatoes with some zucchini squash and wine in it.  I also made our lentil soup–Yum!  Mom, Kathy and I ate some of the lentil soup that night, as it was too good to resist.  Once we finished watchign that movie on Wednesday, I ran upstairs to get packed.  I can’t believe all the energy I had that day…just to get up and be able to do things at such a crazy pace!

Thursday morning we got up and took the dogs to the kennel to be boarded.  Then we finished packing and made our way to the Conference with Christine.  The conference was wonderful!  I will make a post all about it.

Once the Conference was over, Mom and Dad drove me up to Beckley so I could come the rest of the way up with Nanna.  Nanna and I stopped just before getting home and picked up some veggies at the Farmer’s Market.

I’ve been in WV for 3 days now, and I am enjoying it.  Yesterday, Pawpa and I went with my great grandmother, Marie, to her appointment with the retina specialist.  There was a young man working there who was going to be a student the med school at Marshall.  He was doing a good job during the screening and made Marie feel special.  I was able to strike up a little conversation–I had been the one to shadow everything and help get things written in the file.  Anyway, That appointment evolved from being expected to last 1 hour, including wait time for the doc, to a 3.5 hour appt…with the doc give her lots of attention!  One eye had gone from dry macular degeneration to wet, and so they needed to do something to keep that from progressing if at all possible (I find it all interesting, but I’m not giving details to you, LOL!).  Poor Marie was scared half to death, she worries about everything.  And because Marie always says “I don’t know” after saying yes or no to something–even on something as simple as how to cook her eggs–as if it were a decision that is life or death, it was very had to get her to have the resolve to say a firm yes or no to treatment.  What an adventure….  I’m hoping the treatment works for her, and thankfully she is seeing that the tiny injection isn’t the end of the universe.  What I thought was a bit funny was that because everyone had to speak really loud to Marie for her to hear them–I picked up on the faint remnant of the doctor’s accent.  He looks American, and has no accent when speaking normal volume, but in speaking loud, one naturally falls into the accent or dialect of their region.  His sounded almost British but I knew it wasn’t Aussie!  Once all was said and done and everybody was happy, my curiosity got the best of me.  So I asked–COOL!  South Africa.  He said most people don’t ever notice anymore.  I do think it was nice for things to end on a more casual note.

I’m eating more carbs than usual and suddenly began craving coconut milk today.  LOL…I know coconut is good for you, but I don’t crave it very often, so I know I need to listen to that craving for once.  With eating more carbs I can certainly tell that I feel I need to eat more often, I need to get back on what I’m already used to…a good salad, or a soaked “grain”, a nice big piece of meat–all of it without that anemic white bread that seems to be everywhere around!  LOL.

Everyday I enjoy taking a walk aroudn the property, and soon these will be walks around the block.  I enjoy getting to look at the Kanawha River so much, the beauty of God’s green earth is simply astounding.  I like sitting on the dock and dipping my toes in the water, and watching the school of tiny fish go dashing away and then start turning to figure out what entered their current with trepidation for fear that I would want to eat them.

I’m also enjoying the time I have to read.  I have read a good bit further into “Beulah”, and am continuing to read “Idols of the Heart.”   I’ve taken a break from the medical books I am in the middle of until I finished reading a book about hydrogen peroxide that Pawpa wants me to read.  He is so excited about some natural things now, which is good, but I’m having to bring a little balance to it.  I like this book–and want Pawpa to read the one by C. LeBeau.  🙂  He is starting on the H2O2 protocol in the book that he has me reading right now, and I do beleive it will do him great dog.  Pawpa is even giving it to the dog!   LOL.  That makes really good sense–except that he won’t put it in distilled water for the dog.  He wants Freckles to get the benefit of the H2O2 but isn’t worried about her getting a sore stomach!  It is rather funny.

Once I finish reading the hydrogen peroxide book today, I will continue reading Buhner’s “Healing Lyme” and Konlee’s “Immune Restoration Handbook” and also begin reading a book on the proof behind energy medicine that I borrowed from a chiropractor at the clinic where my chiro worked on me.  I need to ship that book back in 3 weeks…and want to learn all that I can from it until then!

I have spent long enough on here typing…Marie is wondering why I have abandoned her.


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