Long Wednesday

I’m exhausted, LOL.  Been sleeping good, and am having a victory dance that my weight is FINALLY back to normal.

We stayed up late last night.  I handed Pawpa the book “Bypassing Bypass” and he is eagerly reading it, even though he really feels that chelation is way beyond what he could hope to do.  I completed reading the book Pawpa handed me on hydrogen peroxide last night, the one by Madison Cavanaugh.  It was good.  LOL, I don’t want to complicate what I’m already doing, but I’m personally thinking that I could try the H2O2 sometime, now that I have more enzymes in my system.  Who knows.  Pawpa is starting on the H2O2 himself, and hasn’t seen a difference yet.  We’re not sure if it’s jsut because he’s not very sensitive, or is it’s because he was taking antioxidants and the H2O2 at the same time!!!

I went through ALL of Pawpa’s medicine’s looking up the facts on his prescriptions so that we could put together a safer and more effective schedule for his medicines:  Rxs, OTCs and supplements…  I hope he will feel a real difference now that he is taking things at more appropriate time.   I am pretty confident he will feel a change for the better.

Then we went through Marie’s medicine and also Nanna’s and got everything straight.  I must say–It is a nice thing to look up something NOT related to Lyme, LOL!!  By the time I was done with all that, I felt my fingers were primed for typing out the name of almost any Rx medication.  LOL.  Even with their schedules, some medicine had been being taken together that specifically shouldn’t be–eeeks.  That is fixed now.

After this I got up and fixed peanut butter sandwiches for everyone, since we were famished.  Pawpa is absolutely crazy for the TRULY whole grain bread that I brought with me.  We went shopping after going out to dinner this evening.  Pawpa had to pick something up from Lowe’s, and they dropped me off at Walmart to get the shopping list–Pawpa wanted two loaves of the Arnold bread.  Ok–so the bread is not perfect, but it is the best bread in the supermarket.  The only thing that beats it is Bread Beckers or homemade bread.

On my little shopping spree (not really) I grabbed the ingredients to make a cold barley salad…I’m hoping that Nanna and Pawpa will like it.  I don’t expect Marie will like it at all, as she dislikes anything with taste, nutrition or color.  I love her–but she is an anomaly to me.  She is 94, and still able to walk around.  Oh she has heart and GI problems, and is feeble and a bit foggy now.  But she is still walking even if it is with assistance.  I don’t get how, considering the lack of real food she feeds herself.  Anyway…Nanna thought the ingredients sounded strange:  barley, lemon juice, plain yogurt, cucumber, red onion and bell peppers,a nd some chopped sprig of mint and parsley.  Can’t you just see and smell–even taste just how beautiful and delicious this will be???  Ahhhh.  I am making dinner tomorrow night–still have no idea on that.

I also took a diversiona nd found the coconut milk.  Yesterday, I had gotten the random craving for something with coconut milk.  I had bene eating more carbs than I was used to, and had even been getting a couple sugar cravings–so hard to resist when during everyone else’s dessert you are PRESSURED to eat the ice cream.  I still limited myself to fruit, and was sociable but OW…people don’t understand how cruel it is to me in my fight against the Lyme parasites and yeast to overcome the insisting “offers”.  I fell for a few Fig Newtons over hte past few days–I need a natural healthy version of those, seriously!!!!  Finally, after breakfast that had way too much supposedly “whole wheat”  I craved coconut milk.  I don’t normally crave coconut milk, and use it sparingly, as I find it a bit powerful for my body.  Not sure the reason is my nutritional type (mixed type) or if it is an extreme effectiveness with little toleration–but whichever, I don’t want it often because I will feel ill if I have a lot in one sitting, or even.  When I want it–I know my body has a very good reason.  I dug for 2 hours all through the house and found the last remaining can from our trip to WV last summer.  I opened it up and dumped in the blender with a can of strained unsweetened pinapple, and hit the blend button.  Add some ice and pina colada baby!!!  I drank it yesterday…and within ten minutes felt a little ill.  Thankfully about 20 minutes later I felt better, and was able to think more clearly.  Hmmm.  I put the remainder in a cup in the fridge.  I drank that today…felt a little ugh and then better.  I won’t drink any tomorrow–but when I want coconut milk again, I’ll jump on it.  I told my LLMD that I call it “poor man’s Nystatin.”  Nystatin is an antifungal that worked well for me when my LLMD was helping me get through systemic yeast before our even trying to touch Lyme.  All to say–I was speaking highly o the coconut milk.  LOL.  Can you tell I’m longwinded and ramblesome today?  Oh well.

I also got to inform my grandparents about GMO’s today–explaining that was a trip.  I could explain it, and Nanna feels like she has an explanation for why the GM corn she ate at dinner last night made her feel bad for a day.  Pawpa is amazed now that has a glimpse on what Monsanto is really doing with Round-Up Ready Corn.  He doesn’t yet know how Monsanto treats farmers…

I got a call from mom last night–she informed me that she let my brother basicaly SHEER our polka-dotted dog, Spot!  He still has 1/4 left of his normally 2 inches ling fur.  Mom sent a me a picture today, and Spot looks good.  His spots are more defined, but I STILL can’t elieve that they SHEERED him!!!  LOL

It has bene a really long day, and after going through all of my grandparents medicines to help them get rid of some interaction risks…I fele like I have played a game of real-life Portal.  Don’t listen to GLaDOS–always remember, the cake is a lie.  I will close with “Still Alive” playing in my head


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