:) It was a herx.

So yesterday I felt pretty good.  A friend of mine had said the first day I felt decent enough to function that maybe I had a really strong herx. I said it would be determined by how good I felt the next day.

I would say yesterday I felt 110% of how I felt “normally” for the past two months!  Yesterday I felt good pain-wise.  There was a little, but not quite as much as normal.  Energy-wise, I felt decent…kinda my normal of late.

Yesterday, I fixed breakfast and did the cleanup.  I was listening to Sons of Korah while I fixed breakfast and cleaned up, and was really enjoying it.  I even ate an egg and a slice of taste and a grapefruit as my breakfast.  Since being here I have normally just eaten a little toast with peanutbutter or cereal with fruit, and not much else.  I know it’s not very healthy, but some morning I don’t eat altogether–especially lately.  Water is my breakfast then.

Next, I helped Marie iron some clothes since she had worn herself out trying.  She was so glad I came up and rescued her from it.  After that I went on a walk and jogged a little–Marie took a nap. When I got back I was so sweaty I wanted a shower, took one, and by that time Marie was up and was freaking out.  I found her in the office room trying to call EVERYBODY.  I asked her why and she said “We’ve gotta reach somebody and et someone to come mow this lawn!!!!”  She was also awful hungry for lunch, as she doesn’t normally work herself into such a state when it’s only me.  She will get frantic if Nanna is on the phone, or if someone comes to visit–because she likes pity.  I don’t really let it by and try to kid her out of it…and so she doesn’t try to hard with the pity game on me.  I hadn’t even combed my hair yet but was asking her if she wanted me to fix lunch first because I thought she was too hungry.  All she wanted was for me to reach the people who were gonna mow the lawn.  I wasn’t worried about it–they had been set up to come that day, and I knew it was the heat of the day, so expecting anybody to be mowing the lawn was just a bit over the top.

Then Sonny and Joanna called asking if today was a good day for them to come over–we jumped on it!  I was still needing an answer from Marie on whether to fix lunch first, or now that we had the option:  did she want to go out to eat?  She wanted to go out, so I grabbed some crackers and told her to eat a few so she won’t feel bad before we get there.  Everything in me said she was really only freaking out because her blood sugar was low, not because the lawn guy hadn’t come to mow yet–in the HEAT of the day.  Once she is settled and eating crackers, I go comb my hair, and then leave a message on the lawn mowing guy’s phone asking when he’s gonna be here.

Sonny and Joanna arrive and we go out to Cracker Barrel.  Marie was happy about that!!  🙂  I ordered a seven dollar plate called “Sirloin Steak and Biscuits” and replace the fries with green beans (they’re cooked so much I’m afraid the nutritional value was only equal to fries LOL)  I though I’d be getting a STEAK with biscuits on the side.  Nope….it’s tineensy chunks of steak inside great big biscuits!  I’d already eaten a biscuit before the meal came and did NOT want anymore, so I only eat the steak.  Heck of a way to spend $7!  Whatever.  It was enough steak, despite one of my 8-9 bites of steak being pure grissle.  It tasted good at least.  Marie liked her meal but couldn’t eat it all.  she also didn’t like the sweet potato casserole because it had nuts in it.  ll in all it was good to eat out…cause Marie is used to eating out almost every day.  I guess being restricted to 2-3 times a week for a couple weeks feels like prison.

We got back to the house and played a couple rounds of dominoes.  (AND the lawnmowing guy was here…so all was well.)  IT was fun.  Sonny always gets the highest score, and so I proposed that we play a round of “reverse dominoes” where you play by the same rules except you try to go out with the most points rather than the least!  That would be a hoot to play…and Sonny and I were joking hard for the rest of the time.  And he was trying to trick people while playing, but I usually ended up having the domino that he hooped was in someone else hand or in the pile.  Both game he came in last.  In one game I came in second!  🙂  It was really fun to play with them.  And yes, I’m dying for a game of reverse dominoes.  The psychology going in the game would be amazing.

Eventually Sonny and Joanna need to go.  It was kind of funny, that Joanna, who seemed so questioning of what ails me, saw me on the low end just before my herx, right in the midst of my herx, and after the herx.  She must have thought she saw three different people.  Marie wants ice cream after a short while sitting on the porch.  I serve some for her.  Evne though I picked up some coconut based German Chocolate ice cream, I didn’t really want a bowl.  I had three small bite of it and enjoyed it, but was perfectly content with that small serving.

After this I started the 1933 version of Little Women with Katherine Hepburn in it.  Marie seemed to be enjoying it.  Then Nanna calls, wanting us to find her son’s cell phone number because he is leaving the country tomorrow.  We dig and dig for his phone number and Marie got all frantic with that.  I knew we had found it, but just wasn’t sure WHICH one was the cell phone number–because all three had the word “cell” written in front of it.  I looked at it and Marie was saying “I just don’t know! I don’t think this is his number… I just don’t know”  I pointed to the address book and said, “The home phone number doesn’t matter, it’s his cell phone number that Nanna wants, and according to this book we’ve got THREE.”  Next thing I know she is going to the office room to get on the phone again.  First she was trying to call relatives to get the phone number.  I tell her that we don’t need to do that, we just need to try the numbers that are listed under his name.  Marie tries the first one and it doesn’t work.  Then she tries the one that I have a hunch is the cell phone number.  She says that one doesn’t work either, but I saw her finger slip and not enter a number.  She lets me try it….and I get his voicemail “please leave a message”.  YAY!!!!  We’ve got it.  Now that the second time in the day of Marie trying to call everyone she knows freaked out over nothing is over.  It is kind of funny…and I could see the humor of it as I was going though it and just took it easy.  We got the correct number to Nanna when she called back.  and then resumed watching Little Women.  About fifteen minutes later Marie got bored with the movie , so we turned it off and Marie had some cereal before bed.

I was chatting with a couple friends on FB, and one of them got mixed up in which window he was typing, and I got a message in german.  I thought it was really cool, so now he’s showing me a few words .  I love it, lol.  Puppy is hundejunge, and strawberry is erdbeere.  And schalfen is sleep.  YAY.  I’m learning….

She seemed to sleep well last night 🙂 .   Despite going to bed at about 1:30am, I think I slept well too.  My alarm woke me at 9am, and I did not want to get up, but I got up enough to turn the security for the house to the daytime setting, adn then went back to sleep for 15 minutes, LOL.

I got up, got the hot water on, got Marie’s meds put out so that she would take them when she came down and fixed breakfast.  I felt kind normal by the time I was up and moving, but WOW, talk about lots of energy!  I had the fridge cleaned out, a bunch of TV recording deleted, unloaded the dishwasher and breakfast well on the way by the time Marie was downstairs onle 30 minutes later.  I’d even run out and gotten the newspaper.  After breakfast I helped Jane with cleaning up some thing, ran around the house collecting up trash and got a great big bag of trash out to the dumpster.  I also cleaned up the kitchen!  And I’ve still got energy.  WOOT.  I finally sat down and ate breakfast, wrote half of this, checked FB and am now finishing this post.

Now if anything says I went through a herx, it is yesterday and today!  Today I feel ok, but not as good as yesterday.  But my energy is way better today!  nice tradeoff.  Thakful to be feeling so good…able to do so much today.  We’re headed out for Marie to get her hair done…and likely Lunch.

Oh, and Happy National Vanilla Ice Cream Day!  just make one that’s safe to eat.  I’m having German Chocolate instead, hehe.  And not too much of it.


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