Back Home in NC

I got back from WV on Sunday evening.  I was glad to be back.  The trip was nice and I enjoyed the time with Marie, and my Nanna and Pawpa.  Pawpa had to take his diuretic pill on Saturday, and had his next to worst time ever “getting all wrung out.”  I had a bit of a hard time getting out of the mode of taking care of everything myself.  Thankfully on Sunday he felt a LOT better, so I gat to seme him feeling good before I left.  Marie was glad to have Nanna and Pawpa back.  Nanna brought me a beautiful blue shirt with butterflys in little glitzy gems along the neckline.  I really like it!!  We met with my parents at Cracker Barrel at the halfway point.  On the trip we stopped at Tamarack and ate a meal.  It was reall good.  I had some kind of greens with muscroom (collard greens? kale??  idk), and green beans fixed with mushroom, and a filet or rainbow trout.  I had never eat rainbow trout before, but thought it was nice.  It was also incredibly filling.  I was glad I had gotten greens only to go with my trout…and the Vit C in the greens I’m sure will help the fish go over better.  🙂  I looked aroung in Tamarack, and took pictures of adorable painted shoes and purses.  They were far too expensive to buy though.

Upon getting home to NC, we got settled in a bit, and then Mom Dad and I went on a walk.  It was lovely.  A lightening storm was happening around us.  It was after dark,a dn the breeze was lovely.  We sat under the trees and talked.  We love the persimmon tree and it’s shape up against the coudy, flickering, night sky.   We also sat under a really sappy pine tree for a bit…then went back to the persimmon.  We also laid down on the ground and I tried to give my parents lesson one of chakra balancing.  I think it would work better if I were in the middle.  LOL.

Hold on… I’m eating an orange. BRB.  Yum, ok.  Back.

Took Monday easy, because I didn’t wind down from the trip and fall asleep until 5am.  In the morning, I got to see my mail from when I was gone.  My book by Rosner, on Lyme and Rife had arrived.  Forbidden Medicine, an interesting book about a cancer doc wo was attacked for curing cance, had also arrived, yay!!!  🙂   Mom also got the soap company’s shipment of essential oils and clay for soap!  AHHH.  Eventially we needed to run pick up a homepathic from Vitamin Shoppe that we didn’t have.  We thoroughly picked over the clearance section, and made out with an absolute deal on things we will use.  We picked up something through FreeCycle later that day, and I got a few clothes too.  LOL, NICE, I’ve now got some exercise pants and an exercise jacket for free!!  WOOT now I can consider some exercise when the weather gets cold…and not be ruining my sweaters with sweat.  The lady was really nice, though she could have talked your head off.

That evening mom and I made soap.  We wanted to make one called “Thelma Lou” that was pink with white polkadots.  It was my job to find a scent with essential oils that would go with it.  The soap turned out more orange with qhite polka dots, but that’s okay.  Just find a different name!  We were also putting Clove Leaf oil on paper towels and putting that in the corners of our basement to deal with modl/mildew problems.  Since we moved the soap down there, and mom ha started using essential oils, the mold and mildew toxicity has reduced significantly.  We just need to keep at it.  I got NAET’ed to the basement air once…and the helped slightly.  but it was the extensive use of essential oils that made a sudden major difference.

Went to bed at a decent time last night, unlike tonight.  Slept ok too.  I was restless in the morning, I have to adjust back to my own bed.  Today I made ghee, and also made a lentil curry.  It’s interesting, and a good bit of keeping an eye on it!!  Indian foods require you to watch the pot!!!  Also read a chapter further in Buhner’s Healing Lyme.  I’m not at “the Core Protocol”!  I had skimmed that part of the book , but it will be great to read in full.

I think it is time to update my basic supplements.  It’s quite erratic, yet themed reasonably:

  • Wobenzym N, 2-4 per day.  lately its been 2 at a time, not one.  2 hours after eating, at least.  45 min before eating, at least.
  • Vitamin B Complex, 0-3 per day.  only 1 at a time, sometimes 2.  That changed from being 2-3 every day as soon as kidney pain kicked in before my last herx.
  • Vitamin B12, 0-2 per day.  Normally 2 per day, but recently didn’t feel any need for it.  I feel like I will need it at 2 a day again soon.  Perhaps the beef fetish I had with my Bart herxing period supplied me not just with a good amount of iron, but B12 also.
  • Concentrace Minerals.  Former dose was 10 drops diluted in water, orally.  I suddenly felt that oral method was not what I needed.  Applied 20 drops, diluted in about 40 drops of water, to my thighs before bed one night, and felt good.  that held me for two days.  Will switch to this methof regularly…rotate where I rube it into my skin.  I must say…it makes the skin soooo soft!!!  My spider veins looked slightly deeper in my leg the next day too, more hidden,  Win, win!!  I hope my mild increase in muscle twitches (only below the knee and in my foot) the next day is not from a mineral imbalance, but I kind of doubt it.
  • Ferrum Phos. 30X Hyland’s  3tabs per dose 1-3 doses a day.  Have been doing this since Sunday evening.  Didn’t feel the need for it today.  Lyme friend suggested it and I tested strong.  This is a good one to keep on hand on an as needed basis, for anemia or anemia symptoms.  My beef craving (even when I was incapable of consuming food during herx) was a sure fire sign of my severe need of iron.  The homeopathic will help moderate the body’s use of the iron.
  • Melatonin 0.5-2mg as needed.  Have taken a lot more often during and after this last herx.  The dose needed isn’t as great as it used to be.  2mg used to be my minimum dose.  the other night taking 0.5mg worked for the first time for me.  The night before, it was only 1mg.  I prefer to chew the tablet up and let it be absorbed in my mouth–it doesn’t have a taste, just chalky texture.  A sip of water gets rid of the sensation.
  • In reality this is one of the simplest regimes I have taken.  It’s not very intense either–the most intense thing is the Woben.  It should be noted that the things I eat can be considered in the supplement variety.  Kombucha is one of them  I have it when I want or need it.  I also take Probiotics based upon my impulse–or eating out.  The current pbx of choice is PB8.  The curry I made today, I’m almost sure Hippocrates would have call medicine, considering the nutritional density of the lentils, spices, coconut milk and kefir comprising the recipe.

I am headed to bed now…and taking melatonin to sleep better since I screwed up my schedule again.  Trying to be in a family where one of them works night shift…and the two others are night birds anyway….makes it very HARD to actually get up and go to bed, when they want to interact.   Goodnight…the rest of you are dreaming I hope.  Soaping stuff tomorrow…somebody coming over.  Also want to email a friend I have neglected to email as I should–tomorrow!


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