Go, Go, Go

It seems like my energy has been good and consistent since I got over the herx.  I’m LOVING it.  Pain still there as ever, not diminshing any.  Yesterday my pain was being it’s normal self with some sudden minutes of areas hurting more.  I have needed to take melatonin fairly regularly since the herx.  I try to go some nights without it but don’t sleep well or just lay there awake.  Last night was that way..I laid there for 2 hours and got up and got a couple mg of my melatonin when I was frustrated from laying there.  Don’t know what that’s about, I jut keep on truckin’.

I’m excited about several things.  I got an idea for a little book, and scribbled out the outline while on a long ride in the car.  The only thing to scribble on was an envelope that had been used.

I’ve bene helping mom get the soap room organized and all the soaps beveled so that we can just wrap the bars as we sell them.  Also have helped her make three batches of soap since getting back home.  That’s been fun, and I’m amazed at how much the regular use of essential oils in our soapmaking room, the basement, is helping to deal with the mold problems of forever.  Now it doesn’t exhaust me to be down there!!!  One of the soaps we made uses Dark Patchouli essential oil, and it’s got an all natural red-violet and brown-green swirl on ivory.  It is LOVELY, heavenly rich!!  I’m such a  Patchouli hound!

Have been cooking a good bit too.  I made an Indian curry using coconut milk and a little kefir.  That is good eaten cold—it wasn’t exactly a hit when it was hot because the tang of the kefir dominated the dish.  I also made ghee.  I’m in a cooking mood today too.  I just have to mind the oven, as I have already burned millet today.  I’m eating what is salvageable—it’s still yum.

Also….my brain is LIT.  Not just on the idea for a book, but also for schooling and job hunting. I’ve been putting in apps to places cause I still really need a job.  Need to put two more in before this round of apps is over.  I am also looking into doing CollegePlus as my way to earn an accredited Pre-Medical degree.  I would love that, because it is home-based but you go to a campus for the labs.  That sounds like my style of learning.  I just need to be careful and refrain my brain from flying off into the wild blue yonder–I know where that gets me:  Lyme crash.  Before I call CollegePlus and sign up for the program…I need to get algebra at least to a high school graduation level.  I studied the SAT, not math, to pass the SAT, and did fine on the math section.  But I really don’t understand the nuts and bolts…and when you are trying to go fast with math in a classroom, next thing you know, your mind is on another planet and you can’t figure out up from down anymore.  Thankfully I have a friend offering to help me a bit on that.  MY plan on that…is daily YouTube Algebra lessons–if they exist.  I’ll go unit by unit through the Saxon book–using YouTube University to explain it, instead of Saxon, and take advantage of the one good thing about Saxon — their math exercises.  I’m also lit on getting back into language.  I’m not sure if I want to refresh and go deeper with Italian, or if I want to study some German or do both.

Yeah, my brain wants to rev….and it is kind of nice!!  But am going to pace it 🙂 cause I really, really don’t wanna crash.  All in all I’m feeling very optimistic.  YAY.


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  1. caitlinmuir said,

    August 2, 2010 at 3:59 pm


    I just stumbled across your blog – I’m glad you’re so excited about getting back into school! It will help propel you on your degree path.

    CollegePlus! doesn’t require you to take the SAT for entrance into the program. A firm grasp on math is really helpful though. The Learning Network really helps you LEARN the subject – and it’s included in the CP! program.

    Obviously, I’d love for you to join us at CollegePlus! I’ll be praying for you as you continue your journey. If you have any questions, just let me know!


    PR Manager|CollegePlus

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