Wondering what went haywire if anything has, and how…

First, about a week of not feeling good and poor sleep, only averaging 6 hours per night.  Those omnisensory fizzle outs upon standing came back–hadn’t had those since I last saw the chiro.  You know the kind:  you stand up, your vision, hearing/balance , and all sensory connections, temporarily fizzle in gray static.  You’re conscious…just your ability to sense anything is having an ant race–it’ nice to trust your memory from a few second before if there is somewhere you can lean safely.  It is such an effort to remain conscious though that letting youself fall reserves some needed energy.  I add 1/4-1/2 tsp of Himalayan salt daily to my protocol.  This reduces those spells from happening nearly half the time to about a quarter of the time.

There’s more than that, but I’m not talking just PMS, though it is typically in sync with my Lyme cycle…  Not much mood affectation.  My joints…pain would travel from one joint to another within a matter of minutes to hours.  My knees are hurting me more than they ever have.  I even skip shaving cause it hurts to maintain the bend in my knee with the weight.  Not just joints…tendons and ligaments to.  some of them will snap and fire of as if electric was run through it.  So what, par for the course…It’s the right time for “Lymeweek” anyway.

Then I started my period on Saturday wee hours, don’t sleep well that night at all.  I felt horrid that whole entire day.  Then about 11:30 that night I kicked into feeling good.  Thankfully, that night, and the three successive nights I slept well.  In fact, I slept 9-11 hours for the next three nights!

Sunday I felt GREAT by comparison to the day before.  That’s the day I picked up my flute, and rejoiced!  I thought a lot was behind me, and the flute is still a sign of that.  I didn’t hurt as much.  My energy wasn’t great but who cared?  I was clear headed, I was able to sing more clearly even.  I also hadn’t experience any of those fizzle-outs since Saturday.

Felt good until the next day, Monday, when I eat a slice of toast with peanutbutter on it.  Whoops!!  That tipped me over an unseen edge.  Coconut milk helped, and so did the spices in the Indian food, but it’s like all the effects still weren’t undone.   The day after the peanutbutter toast, I had those omnisensory fizzle-outs come back.   My energy the next day wasn’t so great–sleepy.  The next night, mom is still playing TV really loud downstairs, so I put in earplugs and go to sleep–earlier than has been the norm (2am bad, bad).  Earplugs always make my ears hurt.  I wake up with my ears hurting pretty bad and just go on.  I’m tired that day too, but am more tired of not getting any of my reading done.  So I put all my energy into reading.

I can’t sleep Wednesday night…  I want to sleep, I’m tired.  My sinuses have that crackly dry/thirsty feeling with some dripping, I dont’ take much note…just go with my craving for Vit C.  But primarily a state of agitated depression sweeps over me.  My mind wants to find any reason to be depressed as if to justify the crazy emotions that are sweeping over me.  I sit there and battle it out, as this stuff is ridiculously illogical or even circular in its “reasoning”  Part of me feels it was good to have read Rushdoony earlier, as many of the things about thinking rightly I have learned from his other books or lectures.  I “won” the battle that night.  It was good to have won.  But I didn’t fall asleep until past 8 am.

At 1:30 on Thursday I got up to get ready for a short trip to Appomattox.  We’re surprising Bek and showing up at her Graduation party.  Exhausted of course with only 5 hours of sleep.  Sinuses still dry feeling with that annoying drip.  Craving Vit C like wild.  As evening falls I feel worse.  When night is all the way come, I feel better.  I’ve got in a pattern of feeling better once night has actually set in–no clue why.  I was too tired to even dance before…then suddenly I felt decent enough to dance a little.  I didn’t want to overtax myself, but I still danced.  And likely managed to overtax myself.

Last night was like a replay of the same mind state that kept me up the night before.  It’s miserable.  I opted for distraction on my computer rather than battle this time, considering I was sharing the room with my mom, on an air mattress (urgh), and I was freezing cold cause mom keeps the window open, and blankets don’t seem to do me any good.  It’ very uncomfortable to sleep…my joint hurt, my shoulders and me knee are going crazy.  The sinus dry/tickle/drip is still going on.  Now the tickle dry feeling is down in my throat and tonsils.  I can’t sleep cause it tickles so bad.  Even went for a sugary cough drop to try to silence the tickle.  Who buys watermelon eucalyptus cough drops???  Those don’t work.  Am I this slow to catch on that I’ve got a sinus infection?  Where would I be if I hadn’t gone with my Vit C craving?…I had 11 grams of vit c  in 24 hours. Does this mean I’ve got yeast or mono out of control again?  I don’t know.  Just getting tired of this.  A couple friends on FB are being a real encouragement.  It’s nearly 11am Friday…no sleep yet.

current stuff:

  • Wobenzym 2tabs 2xday
  • Artemesinin 200mg/day and 1 grapefruit at some time to keep it being absorbed by my body.
  • Concentrace Magnesium 1/2mL rubbed on my skin.
  • Himalayan salt in water, heaping 1/4tsp
  • Vit C (sometimes EmergenC, sometimes Ascorbate alone) as I feel I want it.  Not normal to crave vit C…so I figure I should listen.  First 24 hours had 11 grams…no diarrhea.  Just peeing alot, if that is possibly related.  So far 4grams in this 24 hour period.

Didn’t feel like spending $40-50 more bucks for more supps when I felt the Artemesinin was working fine and didn’t exactly want to take a supplement recommendation than is a week older than what was currently going on in my body.

I’m pondering as to cycles:

  • My first Lyme Herx was about this same time 2 years ago–that time it was just 4 drops of Cumanda.
  • in line with my period
  • in line with full moon
  • in line with seasonal weather change.  It has been cooler weather for two weeks.  Is Rosner right in saying it flairs in FALL and Spring?
  • in line with Mercury retrograde for those who consider this of any import.
  • in line with 5 year anniversary of Katrina.  Of note for me personally.  In 2005 my sinuses were nothing but the most accurate weather radars in the world.  Some would have called it psychic, but my sinuses knew barometric pressure from thousands of miles away.  I’m experiencing a sinus infection experience, but keep testing that I do not have yeast behind this one.  MOST sinus issues ARE yeast.  According to Herring law of cure…I may be retracing this ordeal with my sinuses.

Pondering as to triggers into this more clearly “haywire” phase:

  • earplugs.  definitely….if this is a sinus infection on top of normal me.
  • peanutbutter on toast too soon after a herx?  System already more toxic, whether this was a flair or a herx until that point.  My feel is that it was a herx…a sI felt markedly better then next day.  But that’s not necessarily saying anything.  Either way…system’s more toxic, the junk was just too close to the brim…add in a few TBSP of peanutbutter and we have war.

Flute – This is a Checkpoint in the Journey

I am soooo happy right now, celebrating.  OOOOOH so very much thank you, Lord!!!!

I tried to keep practicing my flute last year but the nerve pain in my wrist finally got so bad, and my concentration difficulties with the increased pain had made it so that I would get angry while I was playing my flute.  If I valued my attitude, I had to put the flute down.  It was very hard then…in practices with my brothers and Kay, I would snap.  I resented that I couldn’t play really.

So I just focused all my attention into other things.  I’ve seen the flute sitting there after my nerve pain left, but I had no real desire to pick it up again.  I really didn’t want it taken away again if I enjoyed it so much…  See how things get out of perspective???

In church today we sang a hymn that went absolutely wonderfully with the sermon.  It had a Greek tune that absolutely captured me.  I wanted to play it on my flute and also learn the alto line so I could sing the alto when we sing it again sometime.

A few minutes ago I finished practicing my flute.  I haven’t played in 8 or 9 MONTHS!!!!!  You’d think I’d be really rusty.  But the key fingerings are still all in my mind.  I was able to not just play this tune with ease, but I was also able to play some tunes that I have heard before, but had never played.  My ability to switch keys was far better than I have EVER experienced.  The only thing I couldn’t remember for sure was where or not the note E# was the same as F natural.

I’m just thankful that God has given me my ability to play back, with a mind recovered enough to adjust keys easier than ever.  I also feel that I will begin to be more able to play by ear…I can’t wait to keep practicing, to glorify.

I have learned not to be selfish about my desire to play.  I grew to really enjoy playing, and regretted not being able to….enough that I was willing to let my attitude get way out of shape.  I had made an idol out of my ability to play.  Interesting that the sermon was about Peter’s denying Christ, and our reliance being fully in God for our strength not to deny Christ by breaking His Law.  By making an idol out of playing the flute , I had denied Christ.  Lord, I will seek to glorify You with my playing, whether I play fun stuff (like techno!) or hymns.  And by Your strength, I am not going to become so attached to it that if my ability to play is taken away again that I will let my attitude get out of perspective.  I can trust that you give all things at the right times, take them away at the right times…and sometime give them back even better than before.  Now I wanna hang out with some folks and enjoy playing, Soli Deo Gloria!

A whole pack of strawberries.

We had chicken for dinner, I had part of a chicken leg, and knew it wasn’t hitting the spot.  I had been snacking on strawberries before dinner…had, oh, 4 or 5 of them out of a great big container.  YUMM.   So since the chicken wasn’t really making me feel any good, I decided to eat more strawberries…I ate all of the pack except probably 7 or 8 that others had gotten.  Kinda funny…I had a salad for breakfast

Today has been a slow, blicky, lazy day for me.  The worst since my last herx, which was a month ago (wow!).  I don’t know if I’m herxing now or not.  Some of this is purely hormonal, but some of this seems to be quite lymie.  After all, PMS does not include traveling bone and joint pain, knee pain and pressure, worse neck pain, or my tendons and nerves firing off as if they were electrified.

For about half a week I have been feeling not quite so great, but still functioning.  I had been mostly at 65% but then dropped down to about 55%.  Today in the wee hours I started my period, and didn’t sleep well until after dawn–too much pain.  Today I have been brain foggy, in more pain, and exhausted.  Now I have a headache…even typing feels like overstimulation.  A couple days ago, I upped my Wobenzym , but so far haven’t felt better from it.  Also decided to drop my artemesinin from 400mg down to 200mg/day.  I’ve got milk thistle on my mind, so I should test it and see if it’s needed, may be that I’m accumulating toxins faster than I can keep up with.  I think I have bene having steady die-off of bugs, but haven’t been incapacitated by the toxins they let off when they die…perhaps until this past half of a week

Nonetheless, until today, I have been pushing through and functioning quite normally.  Not getting in exercise like I wish.  But I have been reaching most of my reading and mathematic goals.  Also have been doing some volunteer work for Academy CIM!  I’m so excited about this…the opportunity to help in such a good cause is nothing but thrilling.  I have now discovered that a spreadsheet adds infinite rows as you go!  Kinda wild.  Today I’ve been so foggy I couldn’t even add anything to the sheet, but that’s ok.

I was writing this post when I was feeling pretty bad from the day…it’s been a couple hours and suddenly I feel good.  WOW…I just hope this stays.  I keep getting these waves of feeling better at night.  it certainly does not facilitate a good schedule.  Don’t really want to be vanGogh.  LOL.

Internet Vortex

LOL, I think I’m crazy!  I joined another social networkign website and am also trying my hand at symptom tracking with an online thing.  I also seem to be having a difficult time keeping up with my FB friends, LOL–It’s liek a RECORD for how many people are posting all the time.  Summer heat must be keepign everyone inside and on the computer.  It’s interesting, but between getting trapped in the internet vortex and also planning out my upcoming semester, and having more thoughts simmer in my head for that book, I haven’t gottne around to the blog.

Been doing pretty good. Only felt bad yesterday–some pain but energy was mostly ok.  And I felt bad on new moon.  Figures!  Also heard back from my LLMD on that sample I sent for energetic testing.  YAY, only Lyme was showing positive.  Bartonella was negative, and so was Babs.  Basically, this mean I am CLEAR of Babs, and might not have Bart.  At the worst…these microbes are not being pathogenic in my body right now.  And THAT is a very good thing.  So I’m happy.  I consider this a VICTORY.  I know I’m having die off of more than Lyme though, maybe yeast, as I will wake up and my tongue will be kinda coated.  Eww I know….but the coconut milk is doing me good.  I’m enjoying more coconut milk.  Now my new food craving is oranges.  It’s moderated, but I think there might be something about the vitamin C that’s needful.

Only a slight change in my supplements after retesting due to some recommendations from my LLMD, which I will begin tomorrow:

  • Artemesinin, 400mg/day (2 caps, 2xday)
  • 1/2 Grapefruit, most days to inhibit and enzyme from being produced that blocks the action of Wobenzym.
  • Wobenzym, 2 tabs 2xday at least 1+ hrs away from the Artemesinin.
  • Concentrace Magnesium-Chloride, transdermally 1ml once every 2 days.  I just rub it into my skin.  This was better for me than Bioplasma as of testing today.

I will be working on my book bit by bit…will give a few access as I work on it I think.  I want to have it with plenty of resources.  My purpose is to make a comprehensive list.

My semester is pretty much planned out.  I am SERIOUS about doing CollegePlus so I am working primarily on my Algebra.  I’ve got some decent textbooks, I’m armed with Google and I have a friend willing to tutor me (lol, he’s my rife builder too!!)  I’m reading a good amount on the US Constitution this semester–it should be required for every American to know what’s in it and quote or appropraitely summarize when tyranny and ignorance  require it!!  I didn’t get that in as much as I want during high school.  Also am giving myself a chance to play flute again, which I dropped it in Oct of 2009 due to severe nerve pain in my wrist, and give myself a chance to regain and master more fluency in Italian.  I’m interested in German too, but feel that I shouldn’t overwhelm myself.  Perhaps next semester I will do German?

And of course…never a day goes by that my nose isn’t in some kind of medicine related book!  I’m gettign SOOO close to finishing Buhner’s “Healing Lyme”  Just need to take notes on the herbs for practical purposes.  Will reread it sometime too.  Next up…is Rosner’s book on Rife Machines.  I’m also gonna be reading “Forbidden Medicine” by Ellen Hodgson Brown!  I glanced at the book last night, and it looks to be a capturing read.  The author is clearly capable of tying historical events into the story as analogies of the events taking place in the book.  It is connections and associations like those that make a book memorable.

Due to a recent FDA alert telling people to throw out their MMS1 and MMS2, I am wondering if I should buy some, just to have a supply of it if they take it away from us.  Ridiculous to even have to CONSIDER thinking in such terms.  This is America…but it’s become the land of corporate-conglomerates-corruptly-in-bed-with-the-centralized-and-increasingly-constitutional-no-more-government.  The FDA has already taken OSR–which I hope will become available again, even if it comes back out as an Rx.  OSR is the safest and most efficent chelation agent known.  So what if both MMS and OSR were first used as industrial chemicals?  They validly call hydrochloric acid an industrial chemical–but it is naturally produced within our bodies; it is stomach acid.  MMS is a form of chlorine, but your body produces chlorine all on its own.  So why not increase the amount being produced safely?  OSR…true your body does not produce that.  But the next best thing is glutathione.  And your body’s amount of glutathione increases as OSR is being used.  It has shown no harmful biological effect in studies, and it irreversably binds mercury, which makes it a chelation agent safer the EDTA, DMPS or DMSO.  It is these violations of freedom that are motivating me to be more literate in what should be our freedoms under God.

So….that’s what I’m up to!!

“Less is More”

My chiropractor, who I think is one of the world’s best chiropractors ever, reminded me yet again that “less is more” the other day.  On Sunday evening my dad helped me give myself a checkup by muscle testing (MT) what is going on with my body.  I had been freezing cold for two days, little energy and more pain.  I was just hoping it would pass, and thankfully it did.  With what I found, I decided to have dad NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique —  it reconciles your energy to that of the allergen) me to my saliva…  I did MT weak to my own saliva and my body said it was safe to do the NAET sequence, so we did.  The next day, even though it was rainy and forecast like the two days before, my extremities were anormal color and I wasn’t cold anymore.  I felt more relaxed too–even despite the headache I had given myself by staying up WAY to late.  LOL.  NAET is a wonderful thing.  Oh and the headache was resolved with some good old fashioned sunlight and an hour long-quick paced walk!  I have a post to make about that walk….a really fun one!

Anyway…I gave myself a couple days break from supplements before MTing what I would need.  This post is basically to update you to my current supplement regimen—and Less is DEFINITELY More.  It deals with my body’s current priorities very simply:

  • Wobenzym N, 2 pills 2xday, empty stomach
  • Artemesinin, 2 pills 2xday (400mg), with food.  I MT for w/ or w/o food…and got with food oddly enough.  This is right in the range of what Buhner says for Babesia.  I MTd that is was for something else…
  • Bioplasma (all 12 of Scheussler’s Cell Salts), 3tabs sublingually, 3times a day.

Nice and simple 🙂 .  Wobenzym and Artmesinin are out for the kill.  And The Bioplasma and Wobenzym are supportive to my body–Bioplasma makes things tolerated while maintaining efficacy.