“Less is More”

My chiropractor, who I think is one of the world’s best chiropractors ever, reminded me yet again that “less is more” the other day.  On Sunday evening my dad helped me give myself a checkup by muscle testing (MT) what is going on with my body.  I had been freezing cold for two days, little energy and more pain.  I was just hoping it would pass, and thankfully it did.  With what I found, I decided to have dad NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique —  it reconciles your energy to that of the allergen) me to my saliva…  I did MT weak to my own saliva and my body said it was safe to do the NAET sequence, so we did.  The next day, even though it was rainy and forecast like the two days before, my extremities were anormal color and I wasn’t cold anymore.  I felt more relaxed too–even despite the headache I had given myself by staying up WAY to late.  LOL.  NAET is a wonderful thing.  Oh and the headache was resolved with some good old fashioned sunlight and an hour long-quick paced walk!  I have a post to make about that walk….a really fun one!

Anyway…I gave myself a couple days break from supplements before MTing what I would need.  This post is basically to update you to my current supplement regimen—and Less is DEFINITELY More.  It deals with my body’s current priorities very simply:

  • Wobenzym N, 2 pills 2xday, empty stomach
  • Artemesinin, 2 pills 2xday (400mg), with food.  I MT for w/ or w/o food…and got with food oddly enough.  This is right in the range of what Buhner says for Babesia.  I MTd that is was for something else…
  • Bioplasma (all 12 of Scheussler’s Cell Salts), 3tabs sublingually, 3times a day.

Nice and simple 🙂 .  Wobenzym and Artmesinin are out for the kill.  And The Bioplasma and Wobenzym are supportive to my body–Bioplasma makes things tolerated while maintaining efficacy.



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