Internet Vortex

LOL, I think I’m crazy!  I joined another social networkign website and am also trying my hand at symptom tracking with an online thing.  I also seem to be having a difficult time keeping up with my FB friends, LOL–It’s liek a RECORD for how many people are posting all the time.  Summer heat must be keepign everyone inside and on the computer.  It’s interesting, but between getting trapped in the internet vortex and also planning out my upcoming semester, and having more thoughts simmer in my head for that book, I haven’t gottne around to the blog.

Been doing pretty good. Only felt bad yesterday–some pain but energy was mostly ok.  And I felt bad on new moon.  Figures!  Also heard back from my LLMD on that sample I sent for energetic testing.  YAY, only Lyme was showing positive.  Bartonella was negative, and so was Babs.  Basically, this mean I am CLEAR of Babs, and might not have Bart.  At the worst…these microbes are not being pathogenic in my body right now.  And THAT is a very good thing.  So I’m happy.  I consider this a VICTORY.  I know I’m having die off of more than Lyme though, maybe yeast, as I will wake up and my tongue will be kinda coated.  Eww I know….but the coconut milk is doing me good.  I’m enjoying more coconut milk.  Now my new food craving is oranges.  It’s moderated, but I think there might be something about the vitamin C that’s needful.

Only a slight change in my supplements after retesting due to some recommendations from my LLMD, which I will begin tomorrow:

  • Artemesinin, 400mg/day (2 caps, 2xday)
  • 1/2 Grapefruit, most days to inhibit and enzyme from being produced that blocks the action of Wobenzym.
  • Wobenzym, 2 tabs 2xday at least 1+ hrs away from the Artemesinin.
  • Concentrace Magnesium-Chloride, transdermally 1ml once every 2 days.  I just rub it into my skin.  This was better for me than Bioplasma as of testing today.

I will be working on my book bit by bit…will give a few access as I work on it I think.  I want to have it with plenty of resources.  My purpose is to make a comprehensive list.

My semester is pretty much planned out.  I am SERIOUS about doing CollegePlus so I am working primarily on my Algebra.  I’ve got some decent textbooks, I’m armed with Google and I have a friend willing to tutor me (lol, he’s my rife builder too!!)  I’m reading a good amount on the US Constitution this semester–it should be required for every American to know what’s in it and quote or appropraitely summarize when tyranny and ignorance  require it!!  I didn’t get that in as much as I want during high school.  Also am giving myself a chance to play flute again, which I dropped it in Oct of 2009 due to severe nerve pain in my wrist, and give myself a chance to regain and master more fluency in Italian.  I’m interested in German too, but feel that I shouldn’t overwhelm myself.  Perhaps next semester I will do German?

And of course…never a day goes by that my nose isn’t in some kind of medicine related book!  I’m gettign SOOO close to finishing Buhner’s “Healing Lyme”  Just need to take notes on the herbs for practical purposes.  Will reread it sometime too.  Next up…is Rosner’s book on Rife Machines.  I’m also gonna be reading “Forbidden Medicine” by Ellen Hodgson Brown!  I glanced at the book last night, and it looks to be a capturing read.  The author is clearly capable of tying historical events into the story as analogies of the events taking place in the book.  It is connections and associations like those that make a book memorable.

Due to a recent FDA alert telling people to throw out their MMS1 and MMS2, I am wondering if I should buy some, just to have a supply of it if they take it away from us.  Ridiculous to even have to CONSIDER thinking in such terms.  This is America…but it’s become the land of corporate-conglomerates-corruptly-in-bed-with-the-centralized-and-increasingly-constitutional-no-more-government.  The FDA has already taken OSR–which I hope will become available again, even if it comes back out as an Rx.  OSR is the safest and most efficent chelation agent known.  So what if both MMS and OSR were first used as industrial chemicals?  They validly call hydrochloric acid an industrial chemical–but it is naturally produced within our bodies; it is stomach acid.  MMS is a form of chlorine, but your body produces chlorine all on its own.  So why not increase the amount being produced safely?  OSR…true your body does not produce that.  But the next best thing is glutathione.  And your body’s amount of glutathione increases as OSR is being used.  It has shown no harmful biological effect in studies, and it irreversably binds mercury, which makes it a chelation agent safer the EDTA, DMPS or DMSO.  It is these violations of freedom that are motivating me to be more literate in what should be our freedoms under God.

So….that’s what I’m up to!!


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