Flute – This is a Checkpoint in the Journey

I am soooo happy right now, celebrating.  OOOOOH so very much thank you, Lord!!!!

I tried to keep practicing my flute last year but the nerve pain in my wrist finally got so bad, and my concentration difficulties with the increased pain had made it so that I would get angry while I was playing my flute.  If I valued my attitude, I had to put the flute down.  It was very hard then…in practices with my brothers and Kay, I would snap.  I resented that I couldn’t play really.

So I just focused all my attention into other things.  I’ve seen the flute sitting there after my nerve pain left, but I had no real desire to pick it up again.  I really didn’t want it taken away again if I enjoyed it so much…  See how things get out of perspective???

In church today we sang a hymn that went absolutely wonderfully with the sermon.  It had a Greek tune that absolutely captured me.  I wanted to play it on my flute and also learn the alto line so I could sing the alto when we sing it again sometime.

A few minutes ago I finished practicing my flute.  I haven’t played in 8 or 9 MONTHS!!!!!  You’d think I’d be really rusty.  But the key fingerings are still all in my mind.  I was able to not just play this tune with ease, but I was also able to play some tunes that I have heard before, but had never played.  My ability to switch keys was far better than I have EVER experienced.  The only thing I couldn’t remember for sure was where or not the note E# was the same as F natural.

I’m just thankful that God has given me my ability to play back, with a mind recovered enough to adjust keys easier than ever.  I also feel that I will begin to be more able to play by ear…I can’t wait to keep practicing, to glorify.

I have learned not to be selfish about my desire to play.  I grew to really enjoy playing, and regretted not being able to….enough that I was willing to let my attitude get way out of shape.  I had made an idol out of my ability to play.  Interesting that the sermon was about Peter’s denying Christ, and our reliance being fully in God for our strength not to deny Christ by breaking His Law.  By making an idol out of playing the flute , I had denied Christ.  Lord, I will seek to glorify You with my playing, whether I play fun stuff (like techno!) or hymns.  And by Your strength, I am not going to become so attached to it that if my ability to play is taken away again that I will let my attitude get out of perspective.  I can trust that you give all things at the right times, take them away at the right times…and sometime give them back even better than before.  Now I wanna hang out with some folks and enjoy playing, Soli Deo Gloria!


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