A whole pack of strawberries.

We had chicken for dinner, I had part of a chicken leg, and knew it wasn’t hitting the spot.  I had been snacking on strawberries before dinner…had, oh, 4 or 5 of them out of a great big container.  YUMM.   So since the chicken wasn’t really making me feel any good, I decided to eat more strawberries…I ate all of the pack except probably 7 or 8 that others had gotten.  Kinda funny…I had a salad for breakfast

Today has been a slow, blicky, lazy day for me.  The worst since my last herx, which was a month ago (wow!).  I don’t know if I’m herxing now or not.  Some of this is purely hormonal, but some of this seems to be quite lymie.  After all, PMS does not include traveling bone and joint pain, knee pain and pressure, worse neck pain, or my tendons and nerves firing off as if they were electrified.

For about half a week I have been feeling not quite so great, but still functioning.  I had been mostly at 65% but then dropped down to about 55%.  Today in the wee hours I started my period, and didn’t sleep well until after dawn–too much pain.  Today I have been brain foggy, in more pain, and exhausted.  Now I have a headache…even typing feels like overstimulation.  A couple days ago, I upped my Wobenzym , but so far haven’t felt better from it.  Also decided to drop my artemesinin from 400mg down to 200mg/day.  I’ve got milk thistle on my mind, so I should test it and see if it’s needed, may be that I’m accumulating toxins faster than I can keep up with.  I think I have bene having steady die-off of bugs, but haven’t been incapacitated by the toxins they let off when they die…perhaps until this past half of a week

Nonetheless, until today, I have been pushing through and functioning quite normally.  Not getting in exercise like I wish.  But I have been reaching most of my reading and mathematic goals.  Also have been doing some volunteer work for Academy CIM!  I’m so excited about this…the opportunity to help in such a good cause is nothing but thrilling.  I have now discovered that a spreadsheet adds infinite rows as you go!  Kinda wild.  Today I’ve been so foggy I couldn’t even add anything to the sheet, but that’s ok.

I was writing this post when I was feeling pretty bad from the day…it’s been a couple hours and suddenly I feel good.  WOW…I just hope this stays.  I keep getting these waves of feeling better at night.  it certainly does not facilitate a good schedule.  Don’t really want to be vanGogh.  LOL.


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