Wondering what went haywire if anything has, and how…

First, about a week of not feeling good and poor sleep, only averaging 6 hours per night.  Those omnisensory fizzle outs upon standing came back–hadn’t had those since I last saw the chiro.  You know the kind:  you stand up, your vision, hearing/balance , and all sensory connections, temporarily fizzle in gray static.  You’re conscious…just your ability to sense anything is having an ant race–it’ nice to trust your memory from a few second before if there is somewhere you can lean safely.  It is such an effort to remain conscious though that letting youself fall reserves some needed energy.  I add 1/4-1/2 tsp of Himalayan salt daily to my protocol.  This reduces those spells from happening nearly half the time to about a quarter of the time.

There’s more than that, but I’m not talking just PMS, though it is typically in sync with my Lyme cycle…  Not much mood affectation.  My joints…pain would travel from one joint to another within a matter of minutes to hours.  My knees are hurting me more than they ever have.  I even skip shaving cause it hurts to maintain the bend in my knee with the weight.  Not just joints…tendons and ligaments to.  some of them will snap and fire of as if electric was run through it.  So what, par for the course…It’s the right time for “Lymeweek” anyway.

Then I started my period on Saturday wee hours, don’t sleep well that night at all.  I felt horrid that whole entire day.  Then about 11:30 that night I kicked into feeling good.  Thankfully, that night, and the three successive nights I slept well.  In fact, I slept 9-11 hours for the next three nights!

Sunday I felt GREAT by comparison to the day before.  That’s the day I picked up my flute, and rejoiced!  I thought a lot was behind me, and the flute is still a sign of that.  I didn’t hurt as much.  My energy wasn’t great but who cared?  I was clear headed, I was able to sing more clearly even.  I also hadn’t experience any of those fizzle-outs since Saturday.

Felt good until the next day, Monday, when I eat a slice of toast with peanutbutter on it.  Whoops!!  That tipped me over an unseen edge.  Coconut milk helped, and so did the spices in the Indian food, but it’s like all the effects still weren’t undone.   The day after the peanutbutter toast, I had those omnisensory fizzle-outs come back.   My energy the next day wasn’t so great–sleepy.  The next night, mom is still playing TV really loud downstairs, so I put in earplugs and go to sleep–earlier than has been the norm (2am bad, bad).  Earplugs always make my ears hurt.  I wake up with my ears hurting pretty bad and just go on.  I’m tired that day too, but am more tired of not getting any of my reading done.  So I put all my energy into reading.

I can’t sleep Wednesday night…  I want to sleep, I’m tired.  My sinuses have that crackly dry/thirsty feeling with some dripping, I dont’ take much note…just go with my craving for Vit C.  But primarily a state of agitated depression sweeps over me.  My mind wants to find any reason to be depressed as if to justify the crazy emotions that are sweeping over me.  I sit there and battle it out, as this stuff is ridiculously illogical or even circular in its “reasoning”  Part of me feels it was good to have read Rushdoony earlier, as many of the things about thinking rightly I have learned from his other books or lectures.  I “won” the battle that night.  It was good to have won.  But I didn’t fall asleep until past 8 am.

At 1:30 on Thursday I got up to get ready for a short trip to Appomattox.  We’re surprising Bek and showing up at her Graduation party.  Exhausted of course with only 5 hours of sleep.  Sinuses still dry feeling with that annoying drip.  Craving Vit C like wild.  As evening falls I feel worse.  When night is all the way come, I feel better.  I’ve got in a pattern of feeling better once night has actually set in–no clue why.  I was too tired to even dance before…then suddenly I felt decent enough to dance a little.  I didn’t want to overtax myself, but I still danced.  And likely managed to overtax myself.

Last night was like a replay of the same mind state that kept me up the night before.  It’s miserable.  I opted for distraction on my computer rather than battle this time, considering I was sharing the room with my mom, on an air mattress (urgh), and I was freezing cold cause mom keeps the window open, and blankets don’t seem to do me any good.  It’ very uncomfortable to sleep…my joint hurt, my shoulders and me knee are going crazy.  The sinus dry/tickle/drip is still going on.  Now the tickle dry feeling is down in my throat and tonsils.  I can’t sleep cause it tickles so bad.  Even went for a sugary cough drop to try to silence the tickle.  Who buys watermelon eucalyptus cough drops???  Those don’t work.  Am I this slow to catch on that I’ve got a sinus infection?  Where would I be if I hadn’t gone with my Vit C craving?…I had 11 grams of vit c  in 24 hours. Does this mean I’ve got yeast or mono out of control again?  I don’t know.  Just getting tired of this.  A couple friends on FB are being a real encouragement.  It’s nearly 11am Friday…no sleep yet.

current stuff:

  • Wobenzym 2tabs 2xday
  • Artemesinin 200mg/day and 1 grapefruit at some time to keep it being absorbed by my body.
  • Concentrace Magnesium 1/2mL rubbed on my skin.
  • Himalayan salt in water, heaping 1/4tsp
  • Vit C (sometimes EmergenC, sometimes Ascorbate alone) as I feel I want it.  Not normal to crave vit C…so I figure I should listen.  First 24 hours had 11 grams…no diarrhea.  Just peeing alot, if that is possibly related.  So far 4grams in this 24 hour period.

Didn’t feel like spending $40-50 more bucks for more supps when I felt the Artemesinin was working fine and didn’t exactly want to take a supplement recommendation than is a week older than what was currently going on in my body.

I’m pondering as to cycles:

  • My first Lyme Herx was about this same time 2 years ago–that time it was just 4 drops of Cumanda.
  • in line with my period
  • in line with full moon
  • in line with seasonal weather change.  It has been cooler weather for two weeks.  Is Rosner right in saying it flairs in FALL and Spring?
  • in line with Mercury retrograde for those who consider this of any import.
  • in line with 5 year anniversary of Katrina.  Of note for me personally.  In 2005 my sinuses were nothing but the most accurate weather radars in the world.  Some would have called it psychic, but my sinuses knew barometric pressure from thousands of miles away.  I’m experiencing a sinus infection experience, but keep testing that I do not have yeast behind this one.  MOST sinus issues ARE yeast.  According to Herring law of cure…I may be retracing this ordeal with my sinuses.

Pondering as to triggers into this more clearly “haywire” phase:

  • earplugs.  definitely….if this is a sinus infection on top of normal me.
  • peanutbutter on toast too soon after a herx?  System already more toxic, whether this was a flair or a herx until that point.  My feel is that it was a herx…a sI felt markedly better then next day.  But that’s not necessarily saying anything.  Either way…system’s more toxic, the junk was just too close to the brim…add in a few TBSP of peanutbutter and we have war.

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