Sinus, Spine, Earl

Just a quick update….should get to sleep.  Stupid to be up at these hours.

Sleeping better, even if my schedule is crazy.  I try not to stay up ridiculously late…but I keep ending up finally stopping whatever I’m doing at this time.  Maybe it’s because my body is warming up at night.  I’m like ok or cold all day, and then warm up at night which gives me energy.  Some nights though I feel like my quality of sleep is better than “usual”.  That’s nice, because “usual” is about as thick as cardstock paper.

The sinus stuff is greatly improved.  It was bugsome off/on yesterday until I held a vial from the Apex test kit of “Sinus Relief.”  Made my sinuses immediately loosen and flush.  Have a little bit of congestion, but not a problem, much more normal except that it collects up while I sleep.  Still taking lots of vit C.  Was taking 11grams per day of C when things were bad.  I’m down to 6-9 grams on any given day.  Not changing much about bowel movements at all.

Still not very hungry.  I just eat a bit here or there– almost purely instinct driven.  Had a slice of pizza today, which is the first thing I’ve had that is on my current “no list”.  Didn’t even taste good to me; wasn’t worth eating.  Getting, oh…1-2 meals a day.  I should check my weight…  If my body wants to get rid of junk that’s fine, but I need to be sure to replace it with good–and emphasize replacing if I’m losing weight.  Really don’t want to drop too low again.

Low energy.  That was worse today.  Between the lack of energy and neck and back pain, I haven’t done much.  Mostly spent the day on my laptop, but did also read 100 pages and finish Marshall Fosters “The American Covenant.” and watched an Inspector Morse. Got my Vit D while reading 🙂 .

Also layed down on our chiropractors table with the rolly thingy.  It was set to roll only, and man, did it hurt at first.  neck to mid shoulder it even felt like mild electrostim.  something is definitely out.  My back and neck just suddenly took to being really blah today.  My spleen was also really finnicky today…hasn’t been like that often.  Hope it get’s feeling better.  I think that is corresponding to a general area of my spine that hurts.  My neck feels like there is sand in the bones, muscles and connective tissue.  It’s as if the barometric pressure from Earl is making me go out of alignment.  Even my hips feel off, and are popping when I move.  Walking and standing hurt today…so that’s why everything I did was sitting.  I wish I had a transporter so my chiropractor could beam over here and get me all straightened out.  LOL.

Another thing that’s likely Earl-related is the continued sinus stuff.  mild yes.  yesterday I had my first of the fizzle-out spells since Friday.  Today, I had several of them.  And it wasn’t just on the “normal” standing up.  I could just lean forward and have it trigger.

Actually overall I’m better than during my last post.  But I definitely am not feeling the well-held 65% I was at.  More like 45%.

Want to continue doing the volunteer stuff for AcademyCIM, but my mental ability to scan, skim and copy details with any degree of accuracy is offline.  May not accomplish that this week.  Also I’m behind on my schoolwork…so prioritzing.  Much more adept at in depth reading…  I’m very much in a fluid, knitted, connected state of mental processing.  Not at all abstract like normal; I’m missing it.  Even working with numbers, the relation is too disjointed for me to pick up on it enough to do normal math in my head.  Kind of interesting, there are strengths in this frame of mind.

I think this could be retracing, but maybe it’s not.  What’s I’ve been through has been interesting to say the least.  It is a recurrence of old symptoms, but in backwards order.  This is why I think retracing.  Let’s just hope that every year of illness does not equal a month of retracing!  ouch, LOL.  One odd thing is that even though I may ok to cold…it’s currently very easy for me to get feeling overheated.  Normally I back in heat.  Not now….  Who knows, maybe my body is running a bit warmer and/or my immune system is more activated due to all the vitC

Ordered the QSC.  Have a reply from someone on Rife group about which Instek tone generator to get.  Excited that my LLMD got a video posted the website!  The video is going around on YouTube now, and I’m hoping it will help others.  Seriously considering GAPS diet as per a good friend’s recommendation.  The hard part is a GOOD meat source.  Good thing I’m gonna be reading the GAPS book soon…  TTYL


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