Forget the Car

After a long day of pure fatigue, a “lightheaded” stomach, and a stiff neck I post as my status:

fatigue (n.) weariness from exertion such as sitting up or standing, lethargy,
tendency to prostrate position, desire for salad and strawberries alone,
mental wit with all outlets for expression exhausted [excluding FB].

I’m not depressed in the least.  I’m still in that interesting frame of mind where abstract is foreign and holds little meaning.  Another side of my sense of humor seems to have come out too.  I like it.  I was taking the day as it went, and pondering objectively.  My emotions have bene in balance today.  Still, I’m thinking “It’s times like these, that make me wonder how in the world I could make a steady income.  These down spells have got to stop.  I can’t even accomplish volunteer work or my daily reading schedule.  I’ll find an answer….it’s got to change.”  A friend posted that I should tap for the fatigue, so I did.  It definitely helped!

Then I was wanting to make a page on my blog (my mind got busy and I had the energy to sit up a bit, see!) about things that help resolve a herx.  That’ll be up sometime soon.  I also wanted to see if I could find that page that an FB friend wanted me to post to.  This led to a sort of renewal of hope for a quicker cure:

I have been saving up to buy a car.  But I think I may be redesignating that savings!!!

Who has heard of Advanced Cell Training??  Well, when I was still really sick back in February a bunch of people were “like”ing ACT on FB.  I just wanted to know what it was, so I asked for information.  I got the information packet, which I merely skimmed, and also a courteous phone call, about which I remember little:  just that the concept made tons of sense but I couldn’t afford it even at its modest price.  I put the information packet in a pile of other things and forgot about it.  Until tonight.

See, the thing I was looking to reply to was related to the ACT FaceBook Page.  I couldn’t find it but some comments on the pages were impressing me.  I don’t go for the straight up “we’re trying to sell you something.”  It was nice to see clients of ACT interacting, I could see the change, compared to FB postings from months earlier.  Their negative tones had faded away, and I didn’t even notice until I was seeing their happy chatty banter on the ACT wall.

I just had to find that packet.  Where did I put it.  Dang, I wanted to be asleep at midnight…it’s midnight and my mind is saying giving me the great big “Research Time:  this may be the answer” billboard.  There’s no way I can sleep now till I know some more.

Aha!  there’s the packet!!  I skim the notarized testimonies and read the articles in the magazine thing.  I put the DVD in the drive, and watch it.  I am sitting  in bed and 12:30am watching this marvelously nerdy video full of the spirit of free enterprise.  AND there is so much good stuff in it that I’m sitting her clapping or saying Amen.  I’m normally only this excited about a sermon or Klinghardt or some geeky rap-to-your-health.  This is good stuff.  My inner skeptic is screaming, but it’s been screaming long enough.  The principles are sound, and I know it.  The inner skeptic can just shut up and decide to cooperate with my soaring hope and prayers.

I’m now thinking…got about $700 in the bank saved up for a car.  Eh, forget the car (what use is a car if I’m still too sick to drive), what if I were to spend that on ACT???  That will cover a good few sessions, and I can at least make some progress.  I really need to secure a way to pay for this for as long as I may need it, as I’m seeing that alot of people are getting about 18 sessions?  My amount will cover 11.  Have to talk with mom and dad, see if they will finance it when I run out of money.  That is, until I have my own income.  My hope have also been re-inspired to re-re-reapply for jobs.  I don’t want mom and dad to have to pay at all, but if they do, then they have a few months to set aside a bit until I run out.

So, no answers until tomorrow and now I must quell my racing hopeful mind.  Sleep…  🙂

Also, if this works:  I can’t wait to show it to my LLMD…he’ll be liking it a lot too, woot!


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