Labor Day Weekend

It’s not anything exciting in the way of a holiday.  It’s still a holiday to me even if we don’t do anything special!  I told mom and dad about ACT.  Still need to discuss more and get a chance to show them the DVD but they both seem excited and willing.  It’s only a matter of a factual agreement at this point…

I think I’m finally coming out of this suspiciously long “retracing.”  The sinus stuff is mostly gone.  Still have little omnisensory fizzle-outs, but that’s ok.  My energy yesterday and today were much closer to my usual before the craziness began.  It’s like my body just used that one day of knock-down fatigue to recoup and get through the major stuff.

I was actually more busy yesterday.  I finally shaved my legs too, which says without a doubt that my knee and hip pain is down.  The only symptoms really unignorable were the twitch in my right eyelid that won’t go away, some joint pain and my stiff, sore, grindy neck.  I muscle tested myself and got on a more appropriate supplement regimen.

We went to a party in the evening and had a nice time celebrating a friend’s graduation from college.  She got her teaching degree and we’re praying she’ll find a good job!  I was even really bad and had a slice of chocolate cake.  Nope, it didn’t even taste really good.  I won’t punish myself about it; it’s ok once in a very rare while to indulge.  I was still good to myself in what way I could by immediately fixing a strong cup of green tea and putting in 2tsp of cinnamon!  My insane tea concoction actually tasted better than the cake.  Go figure!

Once we got back from the party we watched a really touching episode of Inspector Morse.  I took some melatonin to help correct my schedule so that I could actually get up and go to church.  I swear melatonin reduces pain!  Seriously, it is sometimes tempting for me to take some in the middle of the day because it reduces the neck pain, especially.  The nerves/joints/tendons in my wrist also don’t fire off electrically or gather up the deep pressure as much when it’s in my system.  I just want to know what that means, LOL.

I did go to church.  Pastor John’s sermon on Romans 11 was excellent.  There were a lot of good points.  The theme was Salvation by faith alone, and not by works nor by bloodline.  He exposited God’s excluding Israel as a nation because they had rejected him, but this does not mean that God will not save individual Jews.

I always follow along using my Italian Bible, Diodati translation.  This week it seemed easier to comprehend the Italian than last time!  Part of this could just be that I’m warming up on the language again, but I think some of it is clear improvement in brain function.  When I wasn’t doing very well, Italian was just a jumble of letters.  I tried to use my English bible for a week or two, but didn’t want to lose my efforts in learning Italian, so I switched back very shortly.  It has been a slow improvement in my comprehension of Italian, beginning back in June or July.  My Italian pretty much began coming back with the sudden recovery of many random memories.  It was nice to notice a jump in my comprehension and reading speed.  It makes the sermon richer to see the subtle translation difference.  Often the other translation serves to bolster the truthful impact of the preaching, and at other times it will make one aspect sparkle.  Never yet have I seen a contradiction or somewhere that meaning did not carry from one language to the other.  What’s that say for the integrity of God’s Word?  🙂

The meal and fellowship afterward was good too.  The conversations are always fascinating, and sometimes funny.  Thankfully there was enough selection for me to opt out of dairy and still have a nice big meal.  One strange thing happened though…  I was eating and listening to the conversation.  Suddenly I felt like I was removed from my body, a momentary “paralysis” and sudden effort maintain connection with my own faculties.  I don’t know what that was.  It wasn’t like my fizzle outs: I could see, I could hear, it just didn’t really make sense and I couldn’t express.  It even felt difficult to hold my head up for those few seconds that felt like forever.  (I would welcome comments that would put a name to this phenomenon!)  It did take 5-10 real minutes to recover from the episode, and my appetite was instantly wiped, so I asked dad to finish my food…the best part of it, too.  Stuff like that has happened before, even occuring regularly from about November until about April…  It was easy to shift into my old “survival mode” and not talk about it until I was alone with mom.

I feel just fine now.  Actually have some good energy and want to put it to good but moderated use.  🙂  Looking forward to tomorrow.  It’s the Lord’s Day, so I try not to work on things (like job applications, LOL).  But I did just make a to-do list to help get it off my mind’s worrier burner.  I think I’ll enjoy a glass of water and go on a nice walk with some Reformed Rap!


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