Getting with the Program

My physical energy is picking back up to more normal levels, but my mental energy isn’t all the way back yet.  Friday and Saturday I went shopping at the thrift store with mom. Finally got some good jeans to replace my raggety taggedy ones, and a few nice shirts.  Wow, only 1 green item.  Hey, hey!  You Lymies know what that means!!!!  Yesterday, after church I listened to some good stuff and changed out my summer/winter clothing and put the new clothing away.  🙂  It really was a lot to do, but I enjoyed it….and it was relaxing.

I’ve also gotten paperwork for ACT, filled it out.  I’m sending that in today!  YAY.  I was surprised by how long it took me to fill out.  I was expecting 30 minutes.  It took 3 hours instead.  I’m perfectly fine with that….the more details there are the more clues there are to help deal with things.  I’m so excited about the program.  Good “vibes” about the entire thing and everybody there!

Last night I made an accidentally gluten free cornbread.  It’s non-GMO too!   That cornbread is really good, but it did have dairy in it.  Oh well.  I’ve been breaking the rules a LOT on dairy lately.  Thankfully all the probiotics I’m taking seem to help.  I’m getting in the odd habit of putting the probiotics directly in my mouth….it seriously doesn’t taste bad!  LOL.  Yesterday I had a greens shake for breakfast.  I loved that!!!  🙂   I may do the same today.  Hahah, it’s 12:32 and I haven’t had breakfast yet.  Not bad considering yesterday I didn’t get up until 1 in the afternoon.  I had stayed up all night that night.  Last night though a friend on FB said “Why dont’t we have a race for who gets in bed first?”  That was awesome!!!  It worked to get me to bed at a better hour.

This week I’m gonna try and get back to my studies.  Get my brain back online.  I also still need to get the RMA to return the amplifier I had bought to build the rife machine.  If ACT works, I wont ever need a rife machine…because my body will be acting as it’s own rife machine.


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