Yesterday, about 2pm, as we were leaving to go get the paperwork in the mail I suddenly got to feeling really warm.  I got brain foggy too….  Then I was fine again at a bout 4 or 4:30.  I felt at the time like it was a mini-herx, or my immune system kicking in and running a small fever to kill some bugs.  The strange thing is that I was very “Attention Deficit, Oh! Shiny!” during this spellof time and after.  Seriously, I would pick something up to read and I would skim it enough to comprehend just a word or two…and then my attention was diverted.

Was up super late last night again 5:15am.  Wanted to go to bed at from, but by maternal decree I had to stay up later to accompany her to dropping my brother off at work and coming back.  I’m going to be setting boundaries on this practice…it is not good for me to stay up into these crazy hours, esp if I am sleepy and wanting to go to bed.  It was more difficult to go to sleep once I finally went up to bed.  Once asleep my dreams were very busy and vivid.  At the end of my sleep, I was incorporating pain into my dream…my heart was hurting really badly and I was continuing to do whatever, but taking note that it hurt.

Then it hurt worse and I woke up.   Pain was still there–that part is not a dream.  Man, my heart’s beating real hard. What time is it??  It can’t be morning already!  I reached over and grabbed my phone.  almost 11am.  My heart is still pounding….I’m still really sleepy, maybe I’m still dreaming.  I get up and powder my nose and come back to the bed. Nope I’m awake.  I don’t remember a pain like this lasting so long.  I had probably been sitting in my bed for 5 minutes, so I took my pulse.  88 bpm, that’s not too terrible.  But my normal rate is 64.  After about 10 more minutes the pain subsides and I don’t feel like my heart is beating so hard anymore.

I took today really easy because of this.  Throughout the day I’ve been careful when getting up and sitting down because those fizzle out spells have been very severe.  Had several of them today where I just completely rested my weight on whatever was closest that could hold me.  The most work I’ve done all day is to mix up my breakfast and help mom to make a meal tonight.  That and running up to my room for things…about 3 or 4 times.  Once I’m up and am sure I’m not going to have a fizzle-out spell, it is perfectly ok for me to run or whatever.  So I at least got the exercise of taking the steps 2 at a time, LOL.  I go up the stairs like that so much that it is often harder to go up them normally! Hehe.

It is strange to have short phases of these various symptoms.  I have only had my heart act up 2 times.  Once was when it skipped a beat and I felt like I was being stabbed, back in Jan 09–that was a very rough herx but I was in the perfect place for it.  And then, as I was beginning to relapse in Oct 09, I didn’t have heart pain but I had a normal-slow-normal heartbeat.  That odd heartbeat variance lasted for at least a month, and at the time my potassium was just high enough to flag on a blood test.

A good friend let me know for sure that my kidneys were stressed so I took the Washington Homepathic Kidney remedy, it tested better than anything else.  Funny thing, when my kidney’s are getting stressed and I’m on B-vitamins, I find myself intuitively refraining from taking any more Vit B.  It’s like it’s just suddenly too stressful to process.  Kindof interesting to note.  This friend also gave me assurance that I was having a localized herx causing the temporary heart symptoms.

As for doing anything today…I’ve just read some things online and watched Star Trek DS9 and Inspector Lewis.  I’m running at about that speed.  I want to be studying or doing something, but it all takes too much concentration and energy right now.  At least these are the days that having conversation with people on FB works out really well…. 🙂


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